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ANDRASY, Count Emanuel.
Reise des Grafen Emanuel Andrasy in Ostindien Ceylon, Java, China und Bengalen.

Budapest: Hermann Geibel, 1859.
Nissen ZBI 111; Bobins 221; not in Abbey, Tooley, nor de Silva.
Budapest: Hermann Geibel, 1859.

FIRST GERMAN EDITION. Oblong folio, half-title, 16 hand-coloured lithographed plates after Andrasy by Ciceri. Some uncoloured illustration in text, contemporary publisher's half brown morocco over original cloth, embossed gilt vignette to upper board of Elephant hunting, white silk moire endpapers. Bookplate of publisher. A SCARCE WORK. Count Andrasy was a Hungarian nobleman who fled Budapest when it was overtaken in 1849 by the Austrians. He traveled to the east; his work first appeared in Hungarian in 1853. The majority of the plates are big game hunting/sporting in nature, but there are also topographical plates as well. Text in German, captions in French and Hungarian. Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool (Ronnorn@aol.com) Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. Ceylan. Chasse a l'Elephant, mort de 8 d'entreux et prise d'un de leurs petits logolla. 2. Aegyptom. Habitation Arabe dans la plaine de Suez. 3. Ceylan. Gall. Importunities des Bateliers. 4. Ceylan. Chasse a l'Elephant. 5. Ceylan. Repos de Chasse a Bibile. 6. Ceylan. Chasse a l'Elephant a Longalla. 7. Ceylan. Elephant de Labour. 8. Java. Chasse au cerf a Clevang-Al. 9. Bengal. Les Danseuses dans la Cour du Nazim. 10. Java. Chasse au Rhinoceros. 11. Java. Chasse aux Crocodiles, Batavia. 12. Khina. Hong-Kong. 13. Bengal. Ceremonie des Funerailles a Calcutta. 14. Bengal. Calcutta. 15. Bengal. Danseuses a la Cour de Murserabat. 16. Près du Ganges. Chasse au Tigre aux environs de Murserabat.