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7051 - M/L 78a-b
United Nations (Geneva) Stamp Albums 1969-2010.

A pair of stamp albums featuring United Nations issued stamps from 1969 to 2010.

Germany, 2000's
66 pages
Germany, 2000's

A pair of interesting, well presented green stamp albums covering stamp issues from the United Nations over a 40 year period. Produced by the Lindner company in Germany. Complete with a title page. Each stamp page is numbered and features a thin black line border, and a plastic covering. Subjects covered are: Volume 1. 1. UN Emblems and Credos. 2. Member Nation Flags. 3. UN Buildings around the World. 4. The World Food Programme. 5. The Environment. 6. Climate Issues. 7. Human Rights. 8. Native Art. 9. UN Peacekeeping. 10. Trade and Development. 11. World Peace. 12. Namibian / East Timor Independence. 13. Economic Order and Security. 14. UN Funded Programmes. 15. Peaceful Uses for Outer Space. 16. UN Anniversaries. 17. Africa in Crisis. 18. Anti-Drugs Campaigns. 19. World Weather Watch. 20. The Fight Against AIDS. 21. Earth Summits. 22. 'Clean Oceans'. 23. UNESCO Sites. 24. The WHO. 25. Conferences. 26. Endangered Species. 27. Peoples of the World. 28. UNICEF. 29. The UPU. 30. UN Dead in the Service of the UN. 31. The UNHCR. Volume 2. 32. UN Anniversaries. 33. World Heritage Sites. 34. Sports. 35. UN Family day. 36. Space. 37. Poverty. 38. Climate Change. 39. Indigenous Peoples. 40. The UN Economic and Social Council. 41. Member Countries National Flags and Currencies. 42. Child Labour.