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MAN-FONG, Lee (artist)
Paintings and Statues from the collection of President Sukarno of the Republic of Indonesia.

Japan: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Tokyo, 1964.
Japan: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Tokyo, 1964.

Folio. 5 vols. Red patterned paper dust jacket over blue cloth boards. Titles in gold in Indonesian, Japanese and English to upper boards. Minor wear to dust jacket of the top and tail of spines. Some corners are rubbed and worn, edges stained and spotted. Floral end papers. Contents generally clean snd bright. Compiled by Lee Man-Fong the artist and painter at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia. Reproduction paintings and statues by artists from all over the world. Vols 1-4 deal with the paintings while vol 5 is concerned with statues and porcelains. Coloured plates in order: [The Article Name / The Artist / (The Country of Origin)] Volume 1. The Paintings. 1. Title page. [Letter from Dr. Sukarno, President of the Rep of Indonesia] [Dr. Sukarno, President of the Rep of Indonesia. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia).] 2. Ancient Bali painting. Anonymous (Indonesia). 3. Social life in Bali. Widja. (Indonesia). 4. Ancient Bali painting. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 5. Blessing. Ida Bagus Made. (Indonesia). 6. The death of King Airlangga. AA. GD. Sorbat (Indonesia). 7. Ancient Bali painting. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 8. The dance of the Frogs. Regig. (Indonesia). 9. Rini. Sukarno (DR.) (Indonesia). 10. Landscape of Middle Java. Abdullah SR. (Indonesia). 11. Diponegoro commanding a battle. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 12. Djoko Taro. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 13. Dawn. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 14. Djataju fights Ravana for Princess Sita. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 15. Arabian Girl. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 16. Battle between Gatutkatja and Antasena. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 17. A Piece of Red Cloth. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 18. Landscape. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 19. Cremation Ceremony in Bali. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 20. The Naughty Boy. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 21. A Herd of Water Buffaloes. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 22. The Militia Plan Their Battle Tactics. Affandi. (Indonesia). 23. Revolutionary Comrades-in-Arms. S. Sudjojono. (Indonesia). 24. Guerilla Vanguard. S. Sudjojono. (Indonesia). 25. A Woodland Pond. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 26. A Corner of Djakarta. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 27. On the Approaches to Mt. Galunggung. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 28. Gadjah Mada. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 29. Refugees. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 30. Shooting an Arrow. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 31. Woman of Djokja. Trubus S. (Indonesia). 32. Preparing for Guerilla Warfare. Dullah. (Indonesia). 33. President Sukarno's Garden in Djokjakarta. Dullah. (Indonesia). 34. Halimah - an Atjeh Girl. Dullah. (Indonesia). 35. Balanese Village-Gate. Dullah. (Indonesia). 36. Kedah. Sudarso. (Indonesia). 37. Twilight. M. Kinsen. (Indonesia). 38. Catching Lice. Hendra. (Indonesia). 39. Meditation. Pandy. (Indonesia). 40. Flowers and Wood Carvings. Arie Smit. (Indonesia). 41. Two Balinese Girls and their Flowers. Han Snel. (Indonesia). 42. State of Nirwana. Agus Djaja. (Indonesia). 43. A Girl in Dream-Land. Otto Djaja. (Indonesia). 44. A Village meeting place in Minangkabau. Wakidi. (Indonesia). 45. The Late General Sudirman. Joes Soepadyo. (Indonesia). 46. Peasant Family. Subantu. (Indonesia). 47. Crowd of the City. Abas. (Indonesia). 48. Ramayana Relief. Sukarto BR. (Indonesia). 49. An Invalid of the struggle for Independence. S. Tjokrohandojo. (Indonesia). 50. Shadow Play in Bali. Wisade. (Indonesia). 