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[Vues de Java, dessines d'apres nature et lithographies sous la direction de Monsieur J.J. van Braam, Chevalier de l'Ordre du Lion Nerlandais...]

[Amsterdam: Francois Buffa et Fils, 1848].
Bastin & Brommer 329; Landwehr 245; Bobins 792 & 1104.
[Amsterdam: Francois Buffa et Fils, 1848].

A collection of 6 delicate hand-coloured lithographed views by Gorden after A.J. Bik and Reijgers, some marginal spotting, water staining, or repaired short tears not affecting the image. Each with a blind-stamped monogram of Van Braam, mounted, loose in recent blue cloth portfolio, small bookplate of 'Travis' pasted down in portfolio, without the original wrapper. This work was published without text. "Two additional views were planned, of Koningsplein and Waterlooplein at Batavia, and advertised in a prospectus issued by Buffa et Fils" (Landwehr). "Bik traveled with Prof. C.G.C. Reinhardt on his scientific expedition to Indonesia with his brother J.T. Bik and the artist A.A.J. Payen. They traveled to Java and the east of the archipelago. In 1824 he made another trip to the Moluccas and Sunda Islands. From 1828 onwards, he was in the service of the Dutch Government in Jakarta and left in 1846 to settle in Amsterdam. Reijers was born in The Hague, but lived and worked in Indonesia as a civil servant and amateur artist" (Haks & Maris). Coloured plates in order: 1. La Fabrique du Sucre, située dans le Domaine de Serpon, érigée par Mr. J.J. Braam, Ile de Java. 2. Vue prise des Domaines de Koeripan, appartenant a Mr. J.J. Braam, Ile de Java. 3. Vue de la Campagne de Tjikoppo, appartenant au Centrale Riesz, Ile de Java. 4. Vue du Palais de Buitenzorg du Parc, Ile de Java. 5. Vue du Palais de Buitenzorg, Ile de Java. 6. Vue du Parc et d'une partie du Palais de Buitenzorg, Ile de java.