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The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia.

London: Day & Son. 1855.
Lipperheide 1590; Tooley 401; Abbey Travel II 388.(4 vols, 8vo); Bobins I (Large folio) 6 vols, 247 plates.
London: Day & Son. 1855.

6 vols. 4to. (29 x 21 cm). Bound by Bumpus in half tan morocco over marbled boards, spine with raised bands and gilt decoration and lettering. Ex Libris Lord Fortescue with oval armorial device in gilt to upper boards "Forte Scutum Salus Ducum" (A strong shield is the safety of leaders). 249 of 250 tinted lithographs. Some intermittent light foxing but generally a very good set. Coloured later by hand. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontis. Portrait of David Roberts Esq. 2. Title page. Entrance to the Holy Sepulchre. 3. Damascus Gate. 4. Greek Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 5. Tomb of St. James. 6. Jerusalem from the road leading to Bethany. 7. Entrance to the Tomb of the Kings. 8. Mosque of Omar, on the ancient site of the Temple. 9. Tomb of Zechariah. 10. Jerusalem, from the South. 11. Exterior of the Holy Sepulchre. 12. The Pool of Bethesda. 13. The Tower of David. 14. Shrine of the Holy Sepulchre. 15. The Golden Gate. 16. Jerusalem. The Church of the Purification. 17. Upper Fountain of Siloam. 18. Jerusalem, from the Mount of Olives. 19. The Stone of Unction. 20. Chapel of St. Helena. 21. The Fountain of Job. 22. Jerusalem, from the North. 23. Lower Pool of Siloam. 24. Entrance to the Citadel of Jerusalem. 25. The Pillar of Absalom. 26. Calvary. 27. Mount Tabor. 28. General View of Nazareth. 29. Fountain of the Virgin, Nazareth. 30. Convent of the Terra Santa, Nazareth. 31. Shrine of the Annunciation, Nazareth. 32. Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth. 33. The Fountain of Cana. 34. Cana. General View. 35. Town of Tiberias, looking towards Lebanon. 36. The Sea of Tiberias, looking towards Bashan. 37. Tiberias, from the Walls; Safed in the distance. 38. Tiberias, looking towards Hermon. 39. The Tomb of Joseph, at Shechem. 40. Jacob's Well at Shechem. 41. Entrance to Nablous. 42. Nablous, the ancient Shechem. 43. Ruins of the Church of St. John, Sebaste. 44. Sebaste, ancient Samaria. Volume 2. 45. Title page. Baalbec, from the Fountain. 46. Encampment of the Pilfrims at Jerico. 47. Descent upon the Valley of the Jordan. 48. The immersion of the Pilgrims. 49. Jerico. 50. The Dead Sea, looking towards Moab. 51. Convent of St. Saba. 52. The Chapel of St. Saba. 53. Wilderness of Engedi, near the Convent of St. Saba. 54. Beit Jebrin, or Eleutheropolis. 55. Hebron. 56. Ruins of Semua. 57. Askelon. 58. Ashdod. 59. Gaza. 60. Lydda. 61. Jaffa, looking South. 62. Jaffa, looking North. 63. Caiphas, looking towards Mount Carmel. 64. Ramla. 65. St.Jean D'Acre, from the land. 66. St. Jean D'Acre from the sea. 67. Cape Blanco. 68. Port of Tyre. 69. General view of Tyre. 70. Ruins of the Ionic Temple of Om-el-Hamed, near Tyre. 71. Tyre from the Isthmus. 72. Sarepta. 73. Sidon. 74. Sidon, from the North. 75. Sidon, looking towards Lebanon. 76. The Citadel of Sidon. 77. Baalbec, general view. 78. Jenin, ancient Jerzreel. 79. Baalbec, Western Portico. 80. Baalbec, looking towards Lebanon. 81. The Doorway, Baalbec. 82. The Circular Temple, Baalbec. 83. Portion of the Estern Portico, Baalbec. 84. Shrine of the Nativity, Bethlehem. 85. Bethlehem. 86. Bethany. 87. Chancel of the Church of St. Helena. Volume 3. 88. Title page. Temple of El-Khasne, Petra. 89. Arabs of the Desert. 90. El-Deir, Petra. 91. Encampment of the Alloeen in Wady-Arabia. 92. El-Khasne, Petra. 93. Ancient Watch Tower. 94. Lower Portion of El-Khasne, Petra. 95. The arch across the ravine, Petra. 