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DANIELL, Thomas & William.
Oriental Scenery; or Views of the Architecture, Antiquities and Landscape Scenery of Hindostan.

London: 1795-1808.
Abbey Travel II 420; Sutton 13; Tooley 172; Franklin pp28-29; Prideaux pp94, 244; Bobins I 232 & Bobins III 1106
XL=elephant folio
London: 1795-1808.

FIRST EDITION. Six volumes, large folio (78 x 59.5 cm), six sepia aquatint title pages with 144 hand-coloured aquatints on thick paper, drawn and engraved by Thomas and William Daniell (Part IV the plates after drawings by James Wales). Mounted on stubs and interleaved with plain paper guards throughout, later green half morocco gilt, rubbed, covers soiled. Condition notes: Part I, plate i, very light spotting, plate iv, minor marginal paper flaw; plate xxii, light marginal finger soiling. Part II, plate xvi light marginal stain Part III, plates iv, xxiii & xxiv with light marginal spotting. Part IV, plate xxii loose, xxiv with light marginal staining. Part V, panoramas loose, a panorama of the upper part of Kailas with crease to lower margin; a three-part panorama of the mountain of Ellora with crease to first sheet running through the image. Part VI, plate iv with light marginal staining, plate xxiv with a few light spots. Each part has a dedicated title. This was the great work of the Daniells, uncle and nephew, rightly considered the finest set of prints ever published in India. From 1765-74 they made their studies, sketches, and drawings of India's scenery, architecture, and antiquities. This costly work (200 guineas per book) was enormously influential in forming the European vision of India and the vogue for Indian-inspired architecture in England, which can be seen in the respective works of Repton and Nash (among others). Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Eastern Gate of the Jummah Musjid at Delhi. 2. Temples at Brindrabund on the Rover Jumna. 3. North East View of the Cotsea Bhaug, on the River Jumna, Delhi. 4. Ruins at the Ancient City of Gour, formerly on the Banks of the River Ganges. 5. Raje Gaut, the principle road up to Rotas Ghur, Bahar. 6. The Chalees Satoon in the Fort of Allahabad on the River Jumna. 7. Remains of an Ancient Building near Firoz Shah's Cotilla, Delhi. 8. Part of the Palace on the Fort of Allahabad. 9. Gate of the Tomb of Emperor Akbar, at Secundra, near Agra. 10. Part of the City of Patna, on the River Ganges. 11. An Ancient Hindoo Temple, in the Fort of Rotas, Bahar. 12. The Mausoleum of Mucdoom Shah Dowlut, at Moneah, on the River Soane. 13. The Western Entrance of Shere Shah's Fort, Delhi. 14. Ramnugur, near Bernares, on the River Ganges. 15. The Sacred Tree of the Hindoos at Gyah, Bahar. 16. Gaut, at Bernaires on the Ganges. 17. Mausoleum of Sultan Chusero, near Allahabad. 18. The Taje Mahel, at Agra. 19. Hindoo Temples at Agouree, on the River Soane, Bahar. 20. North-West View of Rotas Ghur, Bahar. 21. Near Currah, on the River Ganges. 22. Mausoleum of Sultan Purveiz, near Allahabad. 23. The Jummah Musjed, Delhi. 24. Gate leading to a Musjed at Chunar Ghur. Volume 2. 25. View taken on the Esplanade, Calcutta. 26. View on the Chitpore Road, Calcutta. 27. The Council House, Calcutta. 28. The Writer's Buildings, Calcutta. 29. Ram Mittee's Pagoda, Calcutta. 30. Part of Cheringhee, Calcutta. 31. South East View of Fort St George, Madras. 32. Part of the Black Town, Madras. 33. The Government House, Fort St George. 34. The Armenian Bridge, near St Thomas's Mount, Madras. 35. The Assembly Rooms on the Race Ground, near Madras. 36. Western Entrance of Fort St George. 37. Part of the Palace, Madura. 38. View in the Fort, Madura. 39. Interior View of the Palace, Madura. 40. An Hindoo Temple, at Madura. 41. Ruins of the Palace, Madura. 42. Naig's Choultry, Madura. 43. The Rock of Tritchinopoly, taken on the River Cauvery. 44. The Great Pagoda, Tritchinopoly. 45. View in the Fort of Tritchinopoly. 46. The Great Bull, a Hindoo Idol, at Tanjore. 47. South-East View of Tritchinopoly. 48. The Great Pagoda, Tanjore. Volume 3. 49. Near the Fort of Currah, on the River Ganges. 50. Ruins in Rotas Ghur, Bahar. 51. Gate of the Loll - Bhaug at Fyzabad. 