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[Mythological Manuscript] n.d. c1850


Indian Mythological Manuscript 1850. 12mo (5.5" x 3.5"). Worn blue silk covering cloth backed boards, in new blackSolander box, with leather tie and with gilt in rule and repeat gilt devices to spine, and gilt 'link' design to the box boards. With 36 brightly coloured scenes, bordered by text and attractive decoration. Red rule to pages of text. Coloured plates in order: 1. An Indian God sitting in a Garden with a pair of Snakes. 2. An Indian Lady sitting in a chair with a sacred Cow in the background. 3. An Indian God sitting in a Garden with a Peacock. 4. A pair of Tigers and a Temple. 5. An Indian God, in a garden with a sacred Cow. 6. An Ochre coloured Indian God, sitting in a Garden. 7. A pair of Sea Shells. 8. An Indian God, sitting holding a pair of white Snakes. 9. Mythological Indian animals. 10. A wealthy Indian man imparting wisdom and knowledge to three men. 11. Three men standing by a sacred Tree. 12. An Indian God sitting on a rug. 13. A wealthy Indian lady sitting on cushions. 14. An Indian Goddess. 15. An Indian Shrine, featuring the soles of two feet. 16. An Indian Goddess with many arms. 17. Indian animals. 18. An Indian God with outstretched arms, and in an attitude of prayer with his other arms. 19. A pair of Peacocks either side of a circle of Turtles and Fish. 20. A green coloured Indian God accompanied by two white Herons. 21. A pair of Mythological 'dog like' animals. 22. An Indian Goddess, sitting on a rug. 23. Fish. 24. An Indian lady with a pair of Peacocks. 25. A circle featuring Turtles and Fish. 26. An Indian Goddess featuring water and the heads of many Snakes. 27. An Indian God featuring plants and birds. 28. An Elephant. 29. A pair of Indian animals, either side of a circle of Turtles. 30. An Indian God. 31. More Mythological Indian animals. 32. Indian Goddess and a sacred Cow. 33. Indian God sitting on cushions, flanked by Trees. 34. Fish. 35. Indian Goddess in a Temple. 36. Elephant.