51.gathering Clouds, Lonely Road. Harijadi. (Indonesia). 52. Girl with Flowing Hair. Sumardi. (Indonesia). 53. Gorl Wearing a Green Gauze Scarf. Sunarto. (Indonesia). 54. Still Life. Lim Wa - Sim. (Indonesia). 55. A Bali Woman Carrying a Basket. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 56. White Roses. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 57. After the Bath. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 58. Carps. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 59. A Stall in Bali. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 60. Grilled Meat Vendor. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 61. Javanese Girl. Lee Man - Fong. (Indonesia). 62. Bali Dancers Dressing for a Performance. R. Bonnet (Netherlands). 63. Bali Girl Scattering Flowers. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 64. Djoged Dance. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 65. The Weeder. R. Bonnett. (Netherlands). 66. Madura Beach. C.L. Dake Jr. (Netherlands). 67. Ankor. C.L. Dake Jr. (Netherlands). 68. Gusti Kompjang in the Temple. W.G. Hofker. (Netherlands). 69. Bali Girl attending the Ceremony of Melis. W.G. Hofker. (Netherlands). 70. Volcanic Crater. Imandt. (Netherlands). 71. A Cremation in Bali. CH. Sayers. (Netherlands). 72. An Old Woman. Annie Blauwpot Ten Cate. (Netherlands). 73. Bali Dancers Dressing for a Performance. Antonio Blanco. (USA). 74. The Wave. N. White. (USA). 75. Harrowing a field in Java. Romualdo Locatelli. (Italy). 76. Italian Girl. L. Amato. (Italy). 77. Nude under the Moonlight. G. Giovanetti. (Italy). 78. Seascape. Galli. (Italy). 79. Roses. T. Massimo. (Italy). 80. Cock-Fighting Man in Bali. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 81. Balinese Girl and her Fan. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 82. Beside the Pool. A.J. Le Mayeur de Merfres. (Belgium). 83. The Enchanting Flute. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 84. Miss Sutarti. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 85. Kyomai Dance. Shinsui Ito. (Japan). 86. Mount Fuji. Taikan Yokoyama. (Japan). 87. Autumn Wind. Kiyokata Kaburagi. (Japan). 88. Tiger and Cub. Eiji. (Japan). 89. Cherry-Apple Flowers under the Moon. Keigetsu Matsubayashi. (Japan). 90. Peacocks. Jen Po-Nien. (China). 91. Flowers. Chang Yen-Shan. (China). 92. Pine and Peony. Chi Pai-Shih. (China). 93. Horse. Ju Peon. (China). 94. The Pearl. Garcia Llamas. (Philippines). 95. Fishing Boats. Nguyen Van Bink. (Vietnam). 96. Toilet on the way. A.A. Almelkar. (India). 97. Officer and Two Women. Anonymous. (France). 98. Mountain Highway. C. Orozco Romero. (Mexico). 99. Boy with Harp. Gustavo Montoya. (Mexico). 100. Nude. W. Russell Flint. (Britain). 101. Dancing Girl in Bali. Shinsui Ito. (Japan). Volume 2. The Paintings. 102. Title page. 103. Dr. Sukarno, President of the Rep of Indonesia. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 104. Djoged Dance. A.A. GD. Sobrat. (Indonesia). 105. An Ancient Painting of Bali. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 106. The People of Bali Welcome Predident Sukarno. Widja. (Indonesia). 107. Egrets. A.A. GD. Sorbrat. (Indonesia). 108. Offering to the Rice Goddess. Ida Bagus Made. (Indonesia). 109. A Cremation in Bali. Ida Bagus Made. (Indonesia). 110. An Ancient Painting of Bali. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 111. At the foot of the Merapi Volcano. Abdullah Sr. (Indonesia). 112. A Child and his Blind Father. Affandi. (Indonesia). 113. Sitting in front of a raised Mosquito Net. S. Sudjojono. (Indonesia). 114. In a Village. S. Sudjojono. (Indonesia). 115. The Sea. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 116. Water Lily. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 117. Rice Fields. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 118. Two Girls in Bamboo Hats. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 119. Beach of the South Sea. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 120. An Indonesian Lady. Trubus S. (Indonesia). 121. Atrocities of the Foreign Occupationists. Dullah. (Indonesia). 122. Main Gate of a Temple in Bali. Dullah. (Indonesia). 