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DAMIRON, Charles.
Majoliques Italiennes.

Lyon: M. et Mme Barry, [1944]
Lyon: M. et Mme Barry, [1944]

Oblong quarto, cream coloured vellum, with gold ornamental fillets surrounding a centre medallion representing a man in profile. Contemporary binding, smooth spine, letters in gold to upper board and spine, original wrappers bound in. 1 blank page, 34 un-numbered pages, and 51 plates mounted on guards. Boards a little worn and rubbed. Marbled endpapers. A catalogue of 15th and 16th century Italian faiences illustrated by 48 plates representing 105 models coloured by pochoir, after Desroches. Each plate protected by tissue guard, printed with an historic notice and a description of each model. The work also includes 5 photographs showing the entire collection in a showcase. Signed text by the author: Advertisement, followed by 'Notice sur la majaolic italienne and an appendix, Du collectionneur et de la collection. Charles Damson (1868-1964), was one of the great collectors of Italian Majolica and French faience of Moustiers. Published without a title leaf. Good impressions. Inscription by the author reads: "...en souvenir dune oeuvre de ma vie, 17 Juliet 1946, Damson, collectionneur." (...in remembrance of my life's works, 17 July, 1947, Damson, collector.") Coloured plates in order: 1-2. Vase a anses. Florence 1st partie du 15th century. / Gargoulette a anse et col. Florence 15th century. 3-4. Vase a deux anses plates. Florence 1st moitié du 15th century. / Pot de Pharmacie. Florence 1st partie du 15th century. 5-7. Pichet. Orvieto 15th century. / Petit Plat. Mantoue ou Pavie vers 1510. / Petit Plat. Italie du Nord fin 15th century. 8-9. Vase a deux anses torses. Florence ou Faenza 15th Siecle. / Vase a deux anses torses. Florence 15th Siecle. 10-11. Albarello. Naples? 15th century. / Plat Creux en from de bassin a bord plat. Florence 15th siècle. 12. Albarello. Florence 15th century. 13-15. Albarello. Faenza 15th century. 16-17. Albarello a 2 anses. Florence 15th century. / Albarello a 2 anses horses. Florence ou Faenza 15th century. 18-19. Vase a deux anses torses. Florence 15th century. / Potiche ovoïde. Florence ou Faenza 15th century. 20-21. Albarello. Faenza 15th century. 22-24. Albarello. Florence ou Faenza 15th century. 25-27. Albarello. Faenza 16th century. / Albarello. Pesaro 15th century. / Albarello. Faenza 15th century. 28. Statuette. Faenza 15th century. 29. Plaque de Revetement. Faenza 15th century. 30. Panneau en relief. Faenza 15th century. 31-33. Deux Carreaux de pavage. Sienne vers 1500. / Cruche a Eau. Florence 15th century. 34-36. Deux Albarellos. Naples? 15th century. / Carreau de Pavage. Pesaro 15th century. / Deux Albarellos. Pesaro vers 1500. 37-38. Coupe a piédouche. Persaro fin 15th century. / Plat amatoria. Faenza 15th century. 39-40. Petit Plat. Faenza 15th century. 41-43. Albarello. Sienne 1507. / Pichet a anse plate. Fabrique inconnue fin 15th siècle. / Albarello. Deruta vers 1500. 44-45. Grand Plat. Derma ou Sienne 16th century. / Grand Plat. La Fratta vers 1500. 46-48. Albarello. Deruba 16th century. / Cruche de Pharmacie. Deruta 16th century. / Albarello. Deruta 16th century. 49-50. Cruche de Pharmacie. Sienne 1507. / Albarello. Sienne vers 1501. 51-52. Cruche Gargoulette de Pharmacie a anse et col. Sienne 1507. 53-55. Albarello. Sienne vers 1501. / Deux Chopes semblables a une seule anse. Sienne vers 1500. / Albarello. Sienne ou Deruta vers 1510. 56-58. Albarello. Faience de Sienne vers 1505 et 1508. 59-61. Albarello. Sienne 1507 et 1508. 62-64. Deux Cruches de Pharmacie a col dragon et anse plate. Sienne ou Faenza 16th century. / Grand Vase se Pharmacie a panse renflée et large avec deux anses. Sienne ou Faenza 16th century. / Cruche de Pharmacie a col dragon et anse plate. Sienne ou Faenza 16th century. 65. Cruche d'apparat. Faenza 1536. 66-67. Petit plate. Fanez vers 1520. / Petit Plat. Sienne? vers 1520. 68-69. Petit Plat. Sienne vers 1510. / Tondino. Castel Durante vers 1510. 70-71. Plateau d'Aiguiere. Siente 1500. / Plateau d'Aiguiere. Derrota ou Sienne vers 1500. 73-73. Plat. Venise 15th century. / Grand Plat. Caffaggiolo vers 1510. 74-77. Assiette Plate. Deruta ou Sienne 16th century. / Plat. Caffoggiolo vers 1510. / Petite Coupe a Piédouche. Faenza-Casa Pirota. / Plat. Castel Durante vers 1520. 78-81. Petit Plat creux. Faenza ou Sienne vers 1505-1510. / Petite Coupe a Piédouche. Faenza vers 1525. / Plat Tondino. Faenza ou Sienne vers 1505-1510. / Coupe a Piédouche. Faenza vers 1525. 82-83. Coupe amatoria a piédouche. Castel Durante 1533. / Coupe amatoria a piedouche. Castel Durante 16th century. 84. Coupe a Piédouche (face et revers). Fanez vers 1520. 85-86. Petite Coupe. Urbino 1541. / Petit Plat. Faenza 16th century. 87. Grand Plat. Pesaro 1535. 88-89. Petit Plat Tondino. Urbino 1532. / Petit Plat. Urbino 1532. 90-91. Plat Creux. Pessaro 16th century. / Petit Plat. Urbino 16th century. 92-93. Petit Plat. Gubbio 16th century. / Petit Plat. Gubbio Urbino 16th century. 94-95. Drageoir-Tondino. Gubbio 16th century. / Coupe-Fruthiera. Gubbio 16th century. 96-97. Tondino. Caffaggiolo vers 1520. / Coupe godronnee a piédouche. Gubbio vers 1520. 98-99. Coupe a Piédouche. Gubbio vers 1520. / Plat Creux. Deruta vers 1510. 100-101. Plateau d'Aiguiere. Deruta 16th century. / Plat. Deruta 16th century. 102-103. Grand Plat. Deruta 16th siècle. 104-105. Grand Plat. Deruta 16th siècle.