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Receuil de Draperies. [Drapery Pattern Book]

[Paris] Osmont and Pinsonniere: ca.1839.
[Paris] Osmont and Pinsonniere: ca.1839.

This unnumbered volume has 52 hand coloured plates (11" x 8.5") and the hand coloured title page tells us that Pinsonnire has by this time succeeded Osmont as editor of these pattern books. Tiny margin tears to title page. The last 2 unnumbered plates of ornaments each has a margin cut away. Landscape format recently rebound in plain grey paper covered boards with tan calf spine, new endpapers. This volume is from a group of 7 notebooks issued between about 1810 -1840 by 3 publishers about whom little is known other than their surnames d'Hallavant Osmont (a Parisian upholsterer) and Pinsonniere. This pattern book has engraved designs for beds, canopies and window drapes - all richly hand coloured designs reflecting the way styles were rapidly changing over a short period of time from classicism to romanticism and to the revival of eighteenth century styles. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. Lit a Tulipe, Alcove antique. 3. Lit, Style Renaissance. 4. Lit d'angle a Tulipe. 5. Lit Chassis carre a Tulipe. 6. Lit a la Polonaise. 7. Lit d'angle Renaissance. 8. Panneaux Renaissance. 9. Draperies, Style Moyen-age. 10. Croisees, bonnes graces et Riches Galerie. 11. Alcove Militaire, riche Galerie. 12. Croisees Drapees. 13. Portiere renaissance, Galerie a Cartouche riche. 14. Lit a la Reine. 15. Lit a Ornement orizontal. 16. Lit a Riches Ornement. 17. Croisees a Bonnes graces et Cablees. 18. Paneaux d'etoffe, encadrements Cuivre estampe. Style Louis XIV. 19. Lit Chinois. 20. Plafond Renaissance fond etoffe. 21. Lit, Draperie de fantaisie. 22. Lit a cartouche riche. 23. Lit Gothique Oratoire. 24. Lit a Baldaquin a support. 25. Alcove Pompadour. 26. Fenetres a Lambrequins. 27. Fenetres Anglaises. 28. Lit a Couronne Suspendue. 29. Lit d'angle a Tulipe & Croisse. 30. Lit d'angle a grand chassis. 31. Lit, style Louis XIV. 32. Lit, style Louis XV. 33. Lit a Chassis, angle coupe. 34. Lit a Etoile. 35. Lit - Tente. 36. Croisees a Archivolte. 37. Lit a riche Baldaquin retroussis de satin. 38. Croisee Bonnes graces a frange / Croisee Louis XIV. 39. Croisees a Lambrequins brodes et a pasementeries. 40. Lit La Valliere. 41. Lit a riches Lambrequins, brodes. 42. Lit a riche Draperie. 43. Croisee a large Lambrequin / Croisee Espagnole. 44. Portiere a riches Lambrequins. 45. Alcove avec Tenture Façade Drapee. 46. Portiere, style Louis XV. 47. Alcove a la Marquise. 48. Croisees a bonnes graces Lambrequins et a Balustres. 49. Alcove a la Dubary. 50. Façade de deux Croisees a bonnes graces draperies. 51. Chiminee a Lambrequins et cloux dores. Style Louis XV. 52. Galeries, Pateres, Palmettes, et autres Ornements tires de la Collection des modeles de Mr. Pinsonnieres. (32 figs) 53. As above? [Caption cut] (35 figs)