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Nouvelles Variations.

Paris: Editions, Albert Levy [1928].
Paris: Editions, Albert Levy [1928].

Complete set of 75 Art Deco decorative designs on 20 folio sized plates, all highly coloured pochoir plates loose in a portfolio. In good condition. Benedictus (1878-1930) is one of the most popular artists in stencil printing in abstract and floral deco art. His reputation was made especially on the collections "variations" printed with the stencil thanks to the competence of the printer J. Saudé. These collections follow the practice established by previous decorators in such folios, namely that they have a number of patterns which may be suitable for woven or printed clothing as well as for upholstery or even for printed papers Painted and decorative paintings. Several of these patterns are grouped on one page, each of them having been designed in warm colors. The resulting page is the result of twenty separate prints in different inks. Such laborious work and the cost of the pigments employed as well as the metallic elements made such productions extremely costly in their time. Plates are untitled. Coloured plates in order: 1. Plate 1. 2. Plate 2. 3. Plate 3. 4. Plate 4. 5. Plate 5. 6. Plate 6. 7. Plate 7. 8. Plate 8. 9. Plate 9. 10. Plate 10. 11. Plate 11. 12. Plate 12. 13. Plate 13. 14. Plate 14. 15. Plate 15. 16. Plate 16. 17. Plate 17. 18. Plate 18. 19. Plate 19. 20. Plate 20.