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PORTER, Robert Ker.
The Costume of the Inhabitants of Russia.

London: J. Edington, [1810].
Colas 2408; Hiler & Hiler 718; Abbey Travel 13; Bobins supplementary list 08/14.
London: J. Edington, [1810].

4to, fresh boards, endpapers, original printed paper label to the upper board and spine. 26 hand-coloured aquatint plates. ONLY EDITION. Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool (Ronnorn@aol.com) Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. The Chief of the Bashkirs. 2. A hackney Sledge. 3. Russian Boors in their Winter Sledge. 4. A Gentleman in his Winter-Walking Dress. 5. A Russian Tradesman. 6. A Russian Tradesman's Wife in her Gala Dress. 7. A Russian Tradesman's Wife in her Summer Dress. 8. A Russian Nurse. 9. A Russian Peasant in his Summer Dress. 10. A Russian Peasant in her Summer Dress. 11. A Travelling Russian Boor. 12. A Bohemian or Gypsey. 13. A peasant of Finland in his Winter Dress. 14. A Dalecarlion Peasant. 15. A Dalecarlion Female Peasant. 16. An Archimandrite in his Ordinary habit. 17. Monks of St. Basil. 18. Nuns of St. Basil. 19. An Officer of the Donsky Cossacs. 20. An Officer of the Imperial Foot Guards. 21. A Soldier of the Imperial Foot Guards. 22. A Bashkir Trooper. 23. A Regular Cossac. 24. A Kalmuc Horseman. 25. An Uralsky Cossac. 26. Kirghises.