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Michel Coxie.
Vie et Miracles de Saint Rombaut, Patron de la Ville de Malines...

Brussels: Ch.-J.-A. Greuse. 1857.
Brussels: Ch.-J.-A. Greuse. 1857.

4to. (42 x 32 cm.). title, pp.8 and 29 hand-coloured lithograph plates each with accompanying leaf of descriptive text. Later quarter vellum, original wrappers with title to upper cover bound in. Title in red and black lettering to spine. Good condition. Coloured plates in order: 1. At the death of the bishop, Walraf, orders his flock to elect Saint Rombold in his place. 2. Saint Rombold preaches, and cures the sick after the death of his father... 3. Saint Rombold crosses the sea and cures in France, a person who was born blind. 4. Saint Rombold delivers up to Pope Stephen the insignia of his Bishoprick and retires from the world. 5. Saint Rombold prays the Lord to allow him to undergo Martyrdom, an angel announces to him that his prayers is granted... 6. Saint Rombold drives the evil out of the body of a possessed man. 7. St. Rombold on arriving at Mechlin Castle perceives a crowd of people dancing on a Friday... 8. Saint Rombold prophesies to the Countess Eliza that she will give birth to a son though she is past the age of childbearing. 9. Saint Rombold baptizes the child of the Countess, named Libert, hereditary Lord of Mechlin. 10. Saint Rombold and Saint Gomarius often held conferences together on the half way road between Liere and Mechlin... 11. The young Liebert is called to life again, after having remained three days under water. 12. Saint Rombold having blamed one of his workmen for living in adultery, the latter to revenge himself instigated one of his companions to murder him. 13. St. Rombold is murdered by his workmen whom he has blamed for their ill conduct... 14. Some fishermen steering their boat towards the light wavering over the body of St. Rombold.... 15. St. Rombold protects the town of Mechlin assailed by the Huns, the Danes and the Normans... 16. Saint Rombold protects a Nun whom the Barbarians had carried off in their ship. 17. A cock employed in crowing the hour for morning prayers seized by a fox and brought back safe and sound. 18. Langerus, a very dissolute priest, lost his sight twice, and recovered it through the prayers of St. Rombold. 19. A knight by the name of Helinard having been killed on a hunting party, comes to life again on being placed before the tomb of St. Rombold. 20. A legion of devils disguised as females, attack a knight of Antwerp, and wound him with spears... 21. The cure of a paralytic, and three persons possessed with devils, at the tomb of St. Rombold. 22. The Lord of Steenockerzeel being miraculously cured, gives all his wealth to Saint Rombold. 23. During a long siege, sustained by the town of Mechlin, a captain wearing a rib of St. Rombold tied to his shield, makes a sally, and repulses the enemy... 24. The relics of St. Rombold, which has preserved the town of Mechlin from great calamities, after having procured victory to its inhabitants on the field of battle, are borne in publik procession. 25. St. Rombold as Chief of the Corporations protects the life and property of his subordinates both by sea and land. 26. Shrine of St. Rombold at Mechlin. 27. The exterior of the ancient chapel of Saint Rombold. 28. The chapel of Saint Rombold at Mechlin, inaugurated on the 8th of April 1597 and restored in 1775. 29. Chapelle de St. Rombaut, a Malines.