123. A Lampung Youth in his Native Costume. Dullah. (Indonesia). 124. Rice Fields near Mt. Lawu. Dullah. (Indonesia). 125. Gatutkacha and the Daughters of Arjuna; Prigiwa and Prigiwati. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 126. Yearning. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 127. Portrait of a Lady. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 128. Girl in the Moonlight. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 129. A Spanish Girl. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 130. In the Moonlight. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 131. The Oceanic Wave. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 132. Queen of the South Seas. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 133. If God gets angry. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 134. Bali Girl Carrying a Basket. Basiki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 135. Landscape in Kintamani (Bali). Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 136. Portrait of a Girl. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 137. Dance of Muang Thai. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 138. The Sea. M. Kinsen. (Indonesia). 139. Balinese Girl with Kembodja. Pandy. (Indonesia). 140. In the Temple Gathering. Alimin. (Indonesia). 141. Legong Wiranata Dance. Agus Djaya. (Indonesia). 142. Temptation. Otto Djaya. (Indonesia). 143. Repose a Moment. Barli. (Indonesia). 144. A Woman in a Yellow Blouse. Subanto. (Indonesia). 145. Ox-Carts. Batara Lubis. (Indonesia). 146. Portrait of the Mother of Predident Sukarno. Lim Wa-Sim. (Indonesia). 147. Balinese Dance. Lim Wa-Sim. (Indonesia). 148. A Weaving Maid of Bali. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 149. Pei-Hai Park. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 150. Waiting. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 151. Mask, Melon and Jar. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 152. A Japanese Lady. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 153. Balinese Woman Weaving. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 154. Flamboyant. Ger. P. Adolfs. (Netherlands). 155. Italian Family. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 156. Two Peasants. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 157. Two Bali Girls. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 158. Miss Ni Najas. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 159. Village Mosque. C.L. Dake Jr. (Netherlands). 160. Aquarium. C.L. Dake Jr. (Netherlands). 161. Bali Girl at a Festival Gathering. W.G. Hofker. (Netherlands). 162. Waiting to be served with lunch. F. Holleman. (Netherlands). 163. The Rolling Sea. Imandt. (Netherlands). 164. Landscape. Imandt. (Netherlands). 165. A Balinese Girl. A. Sonnega. (Netherlands). 166. Sea Gulls. Anonymous. (Netherlands). 167. Making her own toy. Geng Rueter. (Netherlands). 168. A Balinese Woman. Antonio Blanco. (USA). 169. A Little Girl of Bali. Antonio Blanco. (USA). 170. Reaping Rice. Romualdo Locatelli. (Italy). 171. Gipsy Girl. G. Giovanetti. (Italy). 172. The Thinker. L. Amato. (Italy). 173. Portrait of a little Girl. Cristiano. (Italy). 174. Sea Shore. E. Brianto. (Italy). 175. In the Fairyland. Anonymous. (Soviet Union). 176. The Holy Family. Anonymous. (Soviet Union). 177. Cock-Fight in Bali. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 178. Performer of Baris Dance. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 179. On the bank of the Ganges. A.J. Le Mayeur de Merfres. (Belgium). 180. Redjang Dance. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 181. Girl in Gauze Scarf. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 182. Trees in a Garden. Nakajima. (Japan). 183. On a Summer Day. Shinsui Ito. (Japan). 184. Red and White Peony. Ryushi Kawabata. (Japan). 185. Mandarin Ducks on a Lake. Anonymous. (Japan). 186. Puppet Dance. Saburota Yamada. (Japan). 187. Ballerina. Hougat. (Demmark). 188. Landscape. Chen Shao-Mei. (China). 189. Spring Dance on Flowering Apricot. Yu Fei-An. (China). 190. Cranes. Siao Chang. (China). 191. The Mandolin. Chou Lien-Hsia. (China). 