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SHAW, Henry.
Samuel Rush Meyrick.
Specimens of Ancient Furniture drawn from existing authorities...

London: William Pickering, Chancery Lane, 1836.
Blackmer sale 870. Abbey Travel 350; Colas 2208
London: William Pickering, Chancery Lane, 1836.

(An exceptional copy due to its many coloured plates.) FIRST EDITION. Contemporary 1/4 calf backed green cloth boards. Spine with gilt in rule and gilt lettering. Folio. (4) blanks; hand coloured vignette title; title printed in red & black; dedication page; Introduction; List of Plates. 55pp text (3) blanks. 74 full page engraved plates of which 39 are sepia most with an additional bit of color. In addition 28 of the plates are mostly in full color. Mirrors, silver furniture chests, sideboards, beds, cradle of Henry V, desks, chandeliers, candlestick inkstand, bellows, napkin press, fireplace pieces, door-handles & keys salt cellars, silver cup chalices, crozier,and reliquaries etc. are hand coloured and described. Binding moderately worn & soiled with corners worn into boards. Joints firm. Contents with signature of 'Miles Deavau(?) Tittington Hall, Alnwick, Northumberland' on front pastedown. Some light marginal wear soil and offsetting. Plates mostly clean. Contents firm and tight with professional reinforcement. Very good and scarce with so many of the plates coloured by hand. Coloured plates in order: 1. Coloured vignette title page. 2. Title printed in red & black. 3. Looking Glass, of the time of Queen Elizabeth. 4. French Looking Glass. 5. Silver Furniture at Knole Park. 6. Couch from Penshurst Place, Kent. 7. Ancient Chair in the Vestry Room at York Cathedral / Ancient Chair at Evesham. 8. Thrones of the 15th Century. 9. Chair from St. Mary's Hall Coventry. 10. Table / The Abbot's Chair, Glastonbury. 11. Table at Leeds Castle, Kent. 12. French Chair at the time of Henry VIII and Table with Reading Stand of the 15th Century. 13. Chair, of the time of Henry VIII. 14. Ebony Chair given by Charles II to Elias Ashmole Esq. 15. Ebony Chair, formerly belonging to Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill. 16. Chair of Raised Velvet in the Cartoon Gallery at Knole. 17. Chairs from Penshurst Place, Kent. 18. Chairs, from the time of William III. 19. Chair in the State Room at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. 20. [Chair] from Cromwell Hall, Finchley, one of Cromwell's Palaces of the time of William III. 21. Table of the time of Henry VIII from Hill Hall, Essex. 22. Table. At Longford Castle. 23. Wassail Table and Candelabra of the time of Charles II. 24. Tables from Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. 25. Sideboard in St. Mary's Hall, Coventry. 26. Buffets (3) of the 15th Century. 27. Oak Cabinet. 28. Sideboard of the time of Queen Elizabeth of James I. 29. Cabinet of the time of Queen Elizabeth or James I. 30. Chest from Clemping Church, Sussex. 13th Century. 31. Chest in Haconby Church, Lincolnshire. c.1350 32. Chest in Shanklin Church, Isle of Wight. 1519. 33. Chest, once belonging to Sir Thomas Moore. 34. Chamber Organ executed at Vienna in 1592. 35. Napkin Press of the time of Queen Elizabeth. 36. Figs 1,4 & 5 Chair and Stool of the 15th Century / Figs 2 & 3 Sconces / Fig 6 Cradle of the 14th Century / Fig 7 Cradle of the 15th Century / Fig 8 Bed of the 15th Century / Fig 9 Bed and Table of the 15th Century. 37. Bedstead of the time of Henry VIII. 38. Bedstead of the time of James I. 39. Bedstead of the time of Charles I. 40. Velvet bed with Gold & Silver Ornaments, at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. 41. The Cradle of Henry V. 42. Reading Desk for Detling Church, Kent. c.1350 43. Top of Reading desk, at Detling Church, Kent. c. 1350 44. Reading Desk from Ramsay Church, Huntingdonshire. c. 1450 or later. 45. Brass Reading Desk. 46. Ancient Lantern in the Bishop's Palace at Wells / Table in the Cathedral at Salisbury. Mid 13th century. 47. Brass Chandelier, in the Temple Church, Bristol. 48. Brass Chandelier in St. Catherine's Church, Regents Park. Dated around the time of Henry VII. 49. Ancient Lantern of Bronze with Crystals. 50. Candlesticks (4 figs). 51. Details of a Candlestick of the 12th Century. 52. Inkstands (3 figs). 53. Bellows of the time of Queen Elizabeth. 54. Fire Dogs, from Godington, Kent. c. 1500 55. Furniture of a Fireplace in the time of Queen Elizabeth, James I & Charles I. (3 figs) 56. From a pair of Brass Dogs of the time of Queen Elizabeth or James I. 57. Bronze Fire Dogs of the time of James II. 58. Silver Fire Dogs at Knole, Kent. 59. Iron Work on the South Door of Worksop Church, Nottinghamshire, dated around the time of Edward I. 60. Lock in the Church of St. Pitie at Louvain. Late 15th Century. 61. Door Handle at Wookey, Somerset / Escutcheon at Eastbury House, Barking Essex / Knocker at Street, Somerset / Knocker at Bexon, Bredgar, Kent. 62. Casket of Copper Gilt, inlaid with Enamel, about the time of Edward I. 63. 64.Cup, said to have been given to Oriel College, Oxford by Edward II / Horn at Queen's College, Oxford. Said to have been Presented by Queen Phillippa. 65. Ancient Salt Cellar at new College, Oxford, given in the year 1493. 66. Ancient Salt Cellar at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, given by Bishop Fox, the Founder about 1517. 67. Ancient Cup, of Silver Gilt Enamelled. 68. Ancient Cup and Stand at Oriel College, Oxford, given by Bishop carpenter, about 1470. 69. [3 Ancient Chalices]. 1. At Corpus Christi College, Oxford / 2. Brought from St. Alban's Abbey By Thomas Pope & presented by him to Trinity College, Oxford. 70. Tankard, Enamelled on Copper of the time of Francis 1st. 71. Crozier at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, presented by Bishop Fox, The Founder, 1517. 72. Reliquary in Box Wood. 73. Details of Reliquary (7 sets of figs). 74. Peg Tankard in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.