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GARNIER, Francois.
Ernst Marc Louis de Gonzague and Doudart de Lagree.
Voyage d'Exploration en Indo-Chine effective pendant les Annees 1866, 1867 et par 1868 par une Commision Francaise.

Paris: Hachette & Cie, 1873.
Cordier Indosinica 1012; Sinica 329; Bobins 288.
Paris: Hachette & Cie, 1873.

FIRST EDITION. 4 vols, comprising 2 vols of quarto text only and a folio atlas, in two parts, "Cartes et plans & Album pittoresque." the first with half-title, 12 maps, 9 plans, and one aerial view; the second with half-title, introduction, 6pp. 48 plates (5 double-page and one coloured). 4to text vols with 12 maps, two double-page, one aerial view, numerous woodcut engravings, and many full-page and in text. Half morocco over blue pebbled cloth, spines gilt, and quarter green printed boards. Garnier was a French naval officer and explorer who served on the staff of Admiral Charner, who from 1860 to 1862 was campaigning against Annam and China, then in the administration of Cochin-China. In 1866-68 he accompanied Capt. Doudart de Lagree's expedition through Cambodia, Laos, and Yunnan. Coloured plates in order: 1. Indo-Chine Meridionale. Types de la Vallee du Cambodge. 2. Indo-Chine Meridionale. Types du Laos Birman et du Yun-Nan. 3. Indo-Chine Meridionale. Costumes Annamites, Cambodgiens et Siamois. 4. Laos Siamois. Fetes de Bassac: Illuminations du Fleuve. 5. Laos Siamois. Courses de Pirogues a Bassac. 6. Laos Siamois. Orchidees-Epiphytes. 7. Laos Siamois. Fete dans une Pagode de Nong Kay. 8. Laos Siamois. Interieur de la Grotte du Nam Hou. 9. Laos Birman. Laotiens des Possessions Birmanes. 10. Laos Birman. Populations Mixtes des Royaumes de Xieng Tong et de Xieng Hong. 1. Mou-tse (Muong Lim). 2. Birmans. 3. Khas Khos (Mouong Long). 4. Khas Kouys (Siemlop). 11. Chine Merridionale. Populations Mixtes du Sud du Yun-Nan. 1. Femmes Pa-y des environs de Che-pin. 2. Femme Pa-y de Poupio (Rives du Song Coi). 3. Femmes (Ho-nhi?) des environs de Ta-lan. 4. Lolos des environs de Ta-lan. 5. Bateliers du Lac de Che-pin 12. Chine Meridionale. Population Mixte du Sud Yun-Nan. 1. Lissous (Nga-da-ti). 2. Femmes, Lissons (environs de Ma-chang). 3. Lolos (Man-tse?) (environs de Houey-le-tcheou). 4. Femmes Si-fan (Jen-o-Kay). 5. Y-Kias (Ma-chang). 13. Chine Meridionale. Costumes du Royaume de Ta-Ly. Min-kias et Pen-tis / Soldats et fonctionnaires Mahometans. 14. Chine Meridionale. Examen des Bacheliers Militaires a Sin-Tcheou Fou.