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SMEDLEY, Francis Edward.
Cruikshank (ills)
Lewis Arundel or The Railroad of Life...

London: George Routledge & Sons. [1870's]
London: George Routledge & Sons. [1870's]

Octavo. Early 20th-century red half morocco by Zaehnsdorf spines lettered gilt compartments ruled in gilt raised bands marbled sides and endpapers top edge gilt others uncut. Frontispiece extra engraved title and 40 plates by 'Phiz' all hand-coloured. A fine copy. Reprint of Smedley's second book, first published in book form in 1852. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. Annie makes love to Faust. 2. Title page. The sick Nurse. 3. Rachel's Introduction to Faust. 4. Meeting a very trying Relative. 5. The Chartist Row. 6. Lewis sketches a Cow with an impossible tail. 7. A Water Party. 8. Lady Lombard receives the Persian Princes. 9. Three steps in Life - Begging - Poverty & Competence. 10. Flowers and Thorns. 11. Poor Walter. 12. A Violent "Anti-Progress" movement. 13. "Falling in" and "Falling out". 14. The "Tug" of War. 15. Charley Leicester beset by an Amazon. 16. The Glove. 17. Making Game of a Fellow. 18. A Retainer. 19. Annie reproaches Lewis. 20. A cowardly Shot ! 21. Parnassus in the nineteenth Century. 22. Bracy danceth a lively measure. 23. Dropping a disagreeable acquaintance ! 24. General Gudgeon relates a "Gentlemans story" to the ladies. 25. Lewis astonishes Sir Gilbert Vivian. 26. The German lesson. 27. "Sick a gettin' up stairs !" 28. The Curse. 29. Lewis in the ruined Abbey. 30. Jemima gives tongue. 31. Charlie Leicester's domestic felicity. 32. A Gentle hint. 33. The Venetian method of cutting an acquaintance. 34. "Facilis est descensus Averni". -- "Tis easy to put your foot in it !" 35. "Sed revocare gradus". -- But not to draw it out again !" 36. A False Start. 37. Woeful effects of a wilful waist. 38. Lewis returns Lord Bellefield's blow. 39. The death of Jane Hardy. 40. The Capture. 41. The fate of the Wolf. 42. Sunshine.