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DALVIMART, Octavien Alexander WIlliam.
The Costume of Turkey.

A book of attractive hand coloured engravings depicting the dress and customs of people living in Turkey. The descriptions accompanying the coloured illustrations incorporate notes taken by Octavian Dalvimart, the French artist who drew the images in Turkey in 1798. Such costume books were popular with audiences in Western Europe for whom the inhabitants of the Ottoman Empire were historically somewhat mysterious.

London: William Miller, Old Bond Street, by T. Bensley, Fleet Street, 1802.
Bobins I 130; Abbey Travel 370.
London: William Miller, Old Bond Street, by T. Bensley, Fleet Street, 1802.

Folio. Engraved hand coloured title and 60 hand-coloured plates, each with a separate page of description in English and French. The Plates are in good order with very little foxing or marks of any kind plate one has a blue (mold) mark in the margin, but this is an exception. Recent blue 3/4 morocco over peacock marbled boards, spine with raised gilt bands in compartments, red morocco title label in the second compartment, repeat gilt motif to others. Dalvimart was a British artist who traveled widely through Turkey in about 1798, and he produced this costume book from his own observations. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. The Kislar Aga, or first Black Eunuch of the Seraglio. 3. A Sultana, or Odalisk. 4. Officers of the Grand Signior. 5. A Turkish Woman in a Provincial Dress. 6. Ladle-Bearer to the Janissaries. 7. The Chief of the Ulemas, or Professors of the Law. 8. A Musician belonging to the Grand Signior. 9. A Domestic belonging to the Grand Vizier. 10. A Turk in his Chall, or Shawl. 11. A Page of the Grand Signior. 12. First Dragoman. 13. The Mufti, or Chief of Religion. 14. A Greek Woman of the Island of Marmora. 15. Turban Bearer to the Grand Signior. 16. A Jew. 17. A Turkish Woman, in the Dress, Worn at Constantinople. 18. A Hamal, or Common Porter. 19. Subaltern Officer of the Janissaries. 20. Women of the Island of Andros. 21. A Saka or Turkish Water Carrier. 22. An Albanian. 23. An Egyptian Arab. 24. An Inhabitant of the Coast of Syria. 25. A Dervise. 26. A Turk in a Pelise. 27. A Bedouin Arab. 28. A Female Bedouin of the Desert, with her Child. 29. An Officer of the Janissaries. 30. A Female Dancer at Constantinople. 31. A Dervise of Syria. 32. A Tartar. 33. An Armenian. 34. A Young Prince, heir to the Throne. 35. Two Janissaries in their Dress of Ceremony. 36. Capidji Bachi. 37. An Usher. 38. A Female of the Island of Naxos. 39. Private Secretary to the Grand Seignior. 40. A Soldier. 41. Reis Effendi. 42. An Inhabitant of the Isle of Simia. 43. An Inferior Officer of the Janissaries. 44. A Spahi. 45. A Member of the Divan. 46. Sword Bearer to the Grand Signior. 47. A Dervise. 48. A Turkish Female of Pera. 49. The Confectioner to the Palace. 50. The Chief Usher to the Grand Signior. 51. An Ichlogan. 52. A Tchocadar. 53. The Capitan Pasha. 54. A Bosniac. 55. A Sailor. 56. Stool-Bearer to the Grand Signior. 57. An Attendant of the Harem of the Grand Signior. 58. A Turkish Lady in her Wedding Dress. 59. Bostandji Bachi. 60. The Grand Vizier. 61. A Sultana, or Kaddin.