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Record of the Forty First Field Battery, R.A. from 1806 to 1889

n.p.; n.d. [c 1889]
n.p.; n.d. [c 1889]

Excellent condition in modern black binding. Title crudely pasted on to upper board and to spine. 48 Beautifully executed MS hand-coloured Illuminations covering the History, Officers, Men and Stations of this Battery. The History of the Royal Artillery from the Napoleonic Wars, through the Crimea War, to India and Aldershot. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. "Raised No.1 Company at Woolwich in May 1806. List of Commanding Officers. Capt. Robson 1806; Capt. Cowper 1808; Capt. Nicolls 1819." 3. "Crediton / Tiverton / Wellington / Bridgewater / Wells / Frome / Devizes." 4. "Record of the Forty First Field Battery R.A. 1806-1889". 5. "The following are the names by which the Battery has been known with the dates of alteration of title. No.1 Company 9th Battalion, May 1806 became known No.16th Field Battery in 1858...." 6. "Renamed No.7 Battery 9th Battalion in, 1859; Renamed 6 Battery 9th battalion in, 1861; Renamed 0 [?] Battery 1st Battalion in, 1877...." 7. "Became 41st Field Battery in, 1889. The 9th Battalion was raised in 1806, and the appointments were gazetted on 22nd May of this year. Maj-Gen Thos. Bloomfield was appointed Colonel Commandant and Capt. Robson...." 8. "Capt. Durnford, 1833 / Capt. Rawnsley, 1842 / Capt. Teesdale, 1845 / Capt. Paulam, 1846 / Capt. Taylor, 1846." 9. "Capt. Battalion Major Clown, 1850 / Capt. Battalion Major Hon. Yelverton, 1855 / Capt. Battalion Major Byrne, 1861 / Capt. Battalion Major Twiss, 1869." 10. "Major Wylie, 1870 / Major Richardson, 1879 / Major Serton, 1882 / Major Purdy, 1885." 11. "Stations: Woolwich / Ireland / Jamaica / Woolwich / Ireland / Woolwich / Gibraltar / Ireland." 12. "Stations..cont... Woolwich / Barbados / Alderney / Crimea / Leigh Fort / Ireland / Shorncliffe / Hilsea." 13. "Stations: Ireland / Secunderabad / Thaetmyo / St. Thos / Hamptee / Athlone / Newbridge / Weedon." 14. "Roll of the Battery on Arrival in England 29/11/84. From India." 15. "Officers: Major Sexton / Capt. Holton / Lieut. Smith." 16. "N.C.O. Artificers and Trumpeter. Battery Sergeant Major Adams / Battery Q.M. Sergeant Old / Sergeant Brown / Sergeant Skeet / Sergeant Clare / Corp. Desmond / Corp. Walker / Corp. Prouten / Corp. Hopkin / Bombardier Wiltshire. 17. N.C.O.'s...cont...Bombardier Green / Bombardier Connors / Bombardier Bourne / Bombardier Robertson / Bombardier Vaughan / Bombardier Bowler / Bombardier Burden / Bombardier Marshall / Bombardier Wheeler / Sterndale / Trumpeter Power." 18. "Gunners: Edward Abbott / James Henderson / Esan Barlett / John Hinchcliffe / Joseph [??] / Thomas Lord / Richard Gieep / John Loughran / Joseph Haines / Thomas Mason...." 19. "Gunners...cont...Thomas Maynard / William Smith / Thomad McCann / Thomas Swan / John Mears / George Turnbull / John Ramsay / John Weatherall / Robert Scholefield / George Wheeler / Thomas Worboys..." 20. "Drivers: George Buckler / Harry Hawkes / Harry Caswell / George Hayward / George Charlesworth / Charles Horsnell / James Clague / Samuel Johnson / George Piment / Thomas Kabaney / John Kray....." 21. "Drivers....cont...William Laker / William Smith / Charles Meads / James Sydenham / Charles Neale / John Topps / Walter Schweiso / Joseph Watford / George Seymour / James Wheater / John Whitaker." 22. "On the nineteenth October 1855, The Company moved into Camp on the Marine Heights overlooking Balaklava Harbour to spend the winter. The cold was intense and cholera broke out which obliged the Camp to be shifted about half a mile, and huts were carried by the men to their new position, a work of great labour forty men or the occupants of two huts carrying each hut. Company Sergeant Moule was appointed Sergeant Major of the twelve Companies in camp..." 23. ...."After peace was signed in April the Company moved into the Dockyard Building Sebastopol for the purpose of shipping the prize...." 24. "...Woolwich till the end of September 1856 when it went to Scotland. H.Q. was Leith Fort and detachments at Edinburgh and Stirling Castles...." 