SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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DICKINSON [publisher].
Sketches of some of the Various Classes and Tribes inhabiting the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope and the Interior of Southern Africa...

London: W. Robert and Lowes Dickinson, 1851.
S.A. Bib. Vol 4, p.220; Bobins 87.
London: W. Robert and Lowes Dickinson, 1851.

Small 4to; lithographed frontispiece and 41 hand coloured lithographed plates. In original red cloth gilt to upper board and spine, all edges gilt. Corners have been strengthened. Bookplate of 'I & F.W. Hosken' to front pastedown. A scarce work on the Kaffirs, rarely coming up at auction in recent years. This work is combined with a set of watercolours (listed separately under Bobins # 5166) some of whom are attributed to the artist Charles Bell. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. Night attack by a Lion, on a Caffir Camp. 2. A Hottentot. 3. Herdsman. 4. A Hottentot Woman. 5. A Hottentot (woman). 6. Hottentot (man). 7. A Hottentot (man). 8. A Bechuana Warrior. 9. A Beuchuana Caffre. 10. Caffre Woman. 11. Bechuana Woman. 12. A Bechuana Woman. 13. A Bechuana Man. 14. Caffre. 15. An Amakora Caffre. 16. An Old Amakoora Caffre. 17. A Koranna. 18. A Hottentot (woman). 19. A Hottentot (woman with child). 20. Caffre Woman. 21. Koosa Caffre. 22. Malay Beggar. 23. A Malay Woman. 24. A Malay Fisherman. 25. A Malay. 26. A Malay Woman. 27. Domestic Servant, Slave Origin. 28. Dutch Boor. 29. A Malay Coachman. 30. A Negro Mozambique. 31. A Negro. 32. A Mixed Hottentot. 33. A Travelling Waggon. 34. A Basuto Warrior. 35. A Hottentot Musician. 36. Paardewagen, or Horse Waggon. 37. Caffre Woman. 38. Zoolu Man. 39. A Zoolu Woman. 40. Matabele. 41. A Bosjesman or Bushman. 42. A Hottentot.