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WEBBER, James.
Views in the South Seas, from Drawings, by the late James Webber, draftsman on board the Resolution, Captain James Cooke, from the year 1776 to 1780...

London: Boydell & Co., Printed by W. Bulmer & Co., 1808 [but ca. 1820].
Abbey Travel II 595; Tooley 501; Bobins 336.
London: Boydell & Co., Printed by W. Bulmer & Co., 1808 [but ca. 1820].

Folio, fresh half black morocco over fresh brightly coloured marbled boards, spine relaid in gilt; 16 hand-coloured aquatint plates, frontispiece, plate of descriptive text to accompany each plate. Bookplate of 'John Ledyard Phillips' to front pastedown. Webber created Pacific and East Indies views between 1788 and 1792; these were republished posthumously by Boydell as 'Views in the South Seas. The text in this work consists mainly of quotations from the official account of Cook's third voyage. The title page in all works is dated 1808, but plate imprints are dated April 1809, and watermark dates vary from copy to copy. Webber trained as an artist in Berne and Paris, then returned to London. He produced a remarkable body of work to illustrate Cook's third voyage and supervised the engraving. Plates include; Queen Charlotte's Sound in NZ, the Friendly Islands, Cracatoa, Otahaite, Taloo, Kamtchatka, and Macao. Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool (Ronnorn@aol.com) Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. Boats of the Friendly Islands. 2. View in Queen Charlotte's Sound, New Zealand. 3. A Sailing Canoe of Otahaite. 4. The Plantain Tree on the Island of Cracatoa. 5. A view of Oheitepeha Bay on the Island of Otaheite. 6. Waheiadooa, Chief of Oheitepeha, lying in state. 7. View of the Harbour of Taloo, on the Island of Eimeo. 8. A Toopapaoo of a Chief, with a Priest making his offering to the Morai, in Huoheine. 9. The Resolution beating through the Ice, with the Discovery in the most imminent danger in the distance. 10. The Narta, or Sledge for Burdens in Kamtschatka. 11. Balagans, or Summer Habitations, with the method of Drying Fish at St. Peter & Paul, Kamtschatka. 12. View in Macao, including The Residence of Camoens, [Portuguese poet] when he wrote the Lusiad. 13. View in Macao. 14. A view of the Island of Pulo Condor. 15. View on the Island of Cracatoa. 16. The Fan Palm on the Island of Cracatoa.