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COLE, William.
Select Views of the Remains of Ancient Monuments in Greece, as at Present Existing, from drawings taken and Coloured on the Spot in the Year 1833.

London: for the Author by Ackermann and Co., 1835.
Not in Tooley or Atabey;; Abbey Travel II 132; Blackmer 77; Weber 1123; Bobins 126; BL; GL.
London: for the Author by Ackermann and Co., 1835.

FIRST EDITION. Folio, subscribers list, 12 hand-coloured sepias mounted aquatint plates, loose as issued in original wrappers and preserved in a tan linen box, label to spine, gilt-lettered. The author was an architect practicing in Chester and Birkenhead, specialising in municipal buildings. He was in Athens in 1833. At this time, many of the ancient monuments there had been cleared of the modern buildings that had concealed them, so this was an important opportunity for recording the antiquities. Coloured plates in order: 1. The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates, Athens. 2. Temple of the Winds, Athens. 3. The Agora at Athens. 4. Greek Church and Acropolis, Athens. 5. Temple of Theseus and the Acropolis -Athens. 6. West End of the Parthenon. 7. The Parthenon looking towards the Anchesmus, Athens. 8. Ruins of the North Side of the Parthenon. 9. View of the Temples of Erectheus & Pandrosus. 10. Temple of Jupiter and the Acropolis, from the Stadium, Athens. 11. Acrocorinthus, Corinth. 12. Temple of Neptune at Corinth.