SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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England [1860]
England [1860]

4to (10" x 11 1/2") 50 Hand written text pages + 6 Pencil sketches, views + 27 Watercolours, (13) Indian trades' men on mica, views and botany, etc + 9 Hand coloured prints + 3 Uncoloured prints. Original full morocco with blind stamped and gilt-tooled designs to boards, professional repairs to spine, strengthened corners, new cloth hinge. Attractive floral endpapers. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece with poem. 2. [Not captioned] Early railway engine. 3. Title. 4. [Not captioned] Dog sitting on a red velvet cushion with an open book on birds with the words: "Scraps Thankfully Received". 5. [Not captioned, loose plate] Man in bedchamber with son (?) and a gentleman look on. "Sentimental Journey. Le Feverv, & young Le Feverv" in pencil on verso. 6. A Deer Hunter in his Cap and Jack. 7. Decorative floral border of hops. 8. Decorative floral border. 9. [Not captioned] Head of a Stag. 10. [Not captioned] A Botanical Illustration (initialled "D.J.D. Oct 1862") 11. A poem bordered with leaves and twigs. 12. [Not captioned, loosely inserted pate] A couple seated at a table. "Sentimental Journey. Tom & the ??? Widow" written in pencil on verso. 13. Floral border of leaves. 14. The Sword (plate loosely inserted). 15. Prager Mode / Prazsky kroj (Mens Fashion Plate). 16. A poem with a botanical border along the left hand side. 17. An Indian Tradesman - Road Sweeper? 18. An Indian Scene. A lady with a box (gift?) (slightly damaged). 19. [Loose] An Indian man preparing food (sl damaged). 20 - 23. A set of four (not captioned) Indian prints. Three are of men in Military Uniform, the other is of an Indian Woman with a basket on her head. 24 - 25. A pair of not captioned Indian prints of Women, one with a water jug balancing on her head, the other in a traditional Sari. 26 - 27. A pair of not captioned Indian prints, one of a man with a large sack on his back. 28. A single Indian print of a bearer. 29. [Not captioned] A beautiful print of a Butterfly and a Flower. 30. [Not captioned] A gentleman saying goodbye to his wife? 31. A floral border. 32 - 35. Set of four uncaptioned Indian peoples. Three men and a Woman (slightly damaged). 36. A specimen of dried seaweed (damaged). 37. A decorative floral border with poem. 38. Indian Musician (damaged). 39. A Female Indian Dancer? (sl damaged and loose) 40. [Not captioned] A watercolour of a country roadside scene ? 41. As above. 42. [Not captioned] A watercolour of a moored boat stranded on a lake. 43. [Not captioned] A watercolour of boys fishing in a river by a roadside. (Date of 1846). 44. [Not captioned] A watercolour of open fields and countryside with hills in the distance. 45. [Not captioned] Vignette drawing of a dog. 46. [Not captioned] A watercolour of a road passing through open countryside. 47. [Not captioned, loosely inserted plate] A watercolour of flora in the foreground and the sea and distant shores in the background. 48. Coloured floral design bordering a poem. 49. [Not captioned] A watercolour of a field bounded by grasses and trees, with houses in the distance. 50. A Holly and Ivy design. 51. [Not captioned] A vignette portrait of an elderly lady. 52. A floral design. 53. Remember Me ("Who would Not?").