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The Holy Bible containing the Old Testamentand the New: newly translated out of the originall tongues with the former translations diligently compared and revised by His Majesties speciall commandment.

London: The Company of Stationers, 1650.
Herbert 622; Wing B2231; Darlow & Moule 487.
London: The Company of Stationers, 1650.

Octavo; wood engraved title page, includes Sternhold & Hopkins' The Whole Booke of Psalms collected into English Meter (1651), illustrated by the insertion of 180 contemporary hand coloured leaves, some from William Slatyers' and Jacob van Langeren's illustrations of the Bible, some heightened in gold, ruled red throughout. Small marginal tears, some browning, margins occasionally trimmed. Eighteenth century red morocco, gilt tooled borders, gilt inner dentelle, spine with raised bands, six compartments decorated with gilt fleurons, all edges gilt. Corners and joints lightly rubbed and tail of spine chipped. A luxurious hand coloured bible. The plates are rendered in fine detail, and the striking use of gilding. These sets of plates carry a real sense of monumentality and heightened spirituality, and certainly confirm the book's status as a luxury item. The enrichment of the plates by added colour shows the increasing tendency to aesthetically enhance printed devotional books in the style of illuminated manuscripts. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. 2. Dedication page. The Old Testament. 3-4. God's Creation of Heaven and Earth. The First and Second Days. Night and Day. 5-6. God's Creation of Heaven and Earth. The Third and Fourth Days. Land, trees, flowers, fruit; darkness and light. 7-8. God's Creation of Heaven and Earth. Fifth and Sixth Days. Fowl, fish the seas; animals and many creatures. 9-10. Man is created by God's breath, all creatures are named / man may not live alone - woman is created. 11-12. The seventh day - a day of rest; Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. 13-14. Women in Paradise / Women wear fig leaves to hide their shame. 15-16. Man is expelled from Paradise / an Angel guards Paradise. 17-18. Man toiling while children play / Cain & Abel. 19-20. Cain has slain his brother Abel / God calls for Abel but Cain replies. 21-22. Adam and Eve look at their dead son / Cain's offspring play. 23-24. The first city on Earth is built (Enoch) / Seth's offspring are seen. 25-26. A feast / Noah receiving instructions to build an Ark. 27-28. The animals going into the Ark / The Deluge. 29-30. The Ark upon the sea / the Ark comes to rest on Mt. Ararat. 31-32. Noah and all the animals leave the Ark / Noah builds an alter to give thanks to God, and offers burnt offerings. 33-34. Ham saw the nakedness of his father and told two brethren to lay a garment upon his shoulders / the generations of he sons of Noah; Shem, Ham and Japhet... 35-36. The building of Babel. 37-38. The universal use of languages. 39-40. Abraham departs with Lot / Abraham builds an altar to the Lord. 41-42. Abraham driven into Egypt / Flocks of Sheep. 43-44. Lot and Abraham part company. 45-46. Lot is captured by Bera the King of Sodom / Abraham comes to rescue Lot, his brother. 47-48. The King of Sodom meets Melchizedek, the King of Salem / Melchizedek looks to the heavens. 49-50. Abraham and Hagar, who was his wife's maid and was given to Abraham to be his (other) wife. 51-52. Hagar flees after conceiving with Abraham / God speaks with Abraham. 53-54. Abraham entertains three Angels. 55-56. Abraham prays for Sodom / Two Angels meet Lot at the gates of Sodom. 57-58. Sodom and Gomorrah are burnt. 59-60. Lot and his daughters in a cave. 61-62. Abimelech restores Sarah, wife of Abraham. 63-64. Hagar and the Angel / Abraham, about to slay his son, sees an Angel of the Lord. 65-66. Abimelech and Isaac / Jacob and his father. 