25. ".....paraded in the Queens Park. The colour of the Horses was Black a distinction which still prevails with the 41st Field Battery....." 26. ".....Serapis crossed Egypt by rail and went from Suez to Bombay in H.M.S. Euphrates. The Battery passed an uneventful but long term of service in Madras....." 27. ".....Armstrongs this Battery having proceeded to England. The Battery left Secunderabad on the 10th December 73, en route to Thayetmyo, British Burmah....." 28. ".....Previous to embarkation at Madras, the Battery put on board new equipment. Gun Carriages & Wagons. The Voyage from Madras to Rangoon occupied 10 days...." 29. ".....On the 23rd February 77: the Battery left Thayetmyo en route to St.Thos: Mount where it arrived on the 10th April 77: and remained until 13th December 82: five years 320 days....." 30. ".....April 77: the Battery left Rangoon and arrived at Madras on the 10th disembarked and marched to St. Thos: Mount. On arrival at that station the Battery took over the equipment left behind by C9RA......" 31. ".......by road with complete Equipment, the route laid down being via Caddapah Chat Secunderabad and Numal Chat and arrived after eighty seven days marching at Kamptee on the 10th March 1883......" 32. "......were the best shots in the Madras Presidency at the Prize Shooting Competition. On arrival at Portsmouth 29th November 84. The Battery remained in the Gun Wharf Barracks two days and then embarked on the London and Royal Irish Companies....." 33. ...."In July 1887 it moved from Athlone to Newbridge where it took over 6.13pr RML Guns and 3 Ammunition Wagons from Q2RA and raised to a 6 Gun Battery...." 34. ......"On the 6th May 1889 it marched to Dublin and handed in at Pigeon House Fort the 4.16pr Guns of F2RA and 2,13 prs of its own old equipment and received same day 6,12 pr BL Guns and 3 Ammunition Wagons......" 35. "......on the evening of the 25th leaving on the morning of the 26th for Devonport, arriving there about 4p.m. on the evening of the 28th Sunday but did not disembark until Monday morning the 29th when it received orders to march to Exeter via Tavistock and Morton Hampstead....." 36. ".......having to walk nearly every inch of the map. The Battery remained in Exeter until the morning of the 5th August when it marched to Okehampton there to carry out its Annual Practice it remained at Camp at Okehampton until the 29th of August....." 37. "......were lost during the stay in Camp having died. The Practice carried on by the Battery was very satisfactory and called for special remarks from Col. Murdoch R.F.A. Camp Commandant has being the second best Battery of the season......" 38. "Crediton / Tiverton / Wellington / Bridgewater / Wells / Frome...." 39. "...Devizes / Swindon / Farringdon / Woodstock / Banbury. The Battery was afterwards stationed at Coventry, Aldershot and Weedon, sailing again for India in 1895." 40. "Table ordince No.1 Company 9th Battery became a Field Battery. Equipment." 41."Leith Fort No.16 Field Battery: 128 Black Horses, 4-9 pounder, 2-24 pounder, S.B. Howitzers, Five Spare Carriages." 42. "Secunderabad: 117 Horses, 6-9 pounders, [???], 6 Wagons, 5 Spare Carriages." 43. "Thayetmyo - Birmah: 117 Horses, 6-9 Pr 8 Cwt RML Guns, 6 Ammunition Wagons, 5 Spare Carriages." 44. "Athlone: 62 Black Horses, 6-16 Pr, 12 Cwt RML Guns, 1 Spare carriage." 45. "Athlone: 50 Black Horses, 4-16 Pounder, 12 Cwt RML Guns, 1 Spare Carriage." 46. "Newbridge: 74 Horses, 6-13 Pr, 8 Cwt RML Guns, 3 Ammunition Wagons, 1 Spare Carriage." 47. "Newbridge; 74 Horses, 9-12 Pounders, 7 Cwt Breech Loading Guns, 3 Ammunition Wagons, 1 Spare Carriage." 48. "Coventry: 86 Horses, 6-12 Pr, 7Cwt BL Guns, 6 Ammunition Wagons, 1 Spare Carriage." 49. "Extract from Curragh Brigade Orders 25th July....." 50. ".....Purdy to leave Ireland, without expressing his great regret at losing from his command This Battery has been upwards of two years at the Curragh....." 51. ....."new designation will always keep up its "old form". By Order, H.N. Hough, Lieut-Colonel, D.N.N. General." 52. [Latin inscription].