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IRELAND, William Henry.
The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

London: John Cumberland, 19, Ludgate Hill, 1828.
Tooley 278;
London: John Cumberland, 19, Ludgate Hill, 1828.

FIRST EDITION. 24 hand-coloured and 3 uncoloured engraved folding plates by George Cruikshank after Vernet and others. xvi 477; xii 556; xiv 600; [ii] 542 pp. 4 vols. 8vo. In full blue crushed levant morocco with triple gilt filet to outer boards, beautiful gilt inner dentelles, the spine is comprised of six compartments, four of which have elaborate and decorative gilt designs, lettered in the second and third compartments, coloured end papers. All edges gilt. Bound by Riviere and Sons. Some age toning throughout, but a very fine example of this work. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. Napoleon Bonaparte on his celebrated white charger. 2. Napoleon at the sanguinary Battle on the Bridge at Lodi. 3. Napoleon and Massenda defeating the Austrian Army at the terrible Battle of Roveredo. 4. Napoleon & Augeraeu, in the heat of the tremendous Battle of St. George. 5. Napoleon forcing the passage of the Bridge of Arcola. 6. Napoleon at the passage and Battle of the River Tagliamento. 7. Napoleon defeating the Mamelukes, at the Battle of the Pyramids, near Cairo. 8. Napoleon & Kleber, defeating the Mamelukes, at the Battle of Mount Thabor. Volume 2. 9. Frontispiece. Napoleon, when First Consul & Madame Josephine, (his first wife) in the garden at Malmaison. 10. Napoleon defeating the Turkish Pacha, at the Batle of Aboukir. 11. The attack and capture of Naples, by the French, after a most obstinate resistance. 12. Napoleon and his Army, effecting the wonderful Passage of the Alps, at Mount St. Bernard. 13. Napoleon's decisive victory over the Austrians, at the Battle of Marengo. 14. Napoleon receiving the sword of General Mack, on the capitulation of Ulm. 15. Napoleon's bivouac on the night preceding the memorable Battle of Austerlitz. 16. Napoleon receiving from General Rapp the Austrian Standard, surrendered at Austerlitz. Volume 3. 17. Frontispiece. Napoleon the Great, in his Coronation Robes. 18. Napoleon's entrance into the City of Belin. 19. Napoleon defeating the Prusian Army, at the Battle of Eylau. 20. Napoleon & the Emperor Alexander, upon the Raft, on the Niemen, after the Treaty of Tilsit. 21. Napoleon witnessing the conflagration of Moscow, from the Palace of the Kremlin. 22. Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. Volume 4. 23. Napoleon's arrival at the Tuilleries on his return from Elba. 24. Napoleon terminating his Military Career, at the memorable Battle of Waterloo.