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GROSE, Francis.
The Antiquities of Ireland.

London: S. Hooper, 1791.
Brunet II 1763; Bobins 652.
London: S. Hooper, 1791.

2 vols, quarto, 254 hand coloured copper engraved plates and black and white plans. In a contemporary blue calf, re-backed with decorative gilt borders and separate corner pieces, elaborate gilt to spine, speckled edges. Francis Grose was a noted eighteenth century antiquary and draughtsman who had contributed illustrations to his earlier work on the antiquities of Great Britain. He travelled to Ireland to compile a similar work on the antiquities of that country. Sadly he died whilst researching in Ireland, and the work was published posthumously. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. Holy Cross, Co. Tipperary. 2. Title page vignette. 3. Pagan Antiquities. Cromlech at Tobinstown & Cromlech at Brown's Hill, Co. Carlow. 4. Religious Orders. 5. Military Antiquities (5 figs). 6. Reginald's Tower, Co. Waterford. 7. Dundrum Castle, Co. Down. 8. Old Mansion of Dundrum, Co. Down. 9. Gray Abbey, Co. Down. 10. St. Patrick's Church, Dublin. 11. Christ Church, Dublin. 12. Bullock Castle, Co. Dublin. 13. Knock Castle, Co. Dublin. 14. Baggotsrath Castle, Co. Dublin. 15. Baldungan Castle, Co. Dublin. 16. Baldungen Castle & Church, Co. Dublin. 17. Swords Castle, Co. Dublin. 18. Swords Church, Co. Dublin. 19. Lush Church, Co. Dublin. 20. Tullagh Church, Co. Dublin. 21. Dalkey Castles, Co. Dublin. 22. Clondalkin Church and Tower, Co. Dublin. 23. Drumcondra Church, near Dublin. 24. Brown's Castle, Co Dublin. 25. Hoath Church, Co. Dublin. 26. Simon's Court Tower, Co. Dublin. 27. Timon Castle, Co. Dublin. 28. Church at James Town, Co. Leitrim. 29. Abbey of Dromahaire, Co. Leitrim. 30. Kildare Abbey, Co. Kildare. 31. Adaire Castle, Co. Limmerick. 32. Old Church Tower, Co. Louth. 33. Bation in Kilkenny. 34. St. John's Abbey, Co. Kilkenny. 35. St. Canices, Co. Zkilkenny. 36. Black Abbey, Co. Kilkenny (inside). 37. Blak Abbey, Co. Kilkenny (outside). 38. St. Francis Abbey, Co Kilkenny. 39. Jerpoint Abbey, Co. Kilkenny. 40. Thomas-Town Abbey, Co. Kilkenny. 41. Graignemanah Abbey, Co. Kilkenny (outside). 42. Graignemanach Abbey, Co. Kilkenny (inside). 43. Gowran Abbey, Co. Kilkenny. 44. Ballintubber Abbey, Co. Mayo. 45. Abbey of Ballyhaunes, Co. Mayo. 46. Morisk Abbey, Co. Mayo. 47. Rosserick Abbey, Co. Mayo. 48. Abbey of Buryshool, Co. Mayo. 49. Round Tower at Turlogh, Co. Mayo. 50. Abbey Urlare, Co. Mayo (outside). 51. Abbey of Urlare, Co. Mayo (inside). 52. Clonmines Abbey, Co. Wexford. 53. Duncannon Fort, Co. Wexford. 54. Dunbrody Abbey, Co. Wexford. 55. Dunbrody Abbey. Inside view, Co. Wexford. 56. Enniscorthy Castle, Co. Wexford. 57. Tower of Hool, Co. Wexford. 58. Fethard Castle, Co. Wexford. 59. St. Mary's Church, Co. Wexford. 60. Slade Castle, Co. Wexford. 61. Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford. 62. Ballysadare Abbey, Co. Sligo. 63. Ballysadare Church, Co Sligo. 64. Bahy Castle, Co. Sligo. 65. Court Abbey, Co. Sligo (outside). 66. Court Abbey, Co. Sligo (inside). 