67-68. Jacob's Ladder dream and Rachel. 69-70. Simeon and Levi slay Hamor and Shechem / Rachel dies and is buried. 71-72. Joseph tells his brethren of his dream / Joseph is placed in a pit. 73-74. Jacob sends his bretheren down to Egypt to buy corn / Joseph sees his bretheren and knows them, but they do not know him. 75-76. Joseph entertains his bretheren / A cup is found in Benjamin's sack. 77-78. Jacob's death and his funeral. 79. A King sings and plays a Harp. The New Testament. 80. Salvator Mundi. 81. St. Josph. 82. Mater Salvatori. 83. St. Matthew. 84. The Offering of the three Kings. 85. The flight into Egypt. 86. John's preeching & Baptism of Christ. 87. Chrit's Sermon on the Mount. 88. Of the Leper and the Centurion. 89. Christ stills the Tempest on the Sea. 90. Christ healing the sick woman. 91. Christ healing the dried hand and casting out a devil. 92. The Parable of the Sowers. 93. Christ feeds the five thousand men. 94. Christ walks on the Sea. 95. Christ delivers the woman of Canaan's daughter. 96. The Transfiguration of Christ. 97. The greatest in the kingdom of Heaven (children). 98. The rich man questioned by Christ. 99. Cating the money changers out of the Temple. 100. Of Paying Tribute. 101. Christ tells of the destruction of Jerusalem. 102. The crowning with thorns. 103. The nailing to the Cross. 104. The Resurrection. 105. His resurrection declared. 106. St. Mark. 107. The fasting and the tempation of Christ. 108. Peter's mother-in-law is healed. 109. The healing of the Palsy & the calling of Matthew. 110. Christ riding to Jerusalem on a Donkey. 111. The supper in Bethania. 112. The Last Supper. 113. Judas betrays Christ. 114. Christ is brought before the High Priest. 115. The Scourging of Christ. 116. St. Luke. 117. The Salutation. 118. The Visitation. 119. The Shepherds. 120. The Circumcision. 121. The Purification. 122. Christ disputing among the Octors. 123. The raising of he widow's son. 124. The Conversion of Magdalen. 125. The Scribes Question. 126. Martha and Mary with Christ. 127. Healing the Dropsy upon the Sabbath. 128. The Prodigal Son. 129. The ten Lepers healed. 130. Christ speaks of the latter days. 131. Zacheus a Publican. 132. Christ praying in the garden. 133. Of his mocking in the night and condemnation. 134. The Accusation before Pilate. 135. His sending to Herod. 136. Of the carrying of the Cross. 137. The journey to Emaus. 138. St. John. 139. Calling of the Apostles, and the marriage in Canaan. 140. Christ communing with Nicodemus. 141. Christ communing with the Samaritan woman. 142. The rulers son is healed. 143. Christ heals a man at the Pool of Bethesda. 144. The woman taken in adultery. 145. Christ the true shepherd. Of him that was born blind. 146. Christ raises Lazarus. 147. The Greeks desire to see Jesus. 148. The Passover & washing the disciples feet. 149. Of his (Jesus) bringing forth to the people. 150. The burial of Christ. 151. Christ appears to Mary Magdalen. 152. Appearing to his disciples. 153. Christ appears at the Sea of Tiberias. 154. St. Andrew. 155. St. Phillip. 156. St. Thomas. 157. St. Bartholomew. 158. St. Matthew. 159. St. Jacob (Minor). 160. St. Simon. 161. St. Matthew. 162. The coming of the Holy Ghost. 163. The Lame restored to his feet. 164. The Hypocrice of Ananias & Sapphira. 165. The stoning of Steven. 166. Philip and the Eunuche. 167. The conversion of Paul. 168. Peter's vision. 169. Peter delivered out of Prison. 170. Paul heals a cripple at Lystra. 171. Paul & Silas imprisoned. 172. Paul pleads before Ananias. 173. Paul in the presence of Agrippa. 174. Paul suffers being shipwrecked. 175. St. Paul. 176. St. Jacob (Major). 177. St. Peter. 178. St. John. 179. St. Thadaeus. 180. King sings and plays the Harp.