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BERNATZ, Johan Martin.
Scenes in Ethiopia Designed from Nature...With Descriptions of the Plates and Extracts from a Journal of travel in that Country....

London: Bradbury & Evans for F.G. Moon, 1852.
Not in Abbey; Brunet I, 798; Colas 310; Gay 2586; Bobins 76.
London: Bradbury & Evans for F.G. Moon, 1852.

2 parts in one volume. Modern 1/4 red morocco and red cloth, lettered in gilt and raised bands in blind to spine. Printed on thick paper. Part I - Lowlands of the Danakil; Part II - The Highlands of Shoa. Oblong folio, printed titles, uncoloured map, 48 lithographed plates by Leopold Rottman after Bernatz. Tinted in 5 colours and heighten by hand. Benatz accompanied Major Cornwallis Harris as an official artist on his mission to open up trading links with the ancient Ethiopian kingdom of Shoa. This works highlights the first scenes of Shawa ever produced. Plates depict (among others): costumes, dancing, a slave caravan, an Easter banquet, etc. Coloured plates in order: Part 1. The Lowlands of Danakil. 1. Illustrated title page. 2. Mount Shamsham, of Cape Aden. 3. Aden. 4. Tadjurra. 5. Mount Guda, near Tadjurra. 6. Wood, near Tadjurra. 7. Well, near Tadjurra. 8. Council of Elders, in front of the Sultan's dwelling. 9. A Slave Caravan, on the march. 10. Portrait of the Sultan of Tadjurra and Costumes of the various Danakil Tribes. 11. Female Danakil Costumes. 12-13. Bahr Assal. 14. Valley of Gungunta. 15. Mirage in the Valley of Dullul. 16. Valley of Killalu. 17. Oases in the Valley of Killalu. 18. Plain of Errer. 19. Mount Abida and Aiyalu, with a Bedouin encampment. 20. Ostrich Hunting, at Gira Robi. 21. River Hawash. 22. Lake, near the Hawash. 23. Leopard Hunting. 24. Wild Buffaloes, at the River Kasem. 25. Galla dance of triumph after slaying a Buffalo. Part 2. The Highlands of Shoa. 26. Illustrated title page. 27. Mount Fantali. 28. Crater of the extinct volcano of Winsigur. 29-30. River Rori. 31. Ankobar, from the South. 32. Interior of the Town of Ankobar, and view of Mount Emmamret. 33. Interior of a dwelling at Ankobar. 34. Court, within the Palace - the King sitting in Judgment. 35. Banquet, at Easter, in the hall of the Palace. 36. Male Costumes of Shoa. 37. Female Costumes of Shoa. 38. People of Ankobar, fetching water and washing at the River. 39. Forest of Aferbaine, and view of Ankobar from the North. 40. Valley, at the foot of Mount Tchakka. 41-42. River Beresa. 43. Cataract of Tchatcha. 44. Tegulet, ancient capital of Shoa. 45. Review at Debra-Bethan. 46. Departure of the Army for the Field. 47. Scenes on the Field of Battle. 48. Return from the Field and reception of the King by the Priests. 49. Religious procession from the Church of St. Michael, at Ankobar. 50. Slave Market.