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The Chinese Opium-Smoker.

London: Partridge, 1909
LC HV5816; Dewey: 198.8.
London: Partridge, 1909

12 hand-coloured illustrations "Showing the Ruin which our Opium Trade with China is Bringing Upon that Country". Slim 8vo, bound in full contemporary brown morocco, with a single gilt fillet, original stiff, coloured wrappers bound in, gilt- lettered spine; (edges a bit rubbed). Very Good. Rare. Reproduced from the Chinese. Bookplates on front paste down and front free end paper. Coloured plates in order: 1. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.1 The opium smoker is reclining on a couch, his companion indulges in tobacco through the water pipe, which is common in China. 2. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.2 The opium smoker's wife, begs on her knees, for her husband to desist from the disastrous habit. 3. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.3 Progress of the opium smoker...day has become night, and night day....he can no longer sleep etc. 4. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.4 Servant in the foreground prepares an extract of opium. The wife now needs to augment the family income....so great has her husband's habit become. 5. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.5 Either the habit must be be given up, or never given up....creditors will no longer forbear. All hope of retaining ancestral property is almost gone. 6. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.6 Wife tries to destroy all opium apparatus etc, husband comes in and proceeds to berate her and belabour her with a bamboo stick. 7. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.7 Still lower sinks the opium victim...he has lost his home, family etc, etc. 8. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.8 He has become a most wretched creature...most of his clothes have gone to the pawnshop, he is a half naked skeleton...his wife and child look on in hopeless sorrow etc. 9. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.9 The opium victim is now a homeless beggar, squatting in a tent, dependent on charity for everything. a former servant (?) is seen bringing him a small flattened loaf of bread. 10. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.10 The victim now resorts to crime to keep his habit. Opium now MUST be had at all costs! Thefts, robberies, and possibly murders may now result. 11. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.11 The downward spiral is now quite rapid for the victim. Exposure to the weather, and the want of food accelerate the injurious effects of the opium. 12. THE CHINESE OPIUM SMOKER No.12 Winter has come, and the fields supply nothing for the victim to eat. Begging is not sufficient for his daily need for opium. ALL enjoyment and pleasure is past....only suffering and misery...and death await him.