96. Petra, showing the Upper or Eastern End of the Valley. 97. Tomb of Aaron, summit of Mount Hor. 98. The Theatre, Petra. 99. Mount Hor, from the cliffs encircling Petra. 100. Remains of a triumphal arch at Petra. 101. Conference of Arabs. 102. The Acropolis (Kusr Faron) Lower End of the Valley. 103. Excavations at the Eastern End of the Valley, Petra. 104. The Ravine, Petra. 105. The Necropolis. 106. Site of Petra, South. 107. Fortress of Akabah, Arabia Petraea. 108. Island of Graia, Gulf of Akabah. 109. Convent of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai. 110. Encampment of the Ouland-Said, Mount Sinai. 111. Rock of Moses, Wady el-Leja, Mount Horeb. 112. Chapel of the Convent of St. Catherine. 113. The Christian and Mahometan Chapels on Mount Sinai. 114. Ascent of the Lower Range of Sinai. 115. Ascent to the summit of Mount Sinai. 116. The Convent of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai. 117. Chapel of Elijah, Mount Sinai. 118. Convent of St. Catherine, with Mount Horeb. 119. Ancient Egyptian Temple on Gebel Garabe. 120. Principal Court of the Convent of St. Catherine. 121. Ayun Musa - The Wells of Moses, Wilderness of Tyh. 122. Approach to Mount Sinai. 123. Scene on the Quay of Suez. 124. Suez. General view. 125. [Map] The Route of David Roberts in The Holy Land, Petrea & Syria. Volume 4. 126. Frontispiece. View under the Grand Portico, Philoe. 127. Tile page. Entrance to the Great Temple of Aboo-Simbel, Nubia. 128. Pyramids of Gizeh, from the Nile. 129. View looking towards the Pyramids of Dashour and Sacara - Slave boat on the Nile. 130. Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria. 131. Ruins of the Temple of Kom-Ombo, Upper Egypt. 132. Temple of Tafa, in Nubia. 133. Colossal figures in front of the Great Temple of Aboo-Simbel. 134. Excavated Temple of Gyrshe, Nubia. 135. Portico of the Temple of Edfou, Upper Egypt. 136. Statues of Memnon, on the plain of Goorna, at Thebes. 137. Thebes. The colossal statues of Amenoph III. 138. The Sanctuary of the Great Temple of Aboo-Simbel, Nubia. 139. Interior of the Great Temple of Aboo-Simbel, Nubia. 140. Ruins of Luxor from the S.W. 141. General view of the ruins of Luxor, from the Nile. 142. Side view of the Great Sphinx. 143. Head of the Great Sphnix, Pyramids of Egypt. 144. Temple of Dakke, Nubia. 145. Central Avenue of the Great Hall of Columns at Karnac. 146. Cleopatra's Needle. 147. Obelisk of Luxor. 148. Ruins of Maharaka, Nubia. 149. Interior of the Temple of Esne, Upper Egypt. 150. Temple of Wady Kardassy, Nubia. 151. General view of the Island of Philoe, Nubia. 152. Abyssinian Slaves at Korth. 153.Portico of the Temple of Kalabshe, Nubia. 154. View at Luxor, Thebes. 155. Libyan Chain of Mountains, from the Temple of Luxor. 156. Approach to the Temple of Wady Saboua, Nubia. 157. View from under the Portico of the Temple of Edfou, Upper Egypt. 158. Colossal statue at the entrance to the Temple of Luxor. 159. Temple of Edfou: Ancient Apollinopolis, Upper Egypt. 160. Gateway at Dendera. 161. Portico of the Temple of Dendera. 162. Siout. 163. General view of the ruins of Karnac, from the West. 164. Nubian Women at Korti. 165. Grand Portico of the Temple of Philoe, Nubia. 166. Entrance to the Caves at Beni-Hassan. 167. Grand approach to the Temple of Philoe, Nubia. 168. Temple of Wady Saboua, Nubia. Volume 5. 169. Frontispiece. Front elevation of the Great Temple of Aboo-Simbel. 170. Tile page. Great Gateway, leading to the Temple of Karnac, Thebes. 171. Group of Nubians at Wady Kardassy. 172. Fragment of the Great Colossus at the Memnonium, Thebes. 173. Fortress of Ibrim, Nubia. 174. Approach to the Fortress of Ibrim. 175. Colossi at Wady Saboua. 176. Ruins of the Memnonium, Thebes. 