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HARDING, Edward.
The Costume of the Russian Empire.

London: S. Gosnell, 1803.
Not in Abbey; Colas 704; Lipperheide 1342; Bobins I 194.
London: S. Gosnell, 1803.

[146] p. : 73 col. plates ; 38 cm (Folio). Full red morocco with elaborate designs in blind and in gilt to boards; gilt to spine; gilt inner dentelles; all edges gilt. Plates are watermarked 1821-1822. Text in English and French. Corners have been strengthened, hinges replaced, spine has been re-backed, with original replaced, coloured endpapers; silk bookmark. Board extremities rubbed, but in good overall condition. Some offset to text. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. A Laplander. 2. A Female Inhabitant of Lapland. 3. A Peasant of Finland. 4. A Female Peasant of Finland. 5. A Woman of Finland. 6. A Woman of Esthonia. 7. An Esthonian Girl. 8. A Female Peasant of Ingria. 9. A Tcheremhisian Woman. 10. Back of a Tcheremhisian Woman. 11. A Tcheremhisian Woman, in her Summer Dress. 12. A Tchouvashian Female. 13. A Female Mordvine. 14. A Female Mordvine shewing the back part of her dress. 15. A Mordvine of the Mokshan Tribe. 16. An Old Mordvine Woman of the Mokshan Tribe. 17. A Votiakian Woman. 18. An Ostiak, of the Obe. 19. An Ostiak, in his winter hunting dress. 20. A Female Ostiak. 21. A Tartar of Kazan. 22. A Female Tartar of Kazan. 23. A Female Tartar of Kazan, shewing the back part of her dress. 24. A Female Tartar of Tchatska. 25. A Female Tartar of the Nagai Tribe. 26. A Kabardinian. 27. A Kabardinian Woman. 28. A Boukharian of Siberia. 29. A Bashkirian Woman. 30. A Mestscherakian Woman. 31. A Barabinzian Woman. 32. A Barabinzian Girl. 33. A Kirghi on Horseback. 34. A Female Kirghi. 35. A Female Katchintzian Tartar. 36. A Female Schaman. 37. A Female Schaman, shewing the back part of her dress. 38. A Female Tartar, of the Tribe of Teleouti. 39. A Female Tartar, of the Teleouti Tribe, shewing the back part of her dress. 40. A Yakouti Tartar. 41. A Female Yakouti. 42. An Unmarried Female Yakouti. 43. A Samoyed. 44. A Female Samoyed. 45. A Female Samoyed, in her summer dress. 46. A Tungoose. 47. A Schaman of the Tungoosi. 48. An Inhabitant of Kamtshatka, in his winter dress. 49. A Female of Kamtshatka, in her common dress. 50. A Female of Kamtshatka, with her child. 51. A Woman of Kamtshatka, in her best dress. 52. A Schaman of Kamtshatka. 53. A Koriak. 54. A Koriak, in his dress of ceremony. 55. A Female Koriak. 56. A Woman of Tschutski, in her common dress. 57. A Woman of Tschutski, preparing skins. 58. An Aleutian. 59. A Kurilian. 60. A Kalmuk. 61. A Female Kalmuk. 62. A Female Bratzkiye. 63. A Bratzkian Woman, of Udinskoi Ostrog. 64. A Bratzkian Schaman, or female magician. 65. A Mongole Woman. 66. A Mongole Priest, or Lama. 67. A Mongloe Schaman. 68. A Merchant of Kalouga. 69. A Woman of Kalouga, in her summer dress. 70. A Merchant's Wife of Kalouga, in her winter dress. 71. An Unmarried Female of Waldai. 72. A Married Oman of Waldai. 73. A Russian Peasant.