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STRUTT, Joseph.
The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England:.All The English Monarchs from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth

London: Henry Bohn & Co. 1842.
London: Henry Bohn & Co. 1842.

4to. Very Good bright condition, 3/4 Morocco, marbled boards, all edges gilt. Spine with flat gilt bands, making six compartments, title in second compartment, all others with a small gilt motif. Title in gilt to spine. Hinges worn, corners bumped, but an exceptionally attractive leather bound copy, with 73 exquisitely hand-coloured plates. New endpapers and marbling. Coloured plates in order: 1. Untitled. 2. King Edgar. 3. Edward the Confessor 4. Harald and William the Conqueror. 5. William Rufus. 6. Henry the First. 7. Stephen. 8. Henry the Second. 9. Henry the Second and Thomas Becket. 10. The murder of Thomas Becket. 11. Richard the First 12. John. 13. Henry the Third. 14. Edward the First. 15. Edward the Second. 16. Edward the Third and Prince Edward. 17. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. 18. The Coronation of Richard the Second. 19. The Coronation of his Queen, Anne of Bohemia. 20. King Richard the Second. 21. The author paying his respects to a Gascoigne knight. 22. The Knighting of Henry, son to the Duke of Lancaster. 23. Interview with Mac Murrough. 24. The Archbishop of Canterbury preaching to the people. 25. King Richard with his friends at Conway. 26. The embassy of King Richard sent to the Duke of Lancaster. 27. The Interview with Duke Henry. 28. Interview between the Earl of Northumberland and King Richard. 29. The accord between the Earl of Northumberland and King Richard. 30. The King Betrayed. 31. Interview between the Duke of Lancaster and King Richard. 32. King Richard conveyed to London. 33. King Richard resigns his Crown and State. 34. Thee Parliament in which Lancaster was elected King. 35. Queen Matilda. 36. Joan, Princess of Wales. 37. Constance, Queen of Castile / Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk. 38. Chaucer. 39. Coronation of Henry the Fourth. 40. King Henry the Fourth and his Court. 41. Henry the Fifth. 42. King Henry the Sixth and his Parliament at Bury. 43. King Henry the Sixth, and Lidgate. 44. Henry the Sixth, and his Court. 45. Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwic &c / Humphry, Duke of Glocester &c. 46. The Earl of Salisbury and Lidgate. 47. King Edward the Fourth . 48. Edward the Fourth, his Queen and Son &c. 49. Richard the Third &c. 50. King Henry the Seventh. 51. Conformation of the Deed of Alms. 52. Henry the First. 53. King John. 54. Edward the Third, and David King of Scotland. 55. John, King of France. 56. Geofry de Lucy / Mary de St. Paul. 57. John Gower . 58. Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Glocester. 59. [MISSING] 60. Duel before the King. 61. Robert Chamberleyn. 62. Thomas Ramryge, Abbot of St. Albans. 12 Supplemantary plates. 63. (1) St. Ursula with her virgin companions, on board ship (2) Their Martyrdom (3) The Martyrdom of St. Albans. 64. (1) The Condemnation of Edmund, King of the East Angles (2) The death of King Edmund (3) The ancient mode of administering the Sacrament of The Lord's Supper. 65. (1) Oswald, King of Northumberland with his Army (2) The Battle of Maserfield (3) One of the fabulous miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary. 66. (1) Cenelm, King of Mercia, hunting (2) Regicides throwing the dead body pf the King into a pit (3) The ancient habits of the Abbess, the Nun, and the Anchorite. 67. (1) Edward the Martyr and his attendants hunting (2) The manner in which the Prince was basely assassinated (3) Part of the life and transactions of Thomas Becket. 68. (1) The Baptismal Ceremony (2) The solemnization of the nuptials between Gilbert Becket and his lady (3) Thomas Becket soon after his birth, wrapped on swaddling clothes. 69. Receiving from King Henry the Second, a letter sealed with a royal signet, constituting him Chancellor of England (2) Promoted to the See of Canterbury in 1163 (3) Approaching the royal presence, openly expressing the disapprobation of the King's conduct. 70. (1) On board ship, fleeing towards Flanders (2) The King incensed at Becket's departure, seizing all his possessions, banashing all his relations and family from the kingdom (3) The relations of Becket fleeing England by ship to Flanders. 71. (1) The banished relations landing in Flanders (2) The interview between the Archbishop and his friends (3) The Archbishop's interview with The Pope. 72. (1) The Archbishop seated at the Pope's right hand (2) The Archbishop is recommended to the protection of the Abbot of Pontigini - the Abbot receiving the Archbishop upon his arrival (3) Vigils of the Archbishop. 73. (1) Interview between Baecket and the King (2) The Archbishop returning to his See in England (3) The Archbishop seated at his table in his apartments at Canterbury. 74. The death of Becket (2) The burial of Becket (3) The depiction of Becket's reception into Paradise.