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Manuscript journal.

Schweinfurt: 1873-1876.
For the Sattler family: NDB XXII, pp. 444-446.
Schweinfurt: 1873-1876.

In German, in black, blue and red ink on vellum. With a full-page miniature showing the Baptism of Christ; most leaves with elaborately historiated borders, many highlighted with gold and silver. [105] ll. Contemporary limp calf, gilt edges.An appealing manuscript journal by a woman who identifies herself as "Sattler", a member of an important industrialist family from Schweinfurt (Lower Franconia). It includes several portraits, among them the parents of the author, Johann Christian Wilhelm and Catharina Sattler (born Geiger), Franziska Sattler (born Schwarzenberg), and Susette (Susanne) Henriette Amalie Sattler (born Stolle). Mainly written in a delicate black letter after the fashion of mediaeval Books of Hours, the booklet contains not only personal journal entries, but also texts that give evidence of the author's literary, historical, and religious interests. The volume begins with poems by various authors (such as Karl Goedeke, Emanuel Geibel, and Heinrich Heine); the following leaves are dedicated to historical personages of Schweinfurt and several ancestors of the writer. Most of the historiated borders are modelled after mediaeval and early Renaissance book art. They include portrait medallions, meticulously crafted in pen and ink, a view of Schweinfurt, various Schweinfurt buildings (the spinning factory, the industrial school, the Fishers' Gate), and realistically drawn plants from the Schweinfurt region. The miniature of the Baptism of Christ at the beginning of the volume is clearly inspired by an ivory carving from the Bamberg cathedral treasure. One double page loosened. A unique and charming manuscript with many fine miniatures by a member of the important German industrialist family.