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ALKEN, Henry.
The Beauties and Defects in the Figure of the Horse comparatively delineated.

London: James Toovey, 1881.
Schwerdt I p.12 (1816 edition); cf. Tooley 20 (1816 edition)
London: James Toovey, 1881.

Royal octavo. (10 5/8" x 7 1/4"). Decorative, uncoloured title, 18 chromolithographic plates after Henry Alken. Original green cloth-backed orange/light brown paper-covered boards, titled on upper board. A very fine copy of this later edition of Alken's survey with pen and pencil sketches of the Horse. First published in 1816 with hand-coloured plates, this work was intended as a guide to the good and bad points of that most noble animal "the Horse ... [for the use of ] ... breeders country gentlemen and ... inexperienced purchasers. ... [It was] the result of the most attentive observation during many years entirely devoted to the pleasures of the field" (Introduction). Coloured plates in order: 1. Horses heads from different angles. (4 figs) 2. Horses heads. (4 figs) Facial expressions of: rage / terror / sulking etc. 3. Horses heads from different angles. (4 figs) 4. Horses legs. (8 figs) Showing assorted legs that display; hard work / strength / badly formed / weak etc. 5. Horses legs. (7 figs) Assorted figures intended to show the back off fore-legs etc. 6. Horses bodies. (4 figs) Showing; Neck & Shoulders / Breast etc. 7. Horses bodies. (4 figs) Showing: Flanks & Thighs / Tails etc. 8. Horses bodies. (3 figs) Hind quarters etc. 9. Side view of a fine looking chestnut horse. 10. The Trot. 11. The Running Trot. 12. The Canterer, or Lady's Horse. 13. The Gallop. 14. The Hunter's Gallop. 15. Leaping (1). 16. Leaping (2). 17. The Bucking Leap. 18. The Fly Leap.