52. Mausoleum of the Ranee, wife of the Emperor Jehangire, near Allahabad. 53. The Punj Mahalla Gate, Lucknow. 54. The Mausoleum of Amir Khusero, in the ancient city of Delhi. 55. Ruins at Cannouge. 56. The Entrance to the Mausoleums in Sultan - Khusero 's Garden, near Allahabad. 57. A Mosque at Juanpore. 58. Gate of a Mosque built by Hafiz Ramut at Phillibeat. 59. Jag Deo & Warrangur, Hill Forts in the Barramahl. 60. Ryacotta, a Hill Fort in the Barramahl. 61. Verapadroog, a Hill Fort in the Barramahl. 62. Ousoor, a Hill Fort on the Barramahl. 63. View of Gyah, an Hindoo Town in Bahar. 64. Palace of Nawaub Suja Dowla, at Lucknow. 65. Lucknow taken from the opposite bank of the River Goomty. 66. A Baolee, near the Old City of Delhi. 67. View of Delhi, taken near the Mausoleum of the Emperor Humaioon. 68. The Baolee at Ramnagur. 69. View from the Ruins of the Fort of Currah, on the River Ganges. 70. View of Mutura, on the Jumna. 71. Mausoleum of Kausim Solemanee, at Chunar Gur. 72. Mausoleum of Nawaub Assoph Khan, at Raje Mahel. Volume 4. 73. Cape Comerin, taken near Calcad. 74. The Waterfall of Puppanassum, on the Tinnevelly District. 75. The Waterfall of Courtallum, in the Tinnevelly District. 76. Shevagurry, in the Tinnevelly District. 77. Chevalpettore, in the Tinnevelly District. 78. Near Attore, in the Dindigul District. 79. Sankry Droog. 80. Near Bandell on the River Hoogley. 81. Siccra Gulley, on the Ganges. 82. Ramgur, in the Benares District. 83. Dhuah Koonde, in the Benares District. 84. Cannoge, on the River Ganges. 85. View at Nigeibabad, near the Coaduwar Gaut. 86. Coaduwar Gaut. 87. View in the Coah - Nullah. 88. Jugeanor, in the Mountains of Serinagur. 89. View near Daramundi, in the Mountains of Serinagur. 90. Near Dusa, in the Mountains of Serinagur. 91. Buddell, opposite Bilkate in the Mountains of Serinagur. 92. View of the Ramagunga, between Buddell & Bilkate. 93. View taken between Natan & Taka-ca-munda, in the Serinagur Mountains. 94. Between Taka-ca-munda & Serinagur. 95. The Rope Bridge at Serinagur. 96. View taken near the City of Serinagur. Volume 5. 97. The Mountain of Ellora, 1st view. 98. The Mountain of Ellora, 2nd view. 99. The Mountsin of Ellora, 3rd view. (Nos. 97-99 mounted in the form of a folding panorama) 100. Jagannatha Sabha. 101. Paraswa Rama Sabha. 102. The Entrance of Indra Sabha. 103. View of Indra Sabha, looking outward. 104. Indra Sabha. 105. Doomar Leyna. 106. Junwassa. 107. Rameswara. 108. The Entrance to Kailasa, the Paradise of The Gods. 109. South-West View of Kailasa. 110. North-East View of Kailasa. 111. The Upper Part of Kailasa 1st view. 112. The Upper Part of Kailasa 2nd view. (Nos 111-112 mounted in the form of a folding panorama). 113. Dasavatara. 114. The Ashes of Ravana. 115. The Ashes of Ravana, interior view. 116. Tin - Tali. 117. Dotali. 118. Viswakarma, exterior view. 119. Viswakarma. 120. Dehr Warra. Volume 6. 121. Sculptured Rocks at Mavalipuram, on the Coast of Coromandel. 122. The Entrance of an excavated Hindoo Temple at Mavalipuram. 123. View of an excavated Temple on the Island of Salsette. 124. The Portico of an excavated Temple on the Island of Salsette. 125. A Hindoo Temple at Deo, in Bahar. 126. Part of the Interior of a Hindoo Temple at Deo, in Bahar. 127. The Entrance to the Elephanta Cave. 128. Part of the Interior of the Elephanta. 129. South-West View of the Fakeer's Rock in the River Ganges, near Sultaun - gunge. 130. South-East View of the Fakeer's Rock, in the Rover Ganges, near Sultaun - gunge. 131. Part of the Kanaree Caves, Salsette. 132. The Interior of an excavated Hindoo Temple on the Island of Salsette. 133. The Temple of Mandeswara near Chaynpore, Bahar. 134. An Antiie Reservoir near Colar, in the Mysore. 135. The exterior of an Edee - Gar, near Chaynpore, Bahar. 136. Interior of a Temple, near Muddupore, Bahar. 137. View near Bangalore. 138. Entrance to a Hindoo Temple, near Bangalore. 139. The Observatory at Delhi. 140. The Observatory at Delhi. 141. A Pavillion belonging to a Hindoo Temple. 142. Interior of the Temple of Mandeswara, near Chaynpore, Bahar. 143. A Minar, at Gour. 144. The Cuttub Minar, near Delhi.