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Agriculture, Cosmographie, Art Heraldique.

Paris: Maison Basset ou Bouasse-Lebel, 29 Rue de Seine, [1870]
Paris: Maison Basset ou Bouasse-Lebel, 29 Rue de Seine, [1870]

[No date] In Folio (54 x 71 cm) with 31 large double page plates. Contemporary 3/4 leather with gilt lettering to spine with raised bands in blind. Boards damp stained and worn at extremities, marbled end papers. MS index of 32 plates to prelim. Contents good and clean, colours crisp and bright. Plates include: Agriculture and its Implements, Irrigation, Fruits, Marvels of Nature, Animals, Cosmography etc, etc. Coloured plates in order: 1. Tableau d'Agriculture et d'Instruments Aratoires. Many illustration of farming and agricultural machines and implements. 2. Tableau de Drainage et Irrigation; including implements, plans, machines and gauges. 3. Tableau de Tours les Vignobles; including bottles, barrels, glasses, instruments, map of the wine regions of France and with informative text. 4. Tableau de la Greffe et de la Taille des Arbes Fruitiers; including trees, vines, implements, text information etc. 5. Tableau Synoptique de Sericiculture (vers a soie); including silk-worms, cocoons, moths, helpful implements and information. 6. Vers a Soire. Especes Nouvellement Acclimatees. 4 species of silk-worms; each illustrated with its own life-cycle from egg to worm to cocoon to moth feeding on leaves. Text beneath. 7. Tableau d'Apiculture (Mouches a Miel); including various the 'architecture' of certain bee-hives, utensils, ways of collecting honey, types of honey bee etc. 8. Pisciculture; including female with eggs, catching the fish, useful implements, types of edible fish etc. 9. Le Conseiller des Amateurs de Chevaux; including skeleton, musles, illness, teeth, hooves, horseshoes, legs, text etc. 10. Le Chien; including 88 different breeds of dog, skeleton, useful information in text. 11. Le Veterinaire de la Ferme. Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Donkey. Text includes information about various illnesses, stable hygiene, castration etc. 12. Hygiene et Medication de la Basse-Cour. Includes information about Ducks, Pigeons, Rabbits, Pheasants, Farmyard Poultry, Dogs, Pigs etc. 13. Gibier Domestique et Basse-Cour. Information about Domestic Game, Barnyard Fowl and Poultery (81 figs). 14. Acclimation. Tableau representant les Animaux, quadrupedes, oiseaux, poissons, insectes, --- Arbes, fruits et vegetaux, propages par la Societe imperiale d'Acclimatation (75 figs). 15. Animaux Utiles a l'Agriculture, etc. Includes: Bats, birds of prey, reptiles, onsects, mammals etc (139 figs). 16. Histoire Maturelle. Animaux Nuisibles a l'Agriculture, etc. (151 figs) Pests of Animals. 17. Destruction des Animaux et des Insectes Nuisibles. Destruction of Animals and Pests. Including traps, snares, instruments etc. Shows pests to man, gardens, animals, furniture and fabrics. 18. Le Parfait Pecheur. Displays: various ways of fishing, (sea, rivers, lakes) edible fish, hooks, rods and weights, floats, flies, nets etc. 19. Le Parfait Chasseur. Displays various ways of hunting (netting, shooting, trapping, with dogs) with illustrations of gun dogs, game birds, useful apparatus etc. 20. Boucherie. Economie Domestique - Categories. Displays various cuts of beef, sheep, veal etc. Best cuts of meat on each animal etc. 21. As above but also illustrating offal etc. 22. Tableau de Cosmographie. Includes Eclipses of sun and moon, terrestrial globe, armillary sphere, the seasons, the sytems of Ptolomy, Copernicus, Tycho-Brache, the planets etc. Tableau de Meteorologie ** [uncoloured]** 23. Tableau Pittoresque des Merveilles de la Nature. (58 figs) Mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, fossils, caves, dinosaurs, trees, rock formations etc. 24. Hauteur Comparative des Chutes et Cascades les Plus Remarquables. Illustrations and text concerning the heights and falls of the world's most remarkable waterfalls. 25. Volcans. Many illustrations, tables, text and a world map depicting where the world's volcanoes are situated - both active and extinct. 26. Elements de l'Art Heraldique. Includes Orders of Chivalry, Helmets, Tiaras, Crowns (male and female), types, colours, designs etc. 27. Armoiries des Departements. (90 heraldic shields) From: Ain to Yonne and Alger. 28. Armoiries des Provinces Francais. Arms des Souverains Francais. Drapeaux. Heraldic shields of the French Provinces, together with those of French Royalty and appropriate Flags etc. 29. Armoiries des Principales Puissances. Arms of all the world's (then) major powers. Includes regions, and countries. 30. Pavillons et Cocardes des Nations des Cinq Parties du Monde. Illustrations of the flags and rosettes of the 5 nations of the world. 31. Croix des Ordres Francais et Etrangers. (folding plate) French medals of honour and those of other countries; including Holland, Belgium, Sweden, German states, French Protectorates etc.