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LINDLEY, Augustus Frederick.
Ti-Ping Tien-Kwoh; The History of the Ti-Ping Revolution, including a narrative of the author's personal adventures.

The Taiping Rebellion was a widespread civil war in southern China from 1850 to 1864, led against the authorities by heterodox Christian convert Hong Xiuquan, who having received visions, maintained that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Lindley (1840-1873) had been an Honorary officer in Chung-Wang's guards, a special agent of the Ti-Ping General-in-Chief, and a commander of the "Loyal and Faithful Auxiliary Legion" (title page). He was a Royal Navy officer who, along with his wife Mary, joined the 1860 Taiping reform movement in China. He trained Taiping soldiers using modern techniques.

London: Day and Son, 1866.
Bobins 798.
London: Day and Son, 1866.

FIRST EDITION. 2 volumes, octavo. Nineteen chromolithographed views and plates, one folding, two folding maps in original pictorial cloth gilt, preserved in a blue cloth box with a paper label on the spine. New endpapers, re-backed retaining original spines. An important first-hand account of the revolution. Lindley resigned from the British Merchant Navy to fight on the side of the Taiping peasant rebels. He engaged in the dramatic capture of one of Britain's best Yangzi gunships, the Firefly, which was handed to the Taiping leaders. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. The Commission received by the author from Commander-in-Chief of the Ti-Ping Forces &c. (folding) 2. Hong-Kong Boat Girls. 3. Marie. 4. A Ti-Ping Army going into action. 5. Silver Island. 6. Ke-Tow. 7. Escape from the Lorcha. 8. The Chung-Wang's Council of War. 9. Defeat of the Tartar Cavalry at the Battle of Hu-Kan. 10. Sale of a Chinese Girl as witnessed by the author... 11. Teaching the Lord's Prayer in a Middle-Class Ti-Ping Household. 12. A Ti-Ping Church. 13. A Mast Head view of Nanking taken from the River as it appeared on the morning of departure. Volume 2. 14. Brought to Bay at the Mud Fort. 15. A view of the inner apartments of Chung-Wang's Palace. Miss Cum-Ho and her two Governesses. 16. Interior of an Opium Smoking Saloon. 17. Imperialist attack on the River Forts at Nankin. 18. View from the Summit of a mountain in the Western Tung-Shan District on the Northern Shore of the Ta-Hoo Lake. Province of Keang-Su. 19. Naval Engagement and capture of Imperialist Gunboat at Wu-See.