177. Persian Water-Wheel, used for irrigating Nubia. 178. A group at the entrance of the Temple of Amun, at Goorna, Thebes. 179. The Island of Philoe, by sunset. 180. Hadjar Silsilis, or the Rock of the Chain. 181. Part of the Hall of Columns at Karnac, seen from without. 182. View looking across the Hall of Columns, Karnac. 183. Part of the ruins of a temple on the Island of Bigge, Nubia. 184. The Dromos, or First Court of the Temple of Karnac. 185. Ruins of the Temple of Medamout, near Thebes. 186. Ruins of a Christian Church in the Grand Court of the Temple of Medinet Abou. 187. Temple of A'Mada at Hassaia, Nubia. 188. Medinet Abou, Thebes. 189. Temple of Dandour, Nubia. 190. The Hypaethral Temple at Philoe, called The Bed of Pharoah. 191. Temple of Isis, on the roof of the Great Temple of Dendera. 192. Pyramids of Geezah. 193. Lateral view of the Typhonaeum at Dendera. 194. View from under the Portico of the Temple of Dendera. 195. Temple of Wady Kardassy, Nubia. 196. Asouan and the Island of Elephantine. 197. Obelisk of On. 198. Oblique view of the Hall of Colunms, Karnac. 199. Temple of Wady Dabod, Nubia. 200. General view of Karnac, looking towards Biban-el-Malook. 201. View from under the Portico of Dayr-el-Medineh, Thebes. 202. Entrance to the Tombs of the Kings, Biban-el-Malook. 203. The Temples of Aboo-Simbel from the Nile. 204. Colossal statues in the plain of Thebes, during the inundation of the Nile. 205. Scene on the Nile, near Wady Dabod, with Crocodiles. 206. Grand entrance to the Temple of Luxor. 207. General view of Kalabshe, formerly Tolmis, Nubia. 208. Façade of the Pronaos of the Temple of Edfou. 209. Ruins of Erment, ancient Hermontis, Upper Egypt. 210. Ruins of Kom-Ombo. 211. Island of Philoe, looking over the Nile. 212. [Map] Illustrating the Sketches of David Roberts Esq., in Egypt and Nubia, 1849. Volume 6. 213. Frontispiece. Interview with Mehemet Ali in his palace, Alexandria. 214. Title page. Scene in a street in Cairo. 215. Bab-en-Nasr or Gate of Victory and Mosque of El-Hakim. Cairo. 216. Approach to Alexandria. 217. The gate of the Metwalis, or Bab Zuweyleh, Cairo. 218. [Lacking plate] 219. Ruined Mosques in the desert, west of the Citadel. 220. Interior of the Mosque of the Sultan Hassan. 221. One of the Tombs of the Caliphs, Cairo. 222. The Silk-Mercer's Bazaar or El-Ghatreshyeh, Cairo. 223. Tombs of the Caliphs, Cairo. The Citadel in the distance. 224. Mosque of the Sultan Kaitbey, Cairo. 225. Minaret of the Mosque El-Khomree. 226. General view of Cairo from the West. 227. The Holy Tree of Metereeah. 228. The entrance to the Citadel of Cairo. 229. Mosque of Ayed Bey in the desert of Suez. 230. Bazaar of the Coppersmiths, Cairo. 231. Minaret of the principal Mosque in Siout, Upper Egypt. 232. Interior of the Mosque of the Metwalis. 233. Tombs of the Memlooks, Cairo, with an Arab funeral. 234. Grand entrance to the Mosque of the Sultan Hassan. 235. Cairo, the aqueduct of the Nile, from the Island of Rhoda. 236. Bazaar of the street leading to the Mosque El-Mooristan, Cairo. 237. Principal Mosque at Boulak. 238. Cairo, from the gate of the Citizenib, looking towards the desert of Suez. 239. A group in the Slave Market of Cairo. 240. The Simoom in the desert. 241. The Nilometer on the Island of Rhoda, Cairo. 242. View on the Nile, Isle of Rhoda, and Ferry of Gheezeh. 243. The Letter Writer, Cairo. 244. Entrance to a private mansion, Cairo. 245. Tombs of the Memlooks, Cairo. 246. Citadel of Cairo, the residence of the Pashia. 247. The Coffee Shop of Cairo. 248. Interior of the Mosque of the Sultan El-Ghoree. 249. The Ghawazees, or Dancing-Girls of Cairo. 250. Mosque of the Sultan Hassan, from the Great Square of the Rumeyleh.