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VINCENT, Arnault.
Le Souvenirs et les regrets du vieil amateur dramatique.

Remarkable book with lovely illustrations of theatre costumes. These engravings by Foech de Basle and Whirsker, executed from life, represent the full-length actors in the roles in which they excelled. At the beginning of the work are placed the full-length portraits of “the greatest poet and the greatest actor of the time”, Voltaire and Lekain, represented rehearsing a scene of Mahomet. All the illustrations are by Foech.

Paris: 1861.
Paris: 1861.

[The Memories and Regrets of the Old Dramatic Amateur.] FIRST EDITION. 8vo. viii, 219, [1] pp. With 49 richly hand-coloured plates of theatrical characters, often in an action pose. Plates clean and tight, brown calf with repeat gilt motifs and gilt lettering to spine; uncut; some minor scuffing to boards, hinges cracked. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. (Voltaire) Zopire / (Lekain) Mahomet. 2. (Bellecour) Le Marquis. 3. (Preville) Hector / (Bellecour) Valere. 4. (Bellecour) Valere. 5. (Bellecour) Philoctecte. 6. (Brisart) Zopire / (Lekain) Mahomet. 7. (Preville, dans trois roles differens) Figaro / L'abbe Beaugenie / Sosie. 8. (Mole) Oronte / (Preville) Boniface Chretien. 9. (Armand) Merlin / (Preville) La Rissole. 10. (Bellecour) Le Marquis / (Preville) Mr. Pince. 11. (Brisart) Le Marquis / 9Mole) Darviane. 12. (Brizart) Argire / (Mademoiselle Clarion) Armenaide / (Mme Grandval) Fame. 13. (Mademoiselle Clairon) Electre. 14. (Mademoiselle Dumesnil) Clytemnestre / (Mademoiselle Clairon) Electre. 15. (Mademoiselle Dumesnil) Athalie. 16. (Brizart) Joad / (Mademoiselle Dumesnil) Athalie. 17. (Brizart) Narbas / (Mademoiselle Dumesnil) Merope / (Mole) Egiste. 18. (Mole) Egiste. 19. (Mole) Damis / (Preville) Eraste. 20. (Preville) Rustaut / (Mole) Le Marquis. 21. (Armand) Mr. Verdac / (Bellecour) Ariste / (Dauberval) Desquivas. 22. (Larive) Philoctete. 23. (Preville) Maitre Sangsue / (Auger) Maitre Brigandeau. 24. (Feuilie) Crispin / (Bellemont) Robert. 25. (Mademoiselle Sainval) Zenobie / (Lekain) Rhadamisthe. 26. (Mademoiselle Sainval Cadette) Andromaque / (Mole) Pirrhus. 27. (Feuilie) Crispin / (Monvel) Valere. 28. (Mademoiselle Bellecour) Nerine / (Bourbet) Pourceaugnac / (Mademoiselle Hus) Lucette. 29. (Lekain) Ninias / (Mme Vestris) Azema. 30. (Mademoiselle Raucourt) Idam / (Brisard) Zamti. 31. (Mole) Almaviva / (Mademoiselle Olivier) Cherubin / (Mademoiselle Contat) Susanne. 32. (Mademoiselle Doligny) Rosine / (Bellecour) Le Comte / (Desesarts) Le Docteur. 33. (Bonneval) Bernard / (Auger) Lolive. 34. (Vanhove) Agamemnon / (Vanhove) Auguste. 35. (Fleury) St. Fonds / (Desessarts) Lisimon. 36. (Preville) Charlot / (Dugazon) Lepine. 37. [No caption] Madame Bellecour. 38. (Mademoiselle Fanier) Jacqueline / (Paulin) Geronte. 39. (Mademoiselle Drouin) La Meuniere / (Bonneval) Le Bailli. 40. (Mademoiselle Drouin) La Meumere. 41. (Mademoiselle Preville) La Presidente / (Grandval) Damis. 42. Le Pauvre Diable. 43. [Plate not captioned] Actor with black mask on face. 44. (Mr. Laruette) Colas dans les deux Chasseurs. Comedie Italien. 45. [Plate not captioned] Woman, armed with a raised dagger, and draped in snakes, approaches a man playing a Lyre. 46. [Plate not captioned] Man seated next to a table, with man standing over him. 47. (Mrs. Laruette et Caillot) Mathurin et Pierre le Roux, dans Rose et Colas. Comedie Italien. 48. (Mr. Caillot) Western dans Tom Jones. Comedie Italien. 49. (Mr. Suier) Le Soldat Magicien. Comedie Italien.