SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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MAYER, Luigi.
Views in Palestine [bound with] Views in the Ottoman Empire, chiefly in Caramania . . .

London: R. Bowyer, Pall Mall, 1804 [and] 1803.
Abbey Travel II 369; Bobins 149; SPL 530 (Ottoman part only).
London: R. Bowyer, Pall Mall, 1804 [and] 1803.

Folio; 2 Volumes in 1; Egypt (1) and Ottoman (2), folio, modern 3/4 calf over marbled boards, raised bands in gilt to spine, lettered in gilt to spine. Bobins bookplate to front pastedown, fresh endpapers. Forty-eight hand-coloured aquatint plates, text in French and English. In good condition. Coloured plates in order: Palestine. 1. View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. 2. Remains of a Tower on Mount Zion. 3. Pillar to which was affixed the sentence passed on our Saviour. 4. A Maronite Monk & Pilgrims. 5. Subterranean Church of Bethlehem. 6. Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. 7. Entrance of the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre. 8. Jerusalem with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 9. Fountain of Siloam near Jerusalem. 10. Pool of Bethesda, Jerusalem. 11. Tomb of the Virgin Mary. 12. Entrance to the Sepulchres of the Kings of Judah. 13. Sepulchres of the Kings of Judah. 14. Sepulchres of the Judges of Israel. 15. Village of Bethany & the Dead Sea. 16. Tomb in the Valley of Jehosophat. 17. Bridge over the brook Kedron. 18. Sepulchral Chamber near Bethany. 19. The Sepulchre of Absalom. 20. The Principal Street in Bethlehem. 21. A Greek Caloyer. 22. Reservoir of the Sealed Fountain near Bethlehem. 23. The Sepulchre of Rachel. 24. Ruins between Ramah & Jerusalem. Ottoman. 25. Colossal Sarcophagis near Castle Rosso. 26. Necropolis or Cemetery of Cacamo. 27. Principal Entrance of the Harbour of Cacamo. 28. An ancient Bath at Cacamo in Caramania. 29. A colossal Sarcophagus at Cacamo in Caramania. 30. Ancient Granary at Cacamo. 31. Sepulchral Grots at the Head of the Harbour of Cacamo. 32. Sarcophagi & Sepulchres at the Head of the Harbour of Caramo. 33. Part of the Harbour of Macri. 34. An ancient Theatre at Cacamo. 35. Ancient Sepulchre near Macri. 36. A Caramanian Waiwode. 37. Women of Caramania. 38. A Caramanian Family changing its Abode. 39. Caramanian Woodcutters. 40. A Grotto cut in the Rock near Lindo, in Rhodes. 41. Harbour of the ancient Gnidus. 42. The Castle of Boudron in the Gulf of Stancio. 43. A Colossal Vase near Limisso in Cyprus. 44. Antique Fragments at Limisso. 45. The City of Corinth. 46. Ruins of an ancient Temple near Corinth. 47. Ruins of the Grand Aqueduct of ancient Carthage. 48. Triumphal Arch of Tripoli in Barbary.