192. Planting Rice. F. Amorsolo. (Philippines). 193. Only a Rose. Garcia Llamas. (Philippines). 194. Drying Sails in the Sun. A. Carmelo. (Portugal). 195. At the Tap. Chavda. (India). [A missing plate by W. Russell Flint] 196. Memories. A. Buza. (Albania). 197. Guerilla Band. M. Detoni. (Yugoslavia). 198. Woman with Flowers. Diego Rivero. (Mexico). 199. Balinese Girls and their Offerings. Couanrukias. (Mexico). 200. Am Enchanting Melody. Vezcali. (Mexico). 201. Pedlars on front of a Temple. Arth Jo Konig. (Germany) Volume 3. The Paintings. 202. Title page. 203. Dr. Sukarno. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 204. Sita leaps into the fire. GST. NJM. Moleh. (Indonesia). 205. Market in Bali. W. Turun. (Indonesia). 206. Ancient Bali Painting. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 207. A Balinese Dancer Dressing for a Performance. A.A. GD. Sorbrat. (Indonesia). 208. Preparing for the Barong Dance. I. Gusti Ketut Kobot. (Indonesia). 209. Cutting Grass. Ida Bagus Made. (Indonesia). 210. The mountainous region around Bandung. Abdullah Sr. (Indonesia). 211. Cock-Fight in Bali. Affandi. (Indonesia). 212. Refugees. S. Sudjojono. (Indonesia). 213. An Old Indonesian Tale. J. Van Ravenswany. (Indonesia). 214. Straw-Stacks in the field. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 215. River Musi at Palembang. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 216. A Toradja Girl. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 217. Beach. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 218. Portrait of a Woman. Trubus S. (Indonesia). 219. Cliffs in Minangkabau (Sumatra). Dullah. (Indonesia). 220. Forests near the volcano of Merapi (Middle Java). Dullah. (Indonesia). 221. Lake Sarangan (East Java). Dullah. (Indomesia). 222. Portrait of a Lady. Sukarno (Dr.) (Indonesia). 223. Landscape of Wonosobo. M. Kinsen. (Indonesia). 224. The Skin-Scraping. Hendra. (Indonesia). 225. From the Market. Arie Smit. (Indomesia). 226. Ardjuna's Wedding. Agus Djaja. (Indonesia). 227. Going to Wash. Omar Yh. (Indonesia). 228. Twighlight over Mahat (Sumatra). Wakidi. (Indonesia). 229. Rochani. Otto Djaja. (Indonesia). 230. The Guitar Player. Subanto. (Indonesia). 231. Biography II at Malioboro. S. Harijadi. (Indonesia). 232. On the shores of Flores Island. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 233. Woman of Solo. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 234. Lake Toba in the sunset. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 235. Portrait of a Girl. Basiki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 236. Woman Combing Hair. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 237. Burmese Girl and her Umbrella. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 238. Girl of Solo. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 239. Dusk. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 240. Chinese Opera Dress. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 241. Kebjar Dance. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 242. Nude. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 243. Girl of Thailand. Bauki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 244. My Friends. Amrus Natalsja. (Indonesia). 245. Portrait of a Girl. Wardojo. (Indonesia). 246. Two Balinese Girl. Dafar Sidik. (Indonesia). 247. Fish Auction. Tarmizi. (Indonesia). 248. Mother and Children. T. Ganani. (Indonesia). 249. Two Kids. Lim Wa-Sim. (Indonesia). 250. Going to a bath. Lim Wa-Sim. (Indonesia). 251. Longing. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). (background by Wong Tok-fung, China). 252. A pair of Carps. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 253. A Tibetan Girl. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 254. Balinese Girl Weaving. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 255. Legong Dancer. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 256. The Gate (Japan). Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 257. Still-Life. Lee Rern. (Indonesia). 258. Reaping Rice. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 259. Water Melons. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 260. An Ardja Dancer. