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WESTALL, William.
Twenty-Five Views on the Thames.

London: Rodwell and Martin, 1822.
Abbey Scenery for the 1834 edition with seven parts and 35 plates, but mentioning this edition; Bobins 735.
London: Rodwell and Martin, 1822.

In 5 original parts, folio, 25 hand-coloured lithographed plates, all in original printed paper wrappers, housed in a modern green cloth box. Some foxing throughout. Coloured plates in order: First wrapper. 1. Oxford, from Godstow Locks. 2. High Bridge - Oxford. 3. Oxford, from the South West. 4. Mill at Ifley, near Oxford. 5. Oxford, from Ifley. Second wrapper. 6. Eton, from Windsor Castle. 7. Eton, looking down the River. 8. Near Eton College. In the Fields. 9. Eton, from the Play Fields. 10. Eton, looking up the River. Third wrapper. 11. Windsor Castle, from Clewer. 12. Windsor, from the Island. 13. Bridge near Windsor. 14. Windsor Castle. On the Terrace. 15. Windsor Castle, from the Play Fields of Eton. Fourth wrapper. 16. Near Twickenham. Looking towards Richmond. 17. Twickenham. 18. Richmond, from Petersham Fields. 19. Richmond, from the Duchess of Buccleugh's Garden. 20. Richmond Bridge. Fifth wrapper. 21. Richmond Hill. From Petersham. 22. Richmond Hill. 23. Richmond. Looking from the Bridge. 24. Richmond. Looking towards Isleworth. 25. Richmond Bridge.