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DUPRE, Louis.
Voyage a Athenes et a Constantinople, ou Collection de Portraits, de Vues et de Costumes Grecs et Ottomans....

Paris: H. Gache, Imprimerie de Dondey-Dupre, 1825.
BL; Atabey 381; BN; Weber 130; Colas 916; not in Abbey; Bobins 137.
Paris: H. Gache, Imprimerie de Dondey-Dupre, 1825.

FIRST EDITION. Large folio, 40 hand-coloured lithographed plates by and after Dupre, and a double-page plate of a Turkish passport, 12 vignettes in the letterpress. Contemporary quarter morocco-backed marbled boards, with fresh leather corners, new cloth hinges, initials A.P. at base of the spine, lettered in gilt to spine with blind raised bands. Boards rubbed and worn in places. Bookplate of 'Norman. R. Bobins' to front pastedown. Dupre had been a pupil of David's studio. Recommended by Cardinal Fetch in 1811, Dupre became the official court painter at Kassel to King Jerome of Westphalia. He obtained a pension to live in Italy and divided his time between Naples and Rome from 1814. In 1819 he managed a six-month journey to Greece and Constantinople, where he stayed for three months. he was guided in his work by M. Jouannin, the senior interpreter to the French Embassy, who introduced him to Greek Princes and affluent Armenian families, notably the family of the Duzoglou, the leading jewelers and silversmiths to the Court (Hitzel). Most of the portraits were of the people Dupre met during his journey, and the delicate colouring of the plates is said to have been done by Dupre himself. Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool (Ronnorn@aol.com) Coloured plates in order: 1. Photo Pikos du Pays de Suli. 2. Suliote a Corfou. 3. Palicare de la Selleide. 4. Ismael, Bey et Mehemet, Pacha, Fils de Veli, Pacha de Thessalie, et Petits-fils d'Ali-Tebeleu, Visir de Janina. 5. Le Garde des Sceaux d'Ali-Pacha. 6. Un Suliote a Corfou. Nicolo Pervoli. 7. Ali Tebelen, Pacha de Janina, dessine d'apres nature le 14 Mars sue le lac de Butrinto. 8. Ali Pacha de Janina, chassant sur le lac de Butrinto en Mars 1819. 9. Le Palais et la Forteresse de Janina, vus du Lac. Un Turc et un jeune Grec. 10. Un Grec de Janina. 11. Le Pinde. 12. Un Page de Veli, Pacha de Chessalie. 13. Jeune Grec Thessalien. 14. Les Meteores de Thessalie et le Pinde. 15. Un Grec Logothete de Livadie. 16. Une Demoiselle Grecque de Livadie. 17. Un Tartare et les fragmens du Lion de Cheronnee. 18. Mouhamet Ruschen Effendi Dervis. 19. L'Acropolis. Vu de la Maison du Consul de France Mr. Fauvel. 20. Un Boucher Albanis a Athenes. 21. Le Parthenon. 22. Le Temple de Jupiter Olympien et l'Acropolis d'Athenes. 23. Vue de l'Acropolis. 24. Le Temple de Thesee a Athenes. 25. Vasili Gouda, Aide de Camp de Marco Borzaris. 26. Une Athenienne. 27. Grec d'Hydra. 28. Un Pretre Grec et un Turc. 29. Une Mosquee a Athenes. 30. Mariage Grec a Athenes. 31. Demetrius Mavromichalis. 32. Un Armenien. 33. Un Prince Armenien et sa femme. 34. Un Janissaire du Palais et un Bostangi. 35. Bilesikdji, Armenien. 36. Kalioundji. Marin militaire attache a l'Amiraute Ottomane. 37. Un Mamlouk. 38. Le Prince de Moldavie, Michel Soutzo. 39. La Princesse Helene S. 40. Nicolacki Mitropolos arborant l'etendard de la Croix a Salona, le jour de Paques 1821.