67. New Town Castle, Co. Sligo. 68. Castle of New Town, Co. Sligo. 69-70. Sligo Abbey, Co Sligo. 71. Castle of Ballinafad, Co. Sligo. 72. Sligo Abbey, Co. Sligo (inside). 73. Ballindown Abbey, Co. Sligo (outside). 74. Ballindown Abbey, Co. Sligo (inside). 75. Bennada Abbey, Co. Sligo. 76. Bannada Friary, Co. Sligo. 77-78. Ballymote Castle, Co. Sligo. 79. O'Gara's Castle, Co. Sligo. 80. Meemleek Castle, Co. Sligo. 81. Church in Church Island, Co Sligo. 82. Ross Lee Castle, Co. Sligo. 83. Athenry Abbey, Co. Galway. 84. Castle Town Castle, Co. Galway. 85. Dunmore Abbey, Co. Galway. 86. Clare Abbey, Co. Galway. 87. Claddagh Castle, Co. Galway. 88. Rosserick Abbey, Co. Mayo. 89. Tuam Abbey, Co. Galway. 90. Kilconnel Abbey, Co. Galway. 91. Bermingham Castle, Co. Galway. 92. S.E. view of Ardfinan Castle, Co. Tipperary. 93. Holy Cross, Co. Tipperary. 94. Thurles Castle, Co. Tipperary. 95. Kilcooly Abbey, Co. Tipperary. 96. Castle of the Knight's Templers in Thurles. 97. Roscrea Castle, Co. Tipperary. 98. Cahel Cathedral & Rock, Co. Tipperary. 99. Lislaghtin Abbey, Co. Kerry. 100. Lanesborough Abbey, Co. Longford. 101. Carlow Castle, Co. Carlow. 102-103. Clonmore Catle, Co. Carlow. 104. Moret Castle, Queens Co. 105. Lea Castle, Queens Co. 106. Castle of Grants Town, Queens Co. 107. Killea Castle, Co. Kildare. 108-109. Abbey of Boyle, Co. Roscomon. 110. Boyle Abbey, Co. Roscomon (inside). 111. Coute Castle, Co. Roscomon. 112-113. Roscomon Castle, Co. Roscomon. 114. Mr. Dermot's Castle, Co. Roscomon. 115. Ennismacreey Church, Co. Roscomon. 116. Tulsk Abbey, Co. Roscomon. 117. Multifernam Abbey, Co. Westmeath. 118. Oratory near Kildare, Co. Clare. Volume 2. 119. Frontispiece. Hermitage at Slane, Co. Meath. 120. Title page vignette. 121. Dun Oengus in Isle of Arran & Innismurry Antiquities. 122. Sculptures at Glendaloch. 123. Arch and Ornaments at Kilcullen, Co. Kildare / Arch and Ornaments at Disert, Co. Clare. 124. Irish Architecture & Ornaments (27 figs). 125. Slanes Abbey, Co. Meath. 126. Carlingford Castle, Co Louth. 127. Carlingford Abbey, Co. Louth. 128. S.W. view of Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth. 129. Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth. 130. Baltinglas Abbey, Co. Wicklow. 131. Carnew Castle, Co. Wicklow. 132. Roche Castle, Co. Louth. 133. Ballymoon Castle, Co. Carlow. 134. Ballylaghan Castle, Co. Carlow. 135. Church of St. Mullin's, Co. Carlow. 136. Cloghgrennan Castle, Queens Co. 137. Round Tower and Castle Timahoe, Queens Co. 138. S.W. view of Dunamase Castle, Queens Co. 139. Dunamase Castle, Queens Co. 140. Shean Castle, Queens Co. 141. Donoghmore Church and Round Tower, Co. Meath. 142. Athlumny Castle, Co. Meath. 143. Church of Screen, Co. Meath. 144. The Abbey of Bective, Co. Meath. 145. S.E. view of Bective Abbey, Co. Meath. 146. Asigh Castle, Co. Meath. 147. Torfeekan Castle, Co. Louth. 148. N.W. view of Ardee Castle, Co. Louth. 149. S.W. view of Ardee Church, Co. Louth. 150. Church of Kilmaine, Co. Roscomon. 151. Abbey of Clonthuskert, Co. Roscomon. 152. Donamon Castle, Co. Roscomon. 153. New Castle near Tullymore, Co. Down. 154. Devenish Isle, Co. Fermanagh. 