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YOUNG, Lieut. C.R.
Overland Sketches.

London: Dickinson & Son, [c. 1845].
Blackmer 1860; not in GL; Abbey; NUC; Hilmy; BLC;.Atabey. Bobins 176.
14 + frontis
London: Dickinson & Son, [c. 1845].

FIRST AND ONLY EDITION. Small folio, lithographed title, 14 hand coloured lithographed plates on 11, nos. 1-2, 7-8, 13-14 on three sheets, lithographed title with title vignette, original printed boards re-backed with green cloth, new endpapers. An apparently scarce work. Nothing is known of Young. Blackmer states that Aden was annexed to British India in 1839 and that this work was probably published soon after this. Plates include a lithographed title with vignette of Aden; views of Cairo; the Great Pyramid and the Sphynx; two of Thebes or surround; the Gateway to Karnak; First Cataract (Philae); the beginnings of the Desert and a Mirage. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontis. View of the Peninsula and Port of Aden - the Arabian Mountains and the Red Sea. 2. Cleopatra's Needle. 3. Pompey's Pillar. 4. Ibrahim Pacha's Palace at Cairo. 5. Mosque of Sultan Hassan at Cairo. 6. The Great Pyramid of Geezeh. 7. The Sphynx. 8. Women bringing water from the river. 9. Tumbler with his boy. 10. View from the Memnonium. 11. The Plain of Thebes. 12. Entrance gateway at Carnac. 13. Part of the Cataracts of the Nile. 14. Commencement of the Desert. 15. Mirage in the Desert.