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Picturesque and Architectural Views for Cottages, Farm Houses, and Country Villas.

London, Printed for Edward Jeffrey, opposite Carlton House, Pall Mall, sold by R. Faulder, and T. & J. Egerton, 1793.
Abbey Life 37; Archer 207.1; Bobins 877.
London, Printed for Edward Jeffrey, opposite Carlton House, Pall Mall, sold by R. Faulder, and T. & J. Egerton, 1793.

FIRST EDITION, first issue. Folio, 16pp. text, 21 aquatint plates, of which 11 are double-page and hand coloured, two ground plans, and the final plate (21) is listed as unnumbered, unlisted, uncoloured, and without imprint. Bound in modern period-style calf-backed boards. Abbey Life notes that these plates are seen coloured and uncoloured. Archer remarked that the relatively large size of this volume is reminiscent of major treatises by Gibbs, War, Paine, and Adam, but the subject matter is not. Middleton provided only plans and elevations for dwellings, yet within that limitation, he developed an important illustrated typology of popular British dwelling types in the late 18th century. The text is divided into three sections, on “Cottages” (pp.104), “Farm-Houses” (pp.5-8), and “Villas” (pp.9-16). In each case, there are general remarks followed by descriptions of original designs illustrated in the plates. Middleton gave informative comments on each type of design, relating to aspects of use, plan, materials, style, and ornamentation. A second edition was published two years later. Coloured plates in order: Cottages. 1-2. Designs for four cottages. 3. Designs for three cottages. Farm Houses. 4. Design for plans and elevations of a small farmhouse. 5. Plans and elevation of a farmhouse and offices. 6. Side elevation. 7. General Plan of a Farm House & Yard (double page). 8. Elevation of a farmhouse and several buildings in the farm-yard. 9. Perspective View of a Farm House & Yard (double page). 10. Two designs for the plans and fronts of small thatched dwellings. Villas. 11. Plans and front for a villa. 12. Ground plan, bedchamber plan, and principal front. 13. Elevation, ground plan, and Basement plan for a villa. 14. Basement, ground plan, and principal elevations. 15. Side elevation of a villa. 16. Principal plan, bedchamber floor, and principal elevation (double page). 17. Basement plan, principal floor, and elevation of a villa (double page). 18. Side elevation. 19. Principal plan and front (double page). 20. Side elevation of the above design and bed-chamber plan. 21. [Uncoloured plate]