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BENDIXON, Siegfried Detlev.
Perceptive Illustrations of the Bible.

London: Thomas Varty, c.1850.
London: Thomas Varty, c.1850.

Folio. (43 x 33 cm), 60 hand coloured plates, some plates with repairs to the reverse, some with marginal tears, all captioned, bound in contemporary half calf backed boards, slightly chipped at the spine and the extremities; overall an attractive volume. Coloured plates in order: 1. Adam and Eve driven out of Paradise. 2. The Sacrifice of Cain and Abel. 3. The Murder of Abel. 4. The Flood. 5. Noah leaving the Ark. 6. Noah's Sacrifice on leaving the Ark. 7. Building the City and Tower of Babel. 8. Abraham offering up his son Isaac. 9. Joseph cast into the pit by his Brethren. 10. Joseph Receiving the Homage of his Brethren. 11. Joseph's Forgiveness of his Brethren. 12. Moses saved by Pharaoh's Daughter. 13. The Passage of the Red Sea. 14. The Brazen Serpent. 15. Moses Descending from Mount Sinai. 16. David the Young Shepherd. 17. David Slaying the Lion. 18. David and Goliath. 19. The Death of Absalom. 20. Little children mocking Elisha. 21. Elisha and Gehazi. 22. Eli questioning Samuel regarding the Vision. 23. Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath. 24. The captive Hebrew Maid that waited on Naaman's Wife. 25. The Little Captive Maid. 26. Ruth in the Field of Boaz. 27. Mordecai advancing to Honour. 28. Daniel in the Lions Den. 29. The Birth of Christ. 30. Christ announced to the Jewish Shepherds. 31. The Worship and offerings of the Wise Men. 32. Christ with the Doctors in the Temple. 33. Jesus returning with his parents to Nazareth. 34. John preaching in the Wilderness. 35. The sick of the Palsy brought to Christ by his friends. 36. Christ feedeth the Multitude. 37. Christ healing the Multitude. 38. Jesus gives sight to one born blind. 39. Christ's Triumphful entry into Jerusalem. 40. Christ cleanses the Temple. 41. The Widows Mites. 42. Judas betrays his Master. 43. The Roman soldiers mocking Christ. 44. The Crucifixion. 45. Peter and John at the Sepulchre. 46. Timothy being taught the Scriptures. 47. Christ and the Woman of Samaria at Jacob's Well. 48. The Son of the Widow of Nain raised to life. 49. Christ blessing little children. 50. The Journey to Emmanus. 51. Tabitha's 'Good Works and Alms Deeds'. 52. The Enemy Sowing Tares. 53. The Pharisee and Publican. 54. The Prodigal's Return. 55. The Prodigal's Resolve. 56. The Good Samaritan. 57. Peter and John Healing the Lame Man. 58. Ananias and Sapphira. 59. The Apostle Paul and Lydia. 60. Paul at Melita.