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LYDEKKER, Richard.
The great and small game of Europe western & northern Asia and America.

This is the fifth and last book in the famous Lydekker and Bryden series covering all the game animals of the world. The 4th and 5th volumes in this series were only issued in limited editions of 250 copies, while the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd volumes were all issued in limited editions of 500 copies. The beauty and craftsmanship of these books are beyond compare. The publisher and the editor gathered contributions from sportsmen all over the world to comprise this volume. On top of all this, artists were commissioned to hand color all the plates in each book. A very fine production indeed of a book that can only become scarcer over time.

London: Rowland Ward,1901.
Czech, Asian, p129
London: Rowland Ward,1901.

FIRST EDITION. 4to., limited to just 250 numbered copies, it is signed by Rowland Ward, xx, 445pp., eight hand-coloured lithographic plates, in original green cloth with gilt rule and embossed title to upper board. Title in gilt to spine; some light wear; corners bumped; head and tail of spine pulled; bookplates of 'Bibliotheca Tiliana' & 'Biblioteka Lancicka' affixed to front pastedown. A companion to the author's 'Great and small game of India.' Features antlered and horned game of Asia also includes hunting notes by Demidoff, Littledale, and others. Coloured plates in order: 1. Game of Europe, West and North Asia & America (8 figs). Types Common to both Hemispheres. (1) Rocky Mountain Bighorn (2) Kamchatkan Bighorn (3) Alaskan Bighorn (4) N.W. Bighorn (5) Scandinavian Reindeer (6) Woodland Reindeer (7) Elk (8) American Wapiti. 2. Game of Europe, West & North Asia & America (12 figs). Circumpolar and Old World Types. (1) Common Lynx (2) American Wolf (3) Alaskan Brown Bear (4) Kamchatkan Brown Bear (5) Polar Near (6) Wolverine (7) Chamois (8) Saiga (9) Przewalski's Gazelle (10) Mongolian Gazelle (11) Arabian Gazelle (12) Beatrix Pryx. 3. Game of Europe, West & North Asia & America (11 figs). European and Asiatic Types. (1) European Bison (2) Siberian Argali (3) Littledale's Sheep (4) European Muflon (5) Armenian Muflon (6) East Caucasian Rur (7) West Caucasian Tur (8) Spanish Tur (9) Alpine Ibex (10) Persian Wild Goat (11) Arabian Tahr. 4. Game of Europe, West & North Asia & America (8 figs). Asiatic and European Types. (1) Caspian Red Deer (2) Yarkland Stag (3) Manchurian Sika (4) Pekin Sika (5) Fallow Deer (6) Mesopotamian Fallow Deer (7) European Roe (8) Manchurian Roe (9) Siberian Roe. 5. Game of Europe, West & North Asia & America (9 figs) European and Asiatic Types. (1) Pere David's Deer (2) Chinese Water-Deer (3) Michie's Tufted Deer (4) Wild Boar (5) Manchurian Tiger (6) Manchurian Leopard (7) Wild Cat (8) Fuchow Cat (8) Spanish Lynx (9) Wild Dog. 6. Game of European, West & North Asia & America. Eat Greenland Bull Musk-Ox. 7. Game of Europe, West & North Asia & America (11 figs) American Types. (1) American Bison (2) Canadian Musk-Ox (3) White Goat (4) Pronghorn (5) White-tailed Deer (6) Mule-Deer (7) Marsh-Deer (8) Pampas-Deer (9) Chilian Guemal (10) Central American Brocket (11) Ecuador Pudu. 8. Game of Europe, West & North Asia & America (14 figs) American Types. (1) Guanaco (2) Vicugna (3) Collared Peccary (4) Roulin's Tapir (5) Common Tapir (6) Jaguar (7) Puma (8) Ocelot (9) Tiger-Cat (10) Red Lynx (11) Coyote (12) Maned Wolf (13) American Black Bear (14) Spectacled Bear.