155. Oranmore Castle, Co. Galway. 156. Monasterevan Abbey, Co. Kildare. 157. Moon Abbey & Castle, Co. Kildare. 158. Abbey at Noas, Co. Kildare. 159. Kilcullin Church, Co. Kildare. 160. Carrigogunnel near Limmerick, Co. Limmerick. 161. St. Mary's, Drogheda. 162. Timoleague Abbey, Co. Cork. 163. Nal Castle, Co. Westmeath. 164. Old Leighlin Church, Co. Carlow. 165. N.E. view of Athcarne Catle, Co. Louth. 166. Monasterboise Church and Tower, Co. Louth. 167. Ardglas Church, Co. Carlow. 168. North view of the Abbey of Aghamacart, Queens Co. 169. Strancally Castle. 170. Ballaghmore Castle, Queens Co. 171. Aghaboe Abbey, Queens Co. 172. Melifont Castle, Co. Louth. 173. Ennis Abbey, Co. Clare. 174. Church and Tower at Castledermot, Co. Kildare. 175. The Abbey at Wicklow, Co. Wiclow. 176. Fort in Maryborough Town, Queens Co. 177. Newtown Abbey, Co. Meath. 178. Castle More, Co. Mayo. 179. Ballyhara Castle. 180. Franciscan Abbey in Cashel, Co. Tipperary. 181. Knockmoy Abbey, Co. Galway. 182. Tristernagh Abbey, Co. Meath (outside). 183. Tristernagh Abbey, Co. Meath (inside). 184. Augher Castle, Co. Tyrone. 185-186. Abbey of Clonshanville, Co. Roscomon. 187. Loughglin Castle, Co. Roscomon. 188. Castle of Ballintubber, Co. Roscomon. 189. Tower of Bellintubber, Co. Roscomon. 190. Dromahaire Castle, Co. Leitrim. 191. Duleek Abbey, Co. Meath. 192. N.W. view of Dulek Abbey, Co. Meath. 193. Mucruss Abbey, Co. Kerry. 194. Burntcourt, Co. Tipperary. 195. Burne Court, Co. Tipperary. 196. South view of the Abbey of Selkser in the Town of Wexford. 197. Ruins of Fenaugh, Co. Leitrim. 198. Bargy Castle, Co. Wexford. 199. Arklow Castle, Co. Wicklow. 200. Priory of Drumlane, Co. Cavan. 201. Ross Castle, Killarney, Co. Kerry. 202. Dunluce Catle, Co. Antrim. 203. Trim Castle, Co. Meath. 204. S.E. view of the Church and Tower at Kells, Co. Meath. 205. Quin Abbey, Co. Clare. 206. Cullum Castle, Co. Limmerick. 207. Rockbarton Castle, Co. Limmerick. 208. Blaney Castle, Co. Monaghan. 209. Castle Blaney, Co. Monaghan. 210. Arrahmacart Castle, Queens Co. 211-212. Roscomon Abbey, Co. Roscomon. 213. Strade Abbey, Co. Mayo. 214. Ballymote Church, Co. Sligo. 215. Enniscorthy Castle and Bridge, Co. Wexford. 216. Castle of Ferns, Co. Wexford. 217. St. Doulach's Church, Co. Dublin. 218. Grandison Castle, Co. Kilkenny. 219. Clare Abbey, Co. Clare. 220. Abbey of Cong, Co. Mayo. 221. Abbey of Castle Dermot, Co. Kildare. 222. Castle Dermot's Abbey, Co. Kildare. 223. Gray Abbey. 224. Kilussy Church, O. kildare. 225. St. Mary's Church, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. 226. Black or Ohare Abbey, Co. Tipperary. 227. Abbey at Adaire, Co. Limmerick. 228. Dunmow Castle, Co. Meath. 229. N.W. view of Tarah Church, Co. Meath. 230. St. Mary's Church, Drogheda, Co. Louth. 231. Castle of Castletown, Co. Louth. 232. St. John's Castle, Co. Roscomon. 233. Castle John, Co. Leitrim. 234. O'Rourk's Hall, Co. Leitrim. 235. Leighlin Bridge, S.W. Aspect, Co. Carlow. 236. Ballinsnave Castle, Co. Galway. 237. Newark Castle, Co. Down. 238. Seven Churches, Co. Wicklow. 239. Dunamase Castle, Queens Co.