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CHASSIRON, Baron Charles de.
Notes sur le Japon, La Chine et l'Inde ... 1858-1859-1860

Paris: E. Dentu and Ch. Reinwald, 1861.
Cordier Japonica 549; Cordier Sinica 2494; Numa Broc Asie 89-90
Paris: E. Dentu and Ch. Reinwald, 1861.

Octavo (9.25" x 5.75"). Title printed in red and black, half-title. 17 lithographed plates, plans and maps (comprised of 1 large folding hand-coloured view of Yeddo, 1 large folding hand-coloured plan of Nagasaki, 13 hand-colured plates [3 folding], 1 uncoloured map, 1 map with the route taken marked by hand). (repairs to the large folding plate and plan, plates toned). Contemporary morocco-backed marbled paper-covered boards, hinges rubbed, boards worn. Floral end- papers. Book dealers ticket. FIRST EDITION of this important work: an eye-witness account of the signing of the treaty at Edo which opened up diplomatic relations between Japan and France. The 'Treaty of Amity and Commerce' between France and Japan was signed 9 October 1858 by Jean-Baptiste Louis Gros, the Commander of the French Expedition in China. His deputies were Alfred de Moges and the author. The first half of the present work offers an almost literal transcription of the journal Chassiron kept during the mission, accompanied by a lengthy introduction and reprints of many of the official documents that the trip generated. The journal entries are dated from the 5th September 1858 and run through until 21st October of the same year. The second half of the book begins with a large section on China (the end of the Second Opium War, French/Chinese affairs between 1858 and 1860; the Treaties of Tiensin and their ratification by the Emperor at the Convention of Peking); this is followed by a description of a side trip made by Gros to the Great Wall in 1858 (this is accompanied by extracts from earlier authors' descriptions of the Wall). The work ends with descriptions of the Catholic missions to Korea and British India from 1859-1861. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. Plan Japonais de le Ville de Yeddo (folding). 3. Plan Japonais de Ville de Nagha-Saki (folding). 4. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted animals; tigers, squirrels, horses, mice etc. 5. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted birds; pheasants, ducks, cockerels, blackbirds etc. 6. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted birds; herons, swans, ducks, geese, storks etc. 7. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted reptiles and insects etc; toad, snake, cricket, spider, lizard, beetle, fly etc. 8. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted insects, molluscs etc; snail, grasshopper, frog, butterfly, dragonfly etc. 9. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted marine creatures; rays, fish, squid, puffer-fish etc. 10. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted botanical plants; ferns, orchids, flowers etc. 11. Histoire Naturelle plates: assorted botanical plants; orchids, chrysanthemums, fuschia, peony, flowers etc. 12. Travaux de la Campagne. folding plate of axe-men up a tree, supported by ropes. 13. Moeurs de la Campagne. Folding plate of people carrying produce from the fields etc. 14. Caricatures. [Montage] 15. Caricatures. Painter, and Tattooist. 16. Caricatures. Folding plate of old men and their walking sticks.