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np, nd, c. 1860
np, nd, c. 1860

A typical Victorian scrap album of a young lady with many unique and beautiful watercolour drawings of flowers and places, combined with poems, letters etc. Probably German in origin. Full green morocco with the title embossed in gilt to upper board, intricate tooling in blind to boards. All edges gilt. Slight wear to spine and edges. Coloured plates in order: 1. [no caption] A beautiful watercolour of an Iris, sitting 'proud' on the paper. 2. [no caption] Pink Rose. 3. [no caption] Delightful lithograph of a pair of children with their puppy. 4. "The Funny Musicians." 5. [no caption] Flower and Butterfly. 6. [no caption] Charming lithograph of a pair of children 'netting' for fish in a river. 7. [no caption] A large fearsome insect. 8. [no caption] Attractive watercolour of a selection of flowers. 9. "Erpeton Tentaculatus." (snake) 10. [no caption] Portrait of a [Turkish?] gentleman. 11. [no caption] A pretty posy of colourful flowers. 12. [no caption] As above. 13. [no caption] Small coloured sketch of delicate flowers. 14. [no caption] A lady with her small child riding a donkey, with a female companion on foot beside them walking a long a country track. 15. [no caption] Fruit, standing 'proud' from the page. 16. (1) Crotalus Rhombifer. (2) Naia Lutescens. (snakes) 17. [no caption] Flowers. 18. [no caption] As above. 19. [no caption] Butterflies with a written poem. 20. [no caption] House interior with a man at the feet of a seated lady (proposing?) with a partially viewed man eavesdropping behind a curtain. 21. [no caption] A beautiful watercolour of a red flower. 22. "Der Vogelabrichtende Schuhflicker." 23. [no caption] Another beautiful flower image. 24. [no caption] Delightful drawing of a young girl asleep in the arms of a 'Father Christmas' like figure. 25. [no caption] Wonderful aquatint of a European [German?] town, with farm workers in the vineyards. 26. [no caption] Print of a mother sewing some lace, with her young son, half on her lap, letting a kitten play with some string.