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 261. The Brook. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 262. A Legong actress - Ni Tjawan. W.G. Hofker (Netherlands). 263. At Prayer. W.G. Hofker. (Netherlands). 264. Mountain Lake. Imandt. (Netherlands). 265. Poultry Dealer. Ries Mulder. (Netherlands). 266. A Mother's Love. Annie Blauwpot Ten Cate (Netherlands). 267. Friut Saleswoman. W. Dooyuward. (Netherlands). 268. Portrait of a Balinese. A. Sonnega. (Netherlands). 269. Balinese Woman. Antonio Blanco. (USA). 270. Portrait of a Balinese Girl. Antonio Blanco. (USA). 271. Seascape of Capri. Mariani. (Italy). 272. The Sisters. Romualdo Locatelli. (Italy). 273. A Gipsy. G. Giovanetti. (Italy). 274. The Tide. Simonetti. (Italy). 275. A Pose. Maffolani. (Italy). 276. Legong Dancer. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 277. Cock-Fighting Man in Bali. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 278. Balinese Woman. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 279. Enjoying Life. A.J. Le Mayeur de Merfres. (Belgium) 280. Offering to a Brahmans Priest. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 281. A Bali Dancer. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 282. Orchid. Otohiko. (Japan). 283. The Quail. Hiroshi. (Japan). 284. Autumn. Shinsui Ito. (Japan). 285. Deer. Choju. (Japan). 286. Peony. Ryushi Kawabata. (Japan). 287. Portrait of Raryo Ohzoh. Bunrin Heian. (Japan). 288. In the Cherry Blossom Season. Mitsusada Fujiwara. (Japan). 289. Swallows on Flowering Peach. Jen Po-Nien. (China). 290. Against the Wintry Wind. Wu Kuang-Yu. (China). 291. Lotus and the Swallows. Siao Chang. (China). 292. Fishing Boats. Siao Sui-Ching. (China). 293. Nudes beneath the trees. Garcia Llamas. (Philippines). 294. Nude. Garcia Llamas. (Philippines). 295. Evening at Sea. Pham Han. (Vietnam). 296. Women of Naga. Chavda. (India). 297. A Mexican Girl with Three Oranges. D. Fern. (Mexico). 298. Portrait of a Woman. Zavest Nosnosti. (Mexico). 299. A little girl with Sun Flower. Bernache. ( Mexico). 300. Morning Sail. Ju Semenjuk. (Soviet Union). 301. Sketch of a Nun. Anonymous. (Yugoslavia). 302. Malay Village. Lay Foong-Moi. (Singapore). Volume 4. The Paintings. 303. Title page. 304. Dr. Sukarno, President of the Rep of Indonesia. Ratna Sari Dewi. (Indonesia). 305. Ancient Bali Painting. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 306. Lion Dance. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 307. Offerings to the Gods. GST. KT. Kobot. (Indonesia). 308. Balinese Dance Performance. Ida Bagus Made. (Indonesia). 309. Masquerade. Ida Bagus Made. (Indonesia). 310. Preparations for the Galungan Festival. KT.Tungeh. (Indonesia). 311. Ancient Bali Painting. Anonymous. (Indonesia). 312. The Vendors. Regig. (Indonesia). 313. Canna. Affabdi. (Indonesia). 314. Portrait of a neighbour. S. Sudjojono. (Indonesia). 315. Lake Toba. Ernest Dezentje. (Indonesia). 316. The son of our neighbour. Harijadi S. (Indonesia). 317. On the shores of Tanah-Lot (Bali). Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 318. Boats by the Seashore. Henk Ngantung. (Indonesia). 319. Portrait of Mrs. T. Trubus S. (Indonesia). 320. Lawu Mountain (Middle Java). Dullah. (Indonesia). 321. Vegetable Garden. Dullah. (Indonesia). 322. A Profile Sitter. Dullah. (Indonesia). 323. Kintamani Landscape (Bali). Dullah. (Indonesia). 324. Lord Gautama Buddah and the Princess. J. Ravenswany. (Indonesia). 325. Balinese Girl and Yellow Flower. Pandy. (Indonesia). 326. Feast at the Temple. Han Snel. (Indonesia). 327. Balinese Girl under the Moonlight. Alimin. (Indonesia). 328. Young Girl. Agus Djaja. (Indonesia). 329. Playing a Flute after Night Fall. Agus Djaja. (Indonesia). 330. Dancer. Agus Djaja. (Indonesia). 331. The Rainbow. Otto Djaja. (Indonesia). 332. Up and Down. Barli. (Indonesia). 333. A Young Girl. Wardojo. (Indonesia). 334. Drying Fishes. Tanilit. (Indonesia). 335. The Ketoprak (A Java Play). Surono. (Indonesia). 336. Two Sisters. A. Sudali. (Indonesia). 337. White Kebaya. Lim Wa-Sim. (Indonesia). 338. Fauna and Flora of Indonesia. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 339. Japanese Lady with a fan. