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Nizami Ganjavi is famous in the world of literature through his collection of 5 long poems, also known as “Khamsa” (Quintet), written in the form of masnavi. The first of his long poem “Makhzanul-asrar” (Treasure of Secrets) brought the poet immense fame.

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Persia, 1855-56
Ex collection Carl J. Ulman.
Persia, 1855-56

NIZAMI GANJAVI (D.1209), KHAMSA, SIGNED BY MUHAMMAD NURI, PERSIA, QAJAR, DATED 1272 AH / 1855-56 AD. Persian manuscript on paper, 321 leaves, plus 2 fly-leaves, 18 lines to the page written in black nasta'liq arranges in two columns in a central panel with gold floral inter columnar rules, approx 46 lines of black nasta'liq written diagonally in the outer panel, titles in red on gold panels, ruled in black and gold, six bifolia fully illuminated in gold and polychrome, with 29 illustrations, each page with illuminated cartouches in the margins. Housed in a floral lacquer binding, with lacquer doublures. 12.6 x 14.1 cm. The identified coloured miniature plates: 1. Shirin gesturing towards the portrait of Khosrow. 2. Khosrow spies Shirin bathing. 3. Khosrow and Shirin meeting on the hunting ground. 4. Khosrow killing the lion in the presence of Shirin. 5. Khosrow and Shirin being entertained. 6. The battle between Khosrow and Bahram Chubin. 7. Farhad carrying Shirin and her horse. 8. Bahram Gur with the Indian Princess in the black pavilion. 9. Bahram Gur with the Moorish Princess in the yellow pavilion. 10. Bahram Gur with the Tartar Princess in the green pavilion. 11. Bahram Gur with the Russian Princess in the red pavilion. 12. Bahram Gur with the Princess of Khavarazm in the blus pavilion. 13. Bahram Gur with the Chinese Princess in the sandalwood pavilion. 14. Bahram Gur with the Greek Princess in the white pavilion. 15. Layla and Majnun at school. 16. Majnun at the Ka'ba. 17. The battle of the tribes. 18. Layla and Majnun fainting. 19. Iskander enthroned. 20. Iskander fighting the Zinjis. 21. Iskander comforting the dying Dara. 22. A priestess trying to save an idol from destruction. 23. The death of Iskander.

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