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WALKER, George.
The Costume of Yorkshire, Illustrated by a Series of Forty Engravings, being Fac-Similes of original drawings, with description in English and French.

Engravings range from horse dealers to leach-finders, fishermen to lowkers, sea bathers, farmers, and soldiers who returned from The Peninsula Campaigns and the Battle of Waterloo. Lovely depictions of the costume and customs of Regency Yorkshire.

London: T. Bensley, 1814.
Abbey Life 432; Colas 3044; Tooley pp. 263-4; Prideaux p. 355; Bobins II 732.
London: T. Bensley, 1814.

FIRST EDITION. Folio ( 38 x 27 cm) frontispiece and 40 fine hand-coloured aquatint plates by R. Havell after George Walker, text in English and French bookplate of James Riley; contemporary straight-grained morocco gilt greek-key border to boards; spine gilt decorated compartments and lettered; gilt inner dentelles; extremities rubbed and worn some wear to the spine; an attractive copy. A fine collection of unusual plates depicting various local trades, for example, colliers, jockeys, and farmers. Plate 3 is particularly interested in being the first representation of a steam engine on rails, built by Murray & Blenkinsop Leeds in 1812, about two years before Stephenson's engine. Another edition was printed in 1885. Coloured plates in order: 1. The Horse Dealer. 2. Cloth-Makers. 3. The Collier. 4. The Dog-Breaker. 5. Fishermen. 6. The Cloth-Dresser. 7. Lowkers. 8. Stone-Breakers on the Road. 9. Woman Making Oat Cakes. 10. The Ruddle Pit. 11. The Fool Plough. 12. Nor and Spell. 13. The Cranberry Girl. 14. The Milk Boy. 15. Rape Threshing. 16. The East Riding or Wolds Waggon. 17. Sea Bathing. 18. Whalebone Scrapers. 19. Farmers. 20. Moor Guide. 21. The Preemer Boy. 22. Thirty-Third Regiment. 23. The Teasel Field. 24. Line Swinglers. 25. Grenadier or the First West York Militia. 26. Riding the Stang. 27. Peat Cart. 28. The Cloth Gall. 29. Woman Spinning. 30. Hawking. 31. North York Militia. 32. Alum Works. 33. East York Militia. 34. Midsummer Eve. 35. Leech Finders. 36. Factory Children. 37. Bishop Blaize. 38. Wensley Dale Knitters. 39. Sheffield Cutler. 40. Jockies.