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 340. A Garden in the House (Japan). Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 341. Pagoda (Japan). Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 342. Sketch of a Balinese Woman. Lee Man-Fong. (Indonesia). 343. Portrait of a Girl. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 344. A Student. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 345. Flower Arrangement. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 346. Cliffs in Minangkabau. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 347. Lady in Black. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 348. Harvest. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 349. Back to Nature. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 350. A Peaceful Sea. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 351. A Simple Girl. Basukii Abdullah. (Indonesia). 352. Scattering Hair. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 353. Girl of Sunda (West Java). Baduki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 354. Balinese Girl. Basuki Abdullah. (Indonesia). 355. Italian Shepherds. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 356. Portrait of a Balinese Girl. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 357. Two girls bearing water pitchers. R. Bonnet. (Netherlands). 358. Mountain Temple. C.L. Dake Jr. (Netherlands). 359. Ni Dablik. W.G. Hofker. (Netherlands). 360. Mother and Son. F. Holleman. (Netherlands). 361. Landscape. Imandt. (Netherlands). 362. Portrait of Ni Rimin. A. Sonnega. (Netherlands). 363. Two Women. Annie Blauwpot Ten Cate. (Netherlands). 364. Two Bathing Girls. Wolff Schoemaker (Prof.) (Netherlands). 365. The Tulip, Narcissus and Fruits. Dekat. (Netherlands). 366. Woman wearing a hat. Anonymous. (Netherlands). 367. Enjoying Life. A.J. Le Mayeur de Merfres. (Belgium). 368. Miss Ridis. Antonio Blanco. (USA). 369. A Farm Woman. Ermogene Miraglia. (Italy). 370. The Water-Mill. Ricci. (Italy). 371. He wants more. L. Amato. (Italy). 372. Half Naked. Roff Orello Locatilli. (Italy). 373. Three Sisters. Cristiano. (Italy). 374. The Back. T. Coubella. (Italy). 375. The Wave. Simonetti. (Italy). 376. Sitting Woman of Bali. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 377. Rowing. Roland Strasser. (Austria). 378. Woman and Girl. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 379. Portrait of a Balinese Girl. Theo Meier. (Switzerland). 380. The Geisha. Shinsui Ito. (Japan). 381. The Peony. Yutaka Yamazaki. (Japan). 382. Welcome the Guests. Kiyokata Kaburagi. (Japan). 383. A Japanese Girl. Kiyokata Kaburagi. (Japan). [A missing plate by Seicho Moronaga] 384. The Waterfall. Kiboh Kodama. (Japan). 385. The Grapes and Bergamot. Sato. (Japan). 386. Maple in Autumn. Mitsusada Fujiwara. (Japan). 387. Flower and Bird. Chi Yian. (China). 388. The Moon shines bright in my home town. Wen Peor. (China). 389. Chatanan. Siao Sui-Ching. (China). 390. Bali girls preparing a sacrifice. Garcia Llamas. (Philippines). 391. The Masks. Garcia Llamas. (Philippines). 392. Fisherwoman at the seaside. W. Russell Flint. (Britain). 393. Mountain Scene. Petar Lubarda. (yugoslavia). 394. Copenhagen Harbour. Hagsdon Olsen. (Denmark). 395. Enjoying her Apple. Eva Schulze Knabe. (Germany). 396. Balinese Girl. Arth Jo Konig. (Germany). 397. Suspecting. E. Vingris. (Germany). 398. In the red bath costume. C. Orozco Romero. (Mexico). 399. A Young Man and the Dove. D. Fern. (Mexico). 400. Three Nudes. Fedorico Cantu. (Mexico). 401. Landscape. Leon Hanson. (Australia). 402. Fruits. Anonymous. (Soviet Union). Volume 5. Paintings and Statues. 403. Title page. 404. Portrait of Dr. Sukarno, President of the Rep of Indonesia. Anonymous. (Soviet Union) (Embroidery). 405. "Tata" The Queen. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Gypsum). 406. "Garuda" The Eagle. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Wood). 407. The Bowman. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 408. The Dancers. Anonymous. (Indonesia). (Gypsum). 409. Liberty and Independence. Milles. (Sweden) (Bronze). 410. The Hero and Humanity. Eby Letur. (Soviet Union) (Bronze). 