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DAMIRON, Charles.
Majoliques Italiennes.

Splendid catalogue of an extraordinary collection of Italian majolica from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Among the most beautiful and sought-after publications on the art of majolica. An excellent example.

Lyon: M. et Mme Barry, [1944]
Lyon: M. et Mme Barry, [1944]

Oblong quarto, cream coloured vellum, gold ornamental fillets surrounding a centre medallion representing a man in profile. Contemporary binding, smooth spine, letters in gold to upper board and spine, original wrappers bound in. 1 blank page, 34 unnumbered pages, and 51 plates mounted on guards. The boards a little worn and rubbed. Marbled endpapers. A catalogue of 15th and 16th-century Italian faiences illustrated by 48 plates representing 105 models coloured by pochoir, after Desroches. Each plate is protected by a tissue guard, printed with a historic notice and a description of each model. The work also includes five photographs showing the entire collection in a showcase. Signed text by the author: Advertisement, followed by 'Notice sur la majaolic italienne and an appendix, Du collectionneur et de la collection. Charles Damson (1868-1964) was one of the great collectors of Italian Majolica and French faience of Moustiers. Published without a title leaf. Good impressions. Inscription by the author reads: "...en souvenir dune oeuvre de ma vie, 17 Juliet 1946, Damson, collectionneur." (...in remembrance of my life's works, 17 July 1947, Damson, collector.") Coloured plates in order: 1-2. Vase a anses. Florence 1st partie du 15th century. / Gargoulette a anse et col. Florence 15th century. 3-4. Vase a deux anses plates. Florence 1st moitié du 15th century. / Pot de Pharmacie. Florence 1st partie du 15th century. 5-7. Pichet. Orvieto 15th century. / Petit Plat. Mantoue ou Pavie vers 1510. / Petit Plat. Italie du Nord fin 15th century. 8-9. Vase a deux anses torses. Florence ou Faenza 15th Siecle. / Vase a deux anses torses. Florence 15th Siecle. 10-11. Albarello. Naples? 15th century. / Plat Creux en from de bassin a bord plat. Florence 15th siècle. 12. Albarello. Florence 15th century. 13-15. Albarello. Faenza 15th century. 16-17. Albarello a 2 anses. Florence 15th century. / Albarello a 2 anses horses. Florence ou Faenza 15th century. 18-19. Vase a deux anses torses. Florence 15th century. / Potiche ovoïde. Florence ou Faenza 15th century. 20-21. Albarello. Faenza 15th century. 22-24. Albarello. Florence ou Faenza 15th century. 25-27. Albarello. Faenza 16th century. / Albarello. Pesaro 15th century. / Albarello. Faenza 15th century. 28. Statuette. Faenza 15th century. 29. Plaque de Revetement. Faenza 15th century. 30. Panneau en relief. Faenza 15th century. 31-33. Deux Carreaux de pavage. Sienne vers 1500. / Cruche a Eau. Florence 15th century. 34-36. Deux Albarellos. Naples? 15th century. / Carreau de Pavage. Pesaro 15th century. / Deux Albarellos. Pesaro vers 1500. 37-38. Coupe a piédouche. Persaro fin 15th century. / Plat amatoria. Faenza 15th century. 39-40. Petit Plat. Faenza 15th century. 41-43. Albarello. Sienne 1507. / Pichet a anse plate. Fabrique inconnue fin 15th siècle. / Albarello. Deruta vers 1500. 44-45. Grand Plat. Derma ou Sienne 16th century. / Grand Plat. La Fratta vers 1500. 46-48. Albarello. Deruba 16th century. / Cruche de Pharmacie. Deruta 16th century. / Albarello. Deruta 16th century. 49-50. Cruche de Pharmacie. Sienne 1507. / Albarello. Sienne vers 1501. 51-52. Cruche Gargoulette de Pharmacie a anse et col. Sienne 1507. 53-55. Albarello. Sienne vers 1501. / Deux Chopes semblables a une seule anse. Sienne vers 1500. / Albarello. Sienne ou Deruta vers 1510. 56-58. Albarello. Faience de Sienne vers 1505 et 1508. 59-61. Albarello. Sienne 1507 et 1508. 62-64. Deux Cruches de Pharmacie a col dragon et anse plate. Sienne ou Faenza 16th century. / Grand Vase se Pharmacie a panse renflée et large avec deux anses. Sienne ou Faenza 16th century. / Cruche de Pharmacie a col dragon et anse plate. Sienne ou Faenza 16th century. 65. Cruche d'apparat. Faenza 1536. 66-67. Petit plate. Fanez vers 1520. / Petit Plat. Sienne? vers 1520. 68-69. Petit Plat. Sienne vers 1510. / Tondino. Castel Durante vers 1510. 70-71. Plateau d'Aiguiere. Siente 1500. / Plateau d'Aiguiere. Derrota ou Sienne vers 1500. 73-73. Plat. Venise 15th century. / Grand Plat. Caffaggiolo vers 1510. 74-77. Assiette Plate. Deruta ou Sienne 16th century. / Plat. Caffoggiolo vers 1510. / Petite Coupe a Piédouche. Faenza-Casa Pirota. / Plat. Castel Durante vers 1520. 78-81. Petit Plat creux. Faenza ou Sienne vers 1505-1510. / Petite Coupe a Piédouche. Faenza vers 1525. / Plat Tondino. Faenza ou Sienne vers 1505-1510. / Coupe a Piédouche. Faenza vers 1525. 82-83. Coupe amatoria a piédouche. Castel Durante 1533. / Coupe amatoria a piedouche. Castel Durante 16th century. 84. Coupe a Piédouche (face et revers). Fanez vers 1520. 85-86. Petite Coupe. Urbino 1541. / Petit Plat. Faenza 16th century. 87. Grand Plat. Pesaro 1535. 88-89. Petit Plat Tondino. Urbino 1532. / Petit Plat. Urbino 1532. 90-91. Plat Creux. Pessaro 16th century. / Petit Plat. Urbino 16th century. 92-93. Petit Plat. Gubbio 16th century. / Petit Plat. Gubbio Urbino 16th century. 94-95. Drageoir-Tondino. Gubbio 16th century. / Coupe-Fruthiera. Gubbio 16th century. 96-97. Tondino. Caffaggiolo vers 1520. / Coupe godronnee a piédouche. Gubbio vers 1520. 98-99. Coupe a Piédouche. Gubbio vers 1520. / Plat Creux. Deruta vers 1510. 100-101. Plateau d'Aiguiere. Deruta 16th century. / Plat. Deruta 16th century. 102-103. Grand Plat. Deruta 16th siècle. 104-105. Grand Plat. Deruta 16th siècle.