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Picturesque Illustrations of Ancient Architecture in Hindostan.

London: J. Hogarth, George Barclay, 1848.
Abbey Travel 480, Bobins 241.
London: J. Hogarth, George Barclay, 1848.

Folio, sketch map of India, frontispiece p.17. Bowlee at Boondee, lithographed title, and 23 other tinted lithographed plates, nos. 3,4,6 &7 with some colour in addition. No. 5 one tint only coloured, no. 10 one tint only, plates drawn and lithographed by T.C. Dibdin, from a sketch by J. Fergusson Esqr. and Printed by M.& N. Hanrart, wood engraved vignettes in text, contemporary half red morocco, gilt ruled, spine raised bands, gilt lettered, edges red. Book plate of 'Martin T. Smith' to front pastedown. Some foxing. This work was first published in 1848 with the lithographed title dated 1847, as in the British Museum, the letterpress title the same as here. Fergusson was a writer on architecture. He travelled to India to take up a place in a firm of which his elder brother was a partner, Fairlie, Fergusson, & Company, merchants in Calcutta. Soon after his arrival in India at an early age he started an indigo factory on his own account, and as he fortunately left the parent company before its failure he was able in about ten years’ time to retire from business with a moderate competency, and to carry out an early resolution of devoting himself to archaeological studies. His antiquarian enthusiasm was boundless and he was a skilled draughtsman with the camera lucida, much in vogue at this time, following its use with success by the Daniell's. His last visit to India was in 1845, but before this chiefly between 1835 and 1842, he had made the lengthened tours in India which are shown in the map in this work. Schliemann was to dedicate his great work, “Tiryns” to Fergusson, as “the historian of architecture, eminent alike for his knowledge of art and for the original genius which he has applied to the solution of some of its most difficult problems”. Coloured plates in order: 1. Great Temple at Bobaneswar. 2. Temple and car of Juganath. Puri. 3. Temple at Kanaruc or Black Pagoda. 4. Temple of Kapila Devi at Bobaneswar. 5. Chaori in Mokundra Pass. 6. Temple at Chandravati. 7. Temples at Barolli. 8. Jaina Tower, Cheetore. 9. Temple of Vimala Sah. Abu. 10. Temple at Sadri. 11. Tower of Victory, Cheetore. 12. Bund of the Lake Rajsamundra. 13. Bund of the Lake Jaysamund. 14. Cenotaph of Amera Singh 2 at Oodeypore. 15. Palace in the Lake at Oodeypore. 16. Palace ay Boondee. 17. Bowlee at Boondee. 18. Pagoda Mahavellipore. 19. Porch of Parvati's Temple at Chillambram. 20. Temple of Sri Rama, Combaconum. 21. Tank in Temple at Seringham. 22. Gateway at Chillumbrum. 23. Gateway at Seringham. [Map] Sketch map of India.