411. A Girl and her Apple. F. Klimsch. (Germany) (Bronze). 412. A Girl and the Frogs. Trubus S. (Indonesia) (Stone). 413. "Atenas" God of War. R.J. Capurro. (Argentina) (Bronze). 414. Balance on a rail. M. Maniser. (Soviet Union) (Bronze). 415. Mother and Child. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 416. The Goddess of Mercy. Anonymous. (China) (Porcelain). 417. A Spring of Life. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 418. A Pose. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 419. The Goddess. Anonymous. (China) (Wood). 420. She is Counting. Mikas S. (Hungary) (Bronze). 421. Allegory Country-Life. Cerier Belleuse. (France) (Bronze). 422. The Goddess of Mercy. Anonymous. (China) (Wood). 423. Mother's Love. Mikas S. (Hungary) (Bronze). 424. A Girl. Marta Jiraskova. (Czechoslovakia) (Bronze). 425. Onward. Boris Kalin. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 426. Buddha. Anonymous. (China) (Wood). 427. The Magic Flute. Kipar Zdenko. (Poland) (Bronze). 428. Bulky Beauty. M. Pastori. (Switzerland) (Bronze). 429. Squating. Jan Mingkit. (Indonesia) (Bronze). 430. Hand of God. Abonymous. (France) (Marble, after A. Rodin). 431. The Goddess of Mercy. Anonymous. (China) (Wood). 432. The Snake Killer. Patzay Pal. (Hungary) (Bronze). 433. A Sportwoman. M. Maniser. (Soviet Union) (Bronze). 434. After Shampooing. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 435. Enjoying the Spring. Antonac. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 436. Ti-Tsang Wang. Anonymous. (China) (Wood). 437. Ancient Military Armour. Anonymous. (Japan). 438. The Resting Beauty. M. Maniser. (Soviet Union) (Marble). 439. A Sleeping Beauty. Anonymous. (Mexico) (Ceramic). 440. Bust of a Woman. Tom Leclerc. (Netherlands) (Bronze) 441. Complaining. Anonymous. (Germany) (Bronze). 442. Dragon. Anonymous. (China) (Bronze). 443. A Lion. Anonymous. (China) (Bronze). 444. The Birth of a Child. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Wood). 445. Ancient India Statues. Anonymous. (India) (Bronze). 446. Head of a Woman. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Stone). 447. Head of Brahma. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Stone). 448. Head of a Girl. T. Pocahauh. (France) (Bronze). 449. Portrait Head of Chopin. M. Kurjata. (Poland) (Bronze) 450. Victory. Augustincic. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 451. Supporting with Two Hands. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 452. Waiting. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 453. Pampering a Child. Caba Cahauh Bc. (Yugoslavia) (Gypsum). 454. Ravana. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Wood). 455. A Peasant Woman. V. Raca. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 456. Taotaomona. Walt Varney. (USA) (Wood). 457. Woman and Cat. Yoshi Kinouchi. (Japan) (Gypsum). 458. Sitting on the Ground. Robert Ullmann (Austria) (Ceramic). 459. Bust of a Girl. Anonymous. (Mexico) (Bronze). 460. Bust of a Woman. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Bronze). 461. Longing. Per Hasselberg. (Sweden) (Bronze). 462. Nude "A". Blris Kalin. (Yugoslavia) (Marble). 463. Nude "B". Boris Kalin. (Yugoslavia) (Marble). 464. A Careful Step. K. Strobl. (Hungary) (Bronze). 465. Nude. Anonymous. (Czechoslovakia) (Bronze). 466. The Dance. Krisnic. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 467. The "Medici" Venus. A. Frillisa. (Italy) (Marble). 468. Venus de Crene. Anonymous. (Italy) (Marble). 469. Venus Knidos. Anonymous. (Italy) (Marble). 470. A Western Beauty. Pof. G. Begsi. (Marble). 471. Body Building of Greek. Anonymous. (Italy) (Bronze). 472. Medusa. Paul Andowski. (France) (Marble). 473. Avalokitecvara. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Stone). 474. The Guardian. Anonymous. (Indonesia) (Stone). 475. Buddah. Anonymous. (Japan) (Wood). 476. Watching. Greco. (Italy) (Stone). 477. Female Figure. Stoyadinovic. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 478. The Little Mermaid. Edvard Erikson. (Denmark) (Bronze). 479. A Pose. Sulistio. (Indonesia) (Stone). 480. A Young Girl. Antonac. (Yugoslavia) (Marble). 481. Make a Wish. B. Kafka. (Hungary) (Marble). 482. Bust of Nude. Mestrovic. (Yugoslavia) (Marble). 483. Adam and Eve. Opper D. (Indonesia) (Wood). 484. Making a Pose. Stoyanovic. (Yugoslavia) (Bronze). 485. Buddah. Aninymous. (Japan) (Bronze). The Porcelains. 486. Sang-De-Boeif Porcelain Jar. (China). 487. Five Colour Porcelain Dish. (China). 488. Blue and White Porcelain Fish-Jar. (China). 489. Five Colour Porcelain Jar. (China). 490. Famille Rose Porcelain Basin. (China). 491. Blue and White Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 491. Samg-De-Boeuf Porcelain Jar. (China). 492. Blue and White Ming Porcelain Wine-Jar. (China). 493. Famille Rose Porcelain Vase. (China). 494. Red Colour Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 495. Porcelain Fish-Jar. (China). 496. Blue and White Porcelain Vase. (China). 497. Sang-De-Boeuf Porcelain Vase. (China). 498. Blue and White Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 499. Three Colour Porcelain Wine Jar. (China). 500. Vase of Yellow Ko Ware. (China). 501. Five Colour Porcelain Jar. (China). 502. Famille Noire Porcelain Jar. (China). 503. Blue and White Porcelain Vase. (China). 504. Sang-De-Boeuf Porcelain Jar. (China). 505. Red Colour Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 506. Famille Rose Porcelain Vase. (China). 507. Blue and White Porcelain Jar. (China). 508. Famille Rose Porcelain Fish-Jar. (China). 509. Blue and White Porcelain Dish. (China). 510. Three Colour Porcelain Vase. (China). 511. Five Colour Porcelain Vase. (China). 512. Five Colour Porcelain Vase. (China). 513. Celadon Cracked Ming Porcelain Vase. (China). 514. Blue and White Cracked Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 515. Five Colour Porcelain Jar. (China). 516. Five Colour Porcelain Jar. (China). 517. Sung Pottery Bowl of Savankkalok Ware. (China). 518. Multicolour Porcelain Bowl. (China). 519. Samg-De-Boeuf Porcelain Vase. (China). 520. Three Colour Porcelain Vase. (China). 521. Three Colour Square Porcelain Vase. (China). 522. Multicolour Porcelain Vase of Kuang-Tung. (China). 523. Blue and White Porcelain Jar. (China). 524. Blue and White Porcelain Bowl. (China). 525. Blue and White Porcelain Bowl. (China). 526. Porcelain Vase decorated with Golden Flower. (China) 527. Blue and White Porcelain Dish. (China). [Missing image of five Colour Porcelain Dish with Floral Design] 528. Multicolour Porcelain Vase. (China). 529. Three Colour Porcelain Vase. (China). 530. Blue and White Porcelain Vase. (China). 531. Five Colour Porcelain Bottle in the form of Double Gourd. (China). 532. Porcelain Jar with Red Colour Floral Design. (China). 533. Wine Jar of Yellow Ko Ware. (China). 534. Blue Porcelain Vase. (China). 535. Blue and White Cracked Porcelain Bowl. (China). 536. Blue and White Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 537. Blue and White Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 538. Celadon Cracked Ming Porcelain Dish. (China). 539. Multicolour Porcelain Jar. (China). 540. Five Colour Porcelain Jar. (China). 541. Tripod Incense Burner of White Ko Ware. (China). 542. Famille Noire Porcelain Jar. (China). 543. Five Colour Porcelain Vase. (China). 544. Multicolour Porcelain Dish. (China). 545. Famille Rose Porcelain Dish. (China). 546. Famille Rose Porcelain Dish. (China). 547. Famille Rose Porcelain Dish. (China). 548. Famille Noire Square Porcelain Vase. (China). 549. Famille. Noire Square Porcelain Vase. (China). [Missing images of Brush Washing Porcelain Pot of Yellow Ko Ware / Jar of White Ko Ware / Blue and White Ming Porcelain Jar / Multicolour Porcelain Bowl (China)] 550. Famille Rose Porcelain Dish. (China). [Missing images of Multicolour Porcelain Vase / Multicolour Porcelain Vase / Multicolour Porcelain Jar. (China)] 551. Multicolour Dish (Japan). 552. Multicolour Dish. (Japan). 553. Multicolour Dish. (Japan). 554. Multicolour Dish. (Japan). 555. Bronze Tripod Incense Burner. (Vietnam). 556. Tripod Incense Burner of Agate. (China). 557. Cloisonne Vase. (Vietnam). 558. Cloisonne Vase. (China). 559. Bronze Tripod Incense Burner. (Vietnam). 560. Vase of Lacquer. (Japan). 561. Blue and White Porcelain Jar. (Japan).