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BELNOS, S.C. (Mrs)
The Sundhya or The Daily Prayers of the Brahmins.

London: Day & Son 1851.
Abbey Travel 477; Bobins II 791; Lipperheide 1499.
24 + 1
London: Day & Son 1851.

A fascinating book depicting the daily devotions of the Brahmin faith, illustrated through a series of original drawings from nature, demonstrating their attitudes and different signs and figures performed by them during the ceremonies of their morning devotions and likewise their poojas. Descriptive text with each plate, and the prayers from the Sanscrit, translated into English. Coloured plates in order: 1 (Coloured frontispiece) Junction of the Ganges & the Jumna rivers. 2. The Brahmins First Prayer to the Curoo. 3. Gungashtuk. 4.. Koorma (Tortoise). 5 & 6. [assorted devotional hand and finger attitudes]. 7. Pooruck Pranaiyam - Kumbuck - Raichuck. 8. Urghai, offering of water , rice &c, &c. 9. Soorya. 10. Gayatri Jup (The Secret Prayer). 11. Signs of the Gayatri. 12. Gyan. 13. Bhyraggai. 14 & 15. [assorted religious vessels and captions]. 16. Poojah of Vishnoo (pouring water on the Saligram). 17. Poojah of Mahadeo. 18. Pooja of Devee - Shico Shiva ( Pudmasheen). 19. Kuranyasa in the Gayatri Devee Pooja. (six hand signs) 20. [six devotional arm, face, chest and hand signs]. 21. Poojah of Soorya. 22. Pooja of Gunesh. 23. Pooja of Hunooman. 24. Punch Agnee. 25. Signs worn by Brahmins.