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GARDNOR, Rev. John.
Views taken on and near the River Rhine, at Aix La Chapelle, and on the River Maese [Meuse]...

London: William Ellis & J. Walter, 1788-[1791].
Abbey travel 213; Lowndes II, p.863; Cox p.158; Prideaux, pp.230, 337; Bobins 459.
XL=elephant folio
London: William Ellis & J. Walter, 1788-[1791].

Large folio, engraved titles in English and French and signed. 32 hand coloured aquatint plates in 3/4 brown morocco gilt, over marbled boards by Pfister & Co., New York. A decorative spine with raised bands, ornate emblems to compartments, and a green morocco title label, all edges gilt and with marbled endpapers. Wrappers from the three original parts bound in, with two copies of the original prospectus. The plates of this work were published in parts between 1788 and 1791, the text was only added when the work was published as a book. Gardner became the Vicar of Battersea in the year of publication and officiated at the wedding of William Blake. He was one of the earliest amateurs to use the process of aquatint. Coloured plates in order: 1. View of Part of the City of Manheim. 2-3. Ruin(s) of the Abbey of Bingen. 4. Ruin of a Church at Baccharah. 5. Pfaltz. 6. Vesel. 7. View of Rheinfels Castle at St. Goar looking down the River Rhine. 8. View of Rheinfels Castle, looking across the River Rhine. 9-10. The Castle of the Cat. 11. The Castle of the Mouse. 12. Saint Goar. 13. Braubach. 14-15. View(s) of Marxburg Castle, at Braubach. 16. Ober Lahnstein Castle. 17. View of Lonack Castle near Ober Llanstein. 18. The Hermitage near Ober Llanstein. 19. Capelle Castle. 20. View of Ehrenbreitstein Castle, taken from Haverdorf. 21. View of Ehrenbreitstein Castle, taken from Coblentz. 22. Hammerstein Castle. 23. Reineck Castle. 24. Rowland Schetz Castle. 25. St. Adalbert Abbey. 26. View of the Gate of Cologne at Aix La Chapelle. 27. View of the Gate of St. Adalbert at Aix La Chapelle. 28. View near St. Celestin at Aix La Chapelle. 29. Schonfort Castle. 30. Shoquiere castle. 31. The Abbey of Floan. 32. Hui.