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SCHENK, Pieter (pub).
Views of Rotterdam.

Amsterdam: Schenk, n.d. [c. 1700].
Bobins 1014.
Amsterdam: Schenk, n.d. [c. 1700].

Small 4to, calligraphic dedication leaf within red ruled border, 16 engraved plates with contemporary hand colour, captioned beneath each image in Dutch and Latin, modern period style vellum. Schenck was a Dutch etcher, mezzotint engraver and publisher. German by birth, he moved to Amsterdam whilst young and became a pupil of his future brother-in-law, Gerard Valck. Together with Valck, Schenk bought up publisher Jan Jansz’s business. His importance lies in his activities as a publisher of portraits and series of topographical prints, rather than in his achievements as an artist. He published various series of prints in colour. Most of his prints were etchings, although also mentioned are some mezzotints. This work shows views of Rotterdam and also Amsterdam, most of the images depicting the ports and shipping. The Schenk family, with their co-publishers, were among the most prolific and best-known publishers in 18th century Amsterdam. Although not original, the family bought printing plates from other cartographers which they presented in fine style, demonstrating the precision and elegance associated with maps and engravings produced in this period. Schenk and his partner republished an atlas of 1683. Later [c. 1696] his company published an Atlas Contractus and Atlas Minor; also a second edition of Andreas Cellarius’s Atlas Harmonia Macrocosmic (1708) and Jan Jansson’s Novus Atlas, which was printed by David Mortier in London (1715). It was during this period that Gerard Valck and Schenk combined forces and became a publishing entity. Coloured plates in order: 1. Gezicht van 't Niewe Hoost te zien van binnen op de Lovehaven. 2. Gezigt van 't Bolwerk, naer t'Oude Hoost, Admiraliteitshof en Timmerwerf. 3. Middelhoostpoort, alwaar de Koningklyke Paarden uit de Engelsche Schepen gelicht werden. 4. Gezicht van de Kolk naar de Beirs en Gaapers-brugge. 5. Spaansche Kaei, te zien naar de Groote Markt en Draaibrug. 6. Gezicht van de groote markt; met het beelt van Erasmus. 7. Gezicht van de Vismarkt over de Lovehaven te zein. 8. Gezicht van het Admiraliteitshof naar 't Haringvliet. 9. Gezigt van 't Haringvliet, Oostwaarts. 10. Zuidblaek, te zien naar de Keizersbrug, Gemeenlantshuis en Vismarkt. 11. De Zuidblaak, naar de zbeurs, Gaspersbrug, en Wisselbank te zien. 12. Gezigt ven de Kolk naar de Wisselbabk te zien. 13. Her Admiralitietshof met het jacht mede de Koning van Engelant naar Ninwegentrok. 14. Gezicht van 't Gemeenlantshuis van Schielant. 15. Gezigt der Schotse Kerk op den Schiedamschen Dyk. 16. Het Nieu Oostindisch Huis, te zien van 't Oosten naar 't Westen, en 't Niewe Hoost.