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NASH, Joseph.
The Royal Pavilion at Brighton.

[London: 1826, or 1827].
Abbey Scenery 62; Prideaux p.345; Bobins 689.
[London: 1826, or 1827].

Folio, title, index, 31 hand-coloured mounted aquatint plates (1 folding, six smaller and mounted two to a leaf on three)bordered with gold, inside a double ink frame. Twenty-three uncoloured line etchings duplicate, in handsome full red morocco, with very decorative gilt borders, spine gilt in compartments, etc. All edges gilt. The majority of the views are of interiors. There are some showing geometrical views of the Steine Front and Perspectives. Nash was a water colour-painter and lithographer who studied architecture under the elder Pugin (Augustus), whom he accompanied to Paris and its environs. He earned his reputation by his picturesque views of late Gothic buildings, both English and Foreign, which he enlivened with figures grouped to illustrate the habits of their owners in bygone days, somewhat in the manner and style of Cattermole. Nash was successful in his bid for the commission to design the Pavilion. Coloured plates in order: 1. The Steine Front previous to the Alterations. 2. The Steine Front as was originally designed. 3. Ground Plan. 4. Geometrical View of the Steine Front. 5. Perspective View of the Steine Front. 6. Centre View of the Steine. 7. West Front. 8. Principal Entrance. 9. North Front. 10. Principal Entrance. 11. Kings Private Apartments. 12. Octagon Hall. 13. Staircase. 14. Great Hall. 15. Small Drawing Room. 16. Gallery as it was. 17. Gallery as it is now. 18. Music or Concert Room. 19. Music Gallery. 20. Salon. 21. Banqueting Gallery. 22. Banqueting Room. 23. The King's Bedroom. 24. The Private Library. 25. Gallery on Chamber Floor. 26. The Kitchen. 27. Perspective view of the State Building. 28. Interior of the Rotunda. 29. Stables towards Church Street. 30. Riding House. 31. Section through the State Apartments (folding plate).