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Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Russians.

London: for Thomas McLean, [1823]
Colas 2359; Hiler; Hiller p.16; cf. Lipperheide Kaa 32 (1814 issue)
London: for Thomas McLean, [1823]

Small quarto (9.5" x 7"). 64 hand-coloured aquatint plates after William Alexander. Original marbled paper-covered boards expertly rebacked and recornered to style with red straight-grained morocco, title in gilt to spine. A fine copy of this beautiful and wide-ranging survey of the folk costume of the peoples that made up the Russian empire at the end of the 18th century. Very fine colour aquatint plates depicting the costume of the Russian Empire. Plates 1-17 are of the Finns and Laplanders; numbers 18-35 of the Tartars; 36-50 of the Samoyeds and 51-64 of the Kalmuk Mongols and others. Ex library stock of Cumbria County Libraries. Each plate has an unobtrusive blind library stamp. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. A Laplander. 2. A Female Inhabitant of Lapland. 3. A Peasant of Finland. 4. A Female Peasant of Finland. 5. A Woman of Finland, in her Summer holiday dress. 6. A Woman of Esthonia. 7. A Female Peasant of Ingria. 8. The Back of a Tcheremhisian Woman. 9. A Tcheremhisian Woman in her Summer dress. 10. A Tchouvashian Female. 11. A Female Mordvine, shewing the back part of her dress. 12. A Mordvine of the Mokshan Tribe. 13. An Old Mordvine Woman of the Mokshan Tribe. 14. A Votiakian Woman. 15. An Ostiak of the Obe. 16. An Ostiak in his Winter hunting dress. 17. A Female Ostiak. 18. A Tartar of Kazan. 19. A Female Tartar of Kazan. 20. A Female Tartar of Tchatska. 21. A Female Tartar of the Nagai Tribe. 22. A Kabardinian. 23. A Boukharian of Siberia. 24. A Bashkirian Woman. 25. A Mestscherakian Woman. 26. A Barabinzian Woman. 27. A Kirch on Horseback. 28. A Female Kirghi. 29. A Female Katchintzian Tartar. 30. A Female Schaman. 31. A Female Schaman, shewing the back part of her dress. 32. A Female Tartar, of the Tribe of Teleouti. 33. A Yakouti Tartar. 34. A Female Yakouti. 35. An Unmarried Female Yakouti. 36. A Samoyed. 37. A Female Samoyed, in her Summer dress. 38. A Tungoose. 39. A Schaman of the Tungoosi. 40. An Inhabitant of Kamtshatka, in his Winter dress. 41. A Female of Kamtshatka, in her common dress. 42. A Woman of Kamtshatka, in her best dress. 43. A Schaman of Kamtshatka. 44. A Koriak. 45. A Koriak in his dress of ceremony. 46. A Female Koriak. 47. A Woman of Tschutski, preparing skins. 48. A Woman of Tschutski, in her common dress. 49. An Aleutian. 50. A Kurilian. 51. A Kalmuk. 52. A Female Kalmukiye. 53. A Female Bratzkiye. 54. A Bratzkian Woman of Udinskoi Ostrog. 55. A Bratzkian Schaman, or Female Magician. 56. A Mongole Woman. 57. A Mongole Priest, or Lama. 58. A Mongole Schaman. 59. A Merchant of Kalouga. 60. A Woman of Kalouga, in her Summer dress. 61. A Merchant's Wife of Kalouga, in her Winter dress. 62. An Unmarried Female of Waldai. 63. A Married Woman of Waldai